american idol

Gossip Bites 2

Gossip #1 Ashton Kutcher Replaces Sheen as Highest-Paid Actor on TV plus he throws a party and Jon Cryer talks on Sheen’s death   Ashton Kutcher has replaced Charlie Sheen as the highest-paid actor on television, bringing in $700,000 per episode of “Two and a Half Men,” reports TV Guide Magazine. In its annual “Who Earns(…)

What Are Words

I don’t follow American idol as much as i’d like. but i decided to try to follow season 10 for two special reasons. Steve Tyler from Aerosmith and J.Lo as the new american Idol judges. i LOVE the two of them!!! They are my favourite judges. JLo brings the articulation that has been missing from(…)

Bye Bye Simon Cowell?

I just read this article on It states that there is the possibility that the infamous Idol judge – sent-to-tear-apart-young-contestants-to-shreds – may end his time being on the show. According to the news his schedule has finally caught up with him. Read article. He may just sit behind a desk and give witty(…)

It’s a Cruel Joke

With American Idol fever playing on Star Channel, it is bound to cause a number of tongues to start wagging. I would think it’s the most talk about show ever around the entire world…well it is anyway here in Malaysia, which is downright ridiculous considering that our very own Malaysian Idol got scratched off from(…)