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Samsung Gearfit Review: Reasons to Love It

Samsung Gearfit Review: Reasons to Love It 0

I got the GearFit together with the Samsung Galaxy S5 a while and I’ve been wonderfully impressed. Check out how The Samsung GearFit has been a wonderful addition to enhancing/entertaining my lifestyle


Even though you’ve seen my reasons to love the Samsung Gearfit. But here are some additional points on why it’s an interesting fitness smartwatch tracker.



I’ve tried other fit trackers before and here’s the thing. In order to keep track of my steps in a day, it means i would need to wear the fitness device the whole time. It’s a good thing that the Gearfit has a sleek and sophisticated finish, which is perfect for any occasion. Its lightweight and with an adjustable strap makes it suitable from slender wrists (like mine :P) to slightly manlier ones.


As you can see. The Gearfit is perfect in a dress, when i’m hosting outdoor events or even when i’m on TV :)


Strap is Changeable 

Did i mention you can also CHANGE the strap! Yeap, just pop the Gearfit out of the strap, change it or give it a good wash after a sweaty session indoors or outdoors.


I was like Whoaaa when i found out you could take it a part! Image from


Beautiful Display

 I love how you can adjust the brightness of the screen of the Gearfit. Also I think it’s super cool, that it has the movement detection which will wake up the screen. It’ll be black at first and the screen will light up only if you have moved your wrist. Very handy and such a great conversation starter.. like the video above :)


Fitness Tracker

I would’ve personally liked it if the Gearfit could track my circuit and weight training. But at the moment it can only track exercises such as running, walking, cycling , hiking. I’m sure they would have an upgrade on that soon. It will track your heart rate in real time, although its sensitivity sometimes meant it fluctuated a little at times. As a motivator the Gear Fit does well too. We were constantly checking how many steps we had done and the buzz on our wrist when we had achieved our daily goal gave us an awesome feeling. Everytime i touch the 5000 steps mark followed by 10000 it’s a sense of satisfaction!

It can also track your sleeping! Cool feature although sometimes i forget to turn it on.




The day i found out you could have notifications for whatsapp on the Gearfit I went partially ballistic. You can set the notifications for the app you want, such as twitter, facebook and even games. You will be able to find this under the Gear Manager settings.


Battery Life

First time I used the Gearfit was on my trip to Phuket. It lasted me for 4 days which was the duration of my trip. I had the bluetooth on and the brightness was set to minimal. But i’ve found that you can make it last even longer. Just set the brightness to super minimal and turn off the wake up ability. You can always use the button at the side to check your time. Make sure bluetooth is off. This can apparently last for about a week!



Something definitely worthwhile to consider if you are looking for a stylish yet functional fitness device!



Getting Loud with Boombot REX

Getting Loud with Boombot REX 0

Pals from sent me a superbly cool gadget. I honestly didn’t know what the Boombot was all about till i tried using it for myself. We are on the move a lot and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of music to the background. Like I must have music when I workout, but sometimes my little phone or my ipad isn’t loud enough. Till i met the Boombot Rex.

They come in a variety of colours and designs. The even have limited editions just like this one, called the Boombot Rex Tigerwood.

The Boombot Rex Tigerwood

In not too many words here  are some of the reasons why I think this ultraportable speaker is worth checking out:

  • Light weight
  • Water Resistent
  • Bluetooth / Wireless Control
  • You can also use it like a humongous phone bluetooth
  • Easy to charge, no need for batteries
  • Superbly loud
  • Awesome Bass
  • Reasonably priced

Here’s how the little fella works.

Connecting the Boombot Rex speakers to your smartphone, ipad, laptop is fairly easy. Just turn on  the Boombot speaker and make sure your bluetooth is switched on on your device. It’ll ask you to pair it with your Boombot and that’s it, your devices are connected and you can enjoy loud music.

This is how loud it got when I was using it to  feed me music during a workout.


What’s inside the box and the Boombot Rex LTD Series up close

The other thing I didn’t get to show in the video is the ability to use your Boombot as a bluetooth which you can speak to it too. Great especially when you are driving in the car… of course the only con is that your conversation won’t be private if you have company in the car. But overall I think this is a pretty neat gadget. Check it out if you can at :) 

Top 3 Video Apps for Samsung S4 0

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a very neat video editor on it’s own.


But I decided to try out a few other applications anyway. Among the ones I’ve found as reliable, convenient and fast to use with a number of features are the following.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 3.35.10 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 3.35.34 PM

S-Health Is A Fab Health Monitor

S-Health Is A Fab Health Monitor 0

Last year when the S4 came out, with it was the launch of an application i was pretty excited about… the S-Health feature.

Since the Galaxy Note 3 launched along with the Galaxy Gear, the S-Health needed and update whereby you could sync with the Gear. For those who don’t have it no matter, S-Health is still a very handy feature.

I love how it monitors your physical activities for the day. I find that when I see a number like distance, it makes me  push more.

I’ve always been a big fan of tracking food and exercise when it comes to reaching a fitness or weight loss goal.  It was what worked for me all those years ago – I had a record of what I’d done in the weeks where I felt particularly good or saw some great progress, and if things weren’t going so well I had a record of what I’d done so I could look back over it and figure out perhaps where I was going wrong.

It has detailed stats about your food calorie intake.

I’ve enjoyed the food tracker aspect of the app. I don’t tend to count calories or track my progress regularly these days but on the occasions that I have, just to keep myself in check, it’s always been a bit of an eye opener.  Particularly when it comes to food consumption, it’s amazing how quickly it all adds up!  It does me no harm to either a) be reassured I’m on the right track or b) reinforce the need to be a bit more mindful…..most of the time I’m somewhere in between!

I adore how you can take pictures of your food, it gives you a clearer picture of what you’re putting inside your tum!

I’ll freely admit I didn’t pay close attention to the calories that S Health tracked on my behalf but I enjoyed using it as a visual food diary. If I ever wanted to keep track of how many calories I was consuming it would be incredibly useful. The database it pulls information from is quite extensive but you also have the option of adding your own food items and their values as well. It also keeps track of the calories you’ve burned through exercise that day and adjusts your calorie allowance accordingly. Saves you having to figure it out!

Checkout the app, it’ll definitely be a big hit for you if you want to get healthier or just monitor your lifestyle.


Best Photography Apps for Samsung S4 That I Use 0

I’m always on the hunt for applications that are convenient and powerful on my Samsung S4. I am particularly picky when it comes to my photography applications. The shots taken from the Samsung S4 are already pretty great on their own but no harm in giving a bit of enhancement, So here are a few of the applications that I use consistently and i think these are simply the best on my Android phone.

1. Pics Art – Photo Studio

I love this application mainly for two things the collage maker and the ability to put in fancy fonts where you want on your picture. Plus I have a thing for rounded corners on a collage.. please don’t ask why. I just find it cuter. You can get real creative with their fun stickers too..Here are some examples where I’ve used Picsart for my photos.


2. Photowonder 

This application, I mainly use…. because of the beautification feature. Yes I admit I do remove some pigmentations and I smoothen my skin at times and I do make my eyes bigger.. cause I want to look like a cute doll. It does help that it adds on eyeliner for you too and reduce your eyebags! It also has collage and the basic editing features but this is mainly for the skin enhancer.

3. Snapseed 

One of my favourite editing applications. It gives you full control on the brightness, ambiance, contrast, shadows and a lot of other things. Cropping and straightening is no issue. You can make it look grungy or like a water painting. This application is mainly all about colour and texture enhancement. The editing process if just something you have to experience yourself when you use it. Cause you’ll just go wow!! Here are a few examples that really impressed how nice my Samsung S4 shots turned out.



Playing With Notes On The Note 3

Playing With Notes On The Note 3 0

One thing I truly enjoy with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3… is taking notes!

You can take notes at any point on your screen and anytime on your screen. Even when you are going through a video or an url. Just snap anything and you can edit it into a jpg or copy the text.

Writing with a stylus is real friendly too, check this out. It’s my actual messy handwriting. The other cool part is that you would think that your palm would effect the screen where you write and you won’t be able to use the stylus properly right. Nope. There’s a button that will order your screen to only recognise the stylus and not a touch.

And now lemme show you what I’ve drawn on the note itself. Love this!

Give it a try if you haven’t already. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, will surely make you feel very playful.