WordPress 2.7 207

Upgrade.. yet again. While I don’t like it when I have to upgrade my wordpress. I must say that I quite like the new interface of WordPress 2.7. This is already the second time that wordpress has upgaded it’s layout this year and waddya know just before Christmas. WordPress present for wordpress bloggers. hehe. 

It may take a while, to get used to it but so far I love the new layout. This is what it looks like on my dummy wordpress admin dashboard. 



Let’s take a look at the latest dashboard. Firstly, everything is now ajaxified. You can drag and minimize the topics most important for you. Under screen options you get to pick what you want to see on your dashboard. The latest addition to the dashboard is ‘quickpress’, allowing you to write an instant post without having to go to the write post page. Nice but instead of having the tags section, I would’ve preferred for it to be the category section. 

I used to love the plugin Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu because the old interface didn’t have the drop down option. They’ve now gotten rid of the top selection menu and put it all as an ajax sidebar on the left. Not bad. Btw if you are having troubel seeing the dashboard menu, it’s due to the Ozh pluging still activated. Deactivate it and all will be fine again. While we are on the topic of plugins, fantastic to know you can now search and instantly install a plugin into your wordpress rather than going through the ftp way. Can ya see the install button… ooh goosebumps on how instant it can be. I’m such a geek!



Another thing that is a great feature is that this wil probably be the last time we have to do our own means of upgrading wordpress. Now there is an option on the menu under settings that will allow you to an instant upgrade. 


The last thing which i find superbly cool. Is that when you click on the post page. You will all your drats and published post on one page. Great and even better, you can do quick editing on the main post page, instead of having to open up the actual editing page. Before I had the plugin Admin Management Xtended. Don’t need that anymore, since it’s now integrated with the new wordpress 2.7. Woots! Goosebumps again!



These were tha main things that caught my attention for wordpress 2.7. If you want to know more or find out about the latest features for it go to this link WordPress 2.7 Coltrane. Or better still just watch this video, if it doesn’t take too long to load. 


Should you upgrade your wordpress? Well no harm in doing so but even I’m not upgrading my site yet. Just cause i want to test it out a bit more first. Get familiarised with the new features. Maybe I’ll upgrade when my site is due for payment or something. Overall the new interface is pretty rocking!

Grandmaster Ip Man 0

Been a while since I wrote a review on any movie I think. Today i met up with Zawen, my workout si fu (lol) and Nicholas, who both work with me for motion capture. We’ve got a long end of the year break so we decided to just chill and hang out by watching the movie Ip Man. The latest kung fu movie starring the wonderful martial artists actor Donnie Yen

I feel that Hollywood has seriously spoilt us when it comes to fabulous fight scenes. We are so used to seeing some gun fight and big armies fighting with one another, that we fail to appreciate hand to hand combat. Probably also cause th eonly type of fighting styles I’ve scene lately on the big silver screen are Jackie Chan’s and Jet Li’s, both martial arts masters of their own. 

Ip Man or also known as Grandmaster Yip Man, is a semi-biographical movie about the first martial arts master to teach the popular Chinese kung fu called Wing Chun. Ip Man also happens to be the mentor of the infamous Jeet Kune Do  master Bruce Lee



The movie is set in Fo Shan, China, has a pretty basic storyline, and most the story is all in the action. The movie tells the story of how Ip Man, born of a wealthy family revolved his world around just practicing his martial art form. In the 1930s, when China was still peaceful and not under the Japanese occupation, Ip Man was a man who refused to take any students under his wing. According to the movie there were tons of other martial arts school, all teaching their own type of kung fu, but Ip Man’s fighting style was still the best out of all. It is only when the Japanese conquered China and took over Fo Shan, that Ip Man realises he has to do something for only he was strong enough to stand up to the Japanese. Not too sure about historical facts here, but that’s how it goes. He’s resilience against the Japanese gave encouragement to the Chinese and made them rebel against the Japanese, by not letting them just treat them as their lackey. 



The movie has many great moments. Donnie Yen, did extensive research on his character Ip Man. Pressure can definitely be felt for Donnie, since Ip Man’s real son Ip Chun served as a consultant for the film.  I think not many people know Donnie for his acting abilites but more for his martial art skills. Which makes Ip Man interesting, cause while you see hardcore fight scenes. You also see Donnie doing a fantastic job of showing the calm yet you can get an understanding for his character who wishes to do nothing protect his family and mind his own business.

Here’s the cast list. 



[L-R] Donnie Yen: Yip Man;  Simon Yam: Zhou Qing Quan; Fan Siu-Wong: Jin Shan Zhao; Li Qi Long: Green Dragon;  



[L-R]  Xing Yu:Master Zealot Lin ; Gordon Lam Ka Tung: Li Zhao ; Lynn Hung: Zhang Zhang Yong Cheng;

I couldn’t find any other good picture of the guy playing General Miura. Don’t know if he is really part of history. You build some sort of relationship too with this character. While he’s a cold Japanese general, he still has a big lean towards honor. He enjoys watching fights which is about the skill. In comparison to his henchmen who is just an evil subordinate.



The soundtrack is a beautiful score too. Composed by Kenji Kawai, the person who also composed Ghost in the Shell. I can’t wait to find it and buy it. This will be great for workout music. 

Do go catch Ip Man. Even if all the facts aren’t 100% real, it’s still great to instill the want to know more about the legend of Wing Chun, martial arts and even a bit on Chinese history. Ip Man the Grandmaster is now no longer a hidden legend :)

Hybridization 256


While blog hopping for a bit online on a rainy Saturday morning. I decided to check up on some gadget blog. A favourite past time of mine is to go around seeing what is the latest bit of technolog to tickle my fancy. So after just randomly going through some sites, I landed on a site that caught me eye.

The website is called My Hybrid World and it talks about anything that is hybrid. Hybrid in the sense it’s combo of two things. Makes you think about it for a bit actually. The only thing that i always associated as hybrid were the hybrid cars, cause well you know, it uses two sources of power to propel it mainly either fuel or electronic. That’s pretty much what this site is about. Anything that encompasses two things – think of it like a site that gives you content on anything that has a 2 in 1 attribute. 


The post I found amusing was regarding a watch that allows you to watch videos on it. It’s the kinda watch that you would only find in some far out sci-fi. You can check it out here. The video watching watch lol.




It then got me browsing the rest of the website. The writer of this site apparently goes by the name Joe and he updates every once in a while. Sharing with us his latest findings. I personally like the gadget hybrids but there are a bunch of interesting games too that makes me wanna try it out. lol 

And i found this a funny instrument to play too. Imagine playing a guitar like these two. Go and read it here at Hybridz World.

“If you don’t like my music… I’ll Kill you!!” bwhahahaa sick haha. 




Browsing the rest of the site, I noticed there was some flashing animation on the right panel. Being a curious person I click on it and it brought me to some sort of ad. Gee now i know what the whole deal on the hybrid stuff is about hehe. Don’t let me spoil it for you. 

Head on to My Hybridz World to find out what is the real deal on creating a blog that talks about weird looking inventions and games.  Remember to click on the sidebar to find out the mystery of it!!

Now other than that lets see what other things out there that is hybrid?

I Want A Hp Pavillion 906

I’m so upset, the laptop that i had been eyeing for sometime now is out off stock… or more so finished.. forever! :( sniff sniff. You can see more at the HP Store.This is the laptop I want to get. The HP Pavillion dv2600. It is a limited edition, because of the beautiful groove that is on the inside pad and on the top of the cover. Sigh… it’s so pretty!!

The specs are great and the price is mad! RM5499

  • Intel core 2 duo,
  • The Verve Imprint Finish, featured on the Special Edition notebook
  • integrated webcam, fingerprint reader and HP QuickPlay
  • 250GB Hdd
  • Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS (64mb up to 831mb dedicated)
  • 4GB ddr2 RAM
  • DvD RW burner



The bad side of it though, is that it’s only 14.1 inch and terribly pricey. Quite a bite eh??? Sigh… so next best thing is either a pretty looking Dell Inspiron which you can customize nicely and possibly cheaper.. or I can go with a the DV6715, which does not have the pretty verve like the dv2700.

This is what the DV6715tx looks like and it’s specs.


  • intel core 2 duo
  • centrino
  • 4GB ddr2 RAM
  • 250gb Hdd
  • Dvd RW Burner, quick play
  • Bluetooth, webcam, fingerprint identifier
  • Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS up to 895mb graphics memory with 128mb dedicated

Well since i can’t have the verve… I don’t know if I should consider this. Garskin.


But have to fork out cash again.. sigh!! Yes I am vain and even more vain when it comes to technology. This is HP’s reasoning for using Garskins:

5 reasons to use Garskins

  • Garskin is New and Unique
  • Giving a new look to your laptop
  • 1 years warranty for colour fading and material deformity
  • 5 times easily removed and reuse without leaving any traces of adhesive behind
  • 4 Resistance Protection System: Scratch Resistance, Splash Resistance, Sweat Resistance and Static Resistance

Huh… oh well.. I shall think it through..