WordPress 2.7

Upgrade.. yet again. While I don’t like it when I have to upgrade my wordpress. I must say that I quite like the new interface of WordPress 2.7. This is already the second time that wordpress has upgaded it’s layout this year and waddya know just before Christmas. WordPress present for wordpress bloggers. hehe.  It(…)

Custom WordPress Login

This is not something new but for those of you out there, who like to customise and personalise just about everything you have – especially when it comes to blogs and especially if yours happens to be a wordpress platform. Then you are going to love this little plugin. This plugin allows you to personalise(…)

I’m in WeLoveWP

One of my favourite sites to visit for some wordpress inspiration is WeLoveWP.com. It is basically a gallery filled with blogs that uses the wordpress structure and all of them either have some unique designs for their skins or something way graphicky.  So I’m very very proud to say that Aronil.com has now been approved(…)

Importing RSS Posts into WordPress

Earlier this month I was busy helping two friends out with shifting their blogspot blogs into their new wordpress home. Which I’m quite proud to say I’m sponsoring them with the hosting while they got their own domain for themselves. The two bloggers are Mr Ming Han and Mr “Soh Han Sem” Soon Wei.Mr Ming(…)

Custom Field WordPress Plugin

Well Aronil.com has finally gotten a facelift. It took me a while to get a template which I could tweak much, but that’s not the purpose of my post for now. See part of the new theme, will cause me to use the custom fields section which is a part i usually avoid due to(…)

I Won 10 Bucks

About a week or two ago, there was a competition going on in the web. Not many people I think were aware of it, but I happened to chance upon it while surfing for some wordpress tutorials. I then stumbled upon DevWP. In short they write about everything regarding WordPress: articles and tutorials about WordPress(…)