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My 2nd Experience with the GM Diet Plan

My 2nd Experience with the GM Diet Plan

This week I’ll be flying off to Phuket and I wanted to look good for my holiday. I’ll be honest that I haven’t been very good with my diet lately in the past three weeks. Let me tell you how bad, in one day I had a lot of muruku, two mini magnums, gummi bears(…)

DIY Smartphone Workout Armband

DIY Smartphone Workout Armband

I was never a runner.. like a long distance runner and I never liked running out doors. I was perhaps a person that would give a burst of energy and speed up at moment.. what’s that called. Ah yes a sprinter! So when I hear of people going long distance or even for marathons, i’m(…)

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Hi there and welcome to my website!

My name is Linora Low. I'm the redhaired Radio Announcer on MixFM, Emcee, TV Host and a huge fitness freak! This site is meant as place for me to share my passion in fitness and other nuances that goes on in my life. Feel free to browse and if you have the time, get to know more about me here

Meantime, here's wishing you an awesome day, keeping on sworking hard and smiling always.

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