Saladin Private Screening 686

It’s been about two years over since i first started working on the project Saladin. A 3D TV animated series. And it was a real pleasure to see the the show coming to life and on a cinema screen!

That Tuesday was a special private screening for all of us who worked on the show. We all gathered and huddled in one isolated cinema number 9 to watch two episodes of Saladin.

saladin_02Here we are at Cineleisure. My my Saladin’s face looks huge!

Here I am with Colin – the man who keeps all actors on check to at the studio and with one of the producers of the show.


My utmost favourite director in the world, Chi-Ren. He makes acting so much fun and entertaining haha. Sidetracking a bit, he never wears long pants. Since this was a very special occasion, he made the exception and presented everyone with no-hairy-legs but well covered slacks.. or were they jeans..??


Mo mo mo, he is one cool actor/producer/director! He’s well known in the middle east as the actor who usually plays the villain.His accent is something we all love to mimic. Because it sounds so cool!

saladin_05The manager, Steven of Young Jump giving a short introduction of the voice cast and the motion capture actors.

Me pointing out what characters I’ve played as a motion capture actress. Huh, i hadn’t realised that the characters i played were all allocated to the left side of the screen. ^_^ There’s Anisa, Yasaman, Shadow and one more Saladin’s grandmama.

I really enjoy playing Anisa. She kicks butt and she has a mind of her own. Meet the female version of Aladdin, Anisa the street rat. She’s a very cunning thief and manipulative lady..but she has a heart too. She especially has a soft spot for Sal ^_^

The three different Anisa’s lol. Myself, Marina and Mynn. We’ve all played that role once. Whenever i can’t come in the girls will help fill in for me. Smile with tongue out

Me and Steven. He somehow only relates me with this character haha. Oh and everyone has to do the Anisa pose which is hand on the hips.


Everyone doing the Anisa pose again! Here are the motion capture actors. Marina, me, Zawen, Marvin and Mynn. Nicholas Pang who plays Saladin wasn’t around Sad smile.


The motion capture cast with the mocap lady, Cynn. She’s no longer with the team, but when she was, you don’t mess with her. Her favourite word of the day.. OVERLAP! Those who have worked on motion capture will get it. I’ll explain it in another post. ^_^


The voice actors of the show. We’ve got Tony Yusoff, Gavin Yap, Rick Macivor, Chi-Ren, Dily and Shanthini Venugopal.

Dily, who is the voice of Anisa. I’m amazed at how she made the really cool husky Anisa voice.


All the characters.. the main ones anyway. From left to right – Shadow, Duncan, Saladin, Tarik, Anisa and Behram.

Check out the trailer ^_^ here of Saladin the Animated series.

Wanna watch the show?

It’s on RTM’s TV1.
Saturdays at 7.30pm and repeated Sundays at 9.30am.

First Day of Bola@Mamak 0

Woot I’ve just done the first recording of the Bola@Mamak! The brand new show I’m hosting, will be on every Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 817.

Phew… can i please point out this is my first time hosting not just any show but a sports show. Can you imagine the pressure >.< But hey as my director from Mocap pointed out. Its my two loves – being on screen and talking about football. Hehe. On a side note I am ecstatic to say I’m learning so much. It’s truly making me like the game even more. Plus I just love the fact of the different people i’m meeting all the time each week.

I will say its not easy to shoot at a mamak.. not your typical shooting spot..right?? o.0 But you know what we’re playing different with this show and I’m still ecstatic to be part of the team… weeeehooooo. I know I know i’m on a high right now. But it’s all in good fun ^_~

We shot the show at a quaint lil 24 hour mamak down in Putrajaya. I have to say thank you to the waiters there who were to patient with us.

First shoot or rehearsal for any show is bound to have a certain amount of chaos to it. No chaos means everything gets spoon fed and possible to take it for granted. Chaos means you get to learn how to make thing better, more systematic, more fun. Besides where is the challenge without chaos! All the same it was a good first shoot.


The mamak stall that we were shooting  at.


The first day of rehearsal. Set up time for shoot.


It looks like i’m ready for an exam!


Anand the Orangeman! And my footy wingman hahaha. Check him out at his site


Dez Corkhill, the editor of Astro Arena. :) and who kept making sure i had my shoulders straight during shoot. He’s like papa :)


Behind the scenes literally. This is what it looks like in the van for production :). Cool right!!? I had no idea what the stuff meant, although i asked an tried to understand. Beyond my comprehension.


Jason is getting a shot of the entire crew.. Jas!! be careful of the tandoori chicken behind..


Here we are at the real set and day for recording. Nick is ordering people what to do.. “I order you all.. to sit! Good people” :P


As you can see i’m still hard at work studying on what i’m going to be discussing with my guests ^_^


Me and Emilia! One girl i can’t be without hehe


During the shoot of Bola@Mamak.


Bojan and Me, he’s super tall!!! I feel like a tiny one. I hadn’t realised the guys from the mamak stall were also looking at the camera! Say Cheese!


And of course how can i not have a pic without the big boss :) Mr Jason Dasey!!!! Look guys no tie hehe.


Dez is still trying to make my shoulders straight… see me trying to push my shoulders back haha.


Mr OrangeMan!!! I love this guy… and who is brighter and more eye catching.. go on tell me.. who???

He’s out on the search to find the CRAZIEST FOOTBALL fan out there. And when i say crazy you have to be a real fanatic. So if you think you are crazy enough. I’ll let you know how to contact the OrangeMan to visit you. Who knows if your story is compelling enough to make it into the whacko list, we’ll come visit you and have you on National TV!

bola@mamakep1_14Ahh Annie! The lovely one who did my make up and flowing fishtail braid. Thanks my dear!!!


All this right here on Bola@Mamak will be repeated again every Wednesday at 9pm on Astro Channel 817. It’s a new channel called Astro Supersport 3 and that is where you are also going to get live coverage of the Barclays Premiere League, together with Jason Dasey and our pundits. So don’t forget to get your channels tune in then.

Oh yes and if you think you are the craziest fan out there. Email us at Check out for behind scenes as well.

Befrienders Rehearsals 7

The week is gonna be all about dancing and singing. :)

Before that, let me express.

Have you ever had a point in your life that you feel down.. so down and that you can’t talk to anyone. You can’t tell your family because they will say the things you don’t to hear. You can’t share with your friends because you don’t want them to have a bad impression of you…and from experience.. really who can you call a good friend. You can’t tell the person you’re closest to because you are scared of the aftermath. In the end where can you turn too? Other than God of course ^_^.

Ultimately as humans we need to be comforted by others. Emotional torture is enough to drive anyone nuts. Well that’s what the Befrienders are for. They are a non profit organisation that lends a hand or rather an ear to those who need to talk about the troubles they are going through. They provide emotional support without being bias and are there to listen.

This Sat, Befrienders will be celebrating 40 years of providing emotional support to those in the Klang Valley. You can read about article here from the Malay Mail

Busy Busy Bee 601

Wow… one of the little things i really like about my job is when i get busy. It’s quite simple, in this industry you here it all the time – from fellow peers who have been it for a long time and even those who are veterans. You just have to keep yourself busy.

A couple of reasons really. Firstly it builds your profile everytime you do something. Any small situation or project is just another challenge that will turn into a valuable experience. I believe very much in keeping an optimistic head about things. It’s hard too i assure you, but you have to push forward. Secondly keeping busy will KEEP your mind busy and never idle haha. An idle mind is the beginning of  downfall. You get lazy and unproductive. Now thats a sucky feeling!

But yes back to what i was saying, this month with World Cup on, thats keeping me occupied on the screen for a bit hehe ^_^ and at the same time.. it’s literally show after show with Integrated Expressions and i’m loving it. Skinz Infinite campaign has ended it’s run, Scholl was completed about a week or so ago and now it’s with Websphere. More stuff coming on that. At the same time rehearsals are packed for the Befrienders show in August.

In the meantime watch out for the semi-finals of the World Cup! 

i’ll be on again on Astro channel 805(SD) and 815(HD) on the 7th of July and 8th July.

Freedom to Move: Scholl Press Conference 1,344

After about three weeks with off and on rehearsals, the day for the Scholl Press Conference finally arrived. ^_^

Here we are about to go on for the launch of Scholl’s new shoe range called Freedom and with the theme “Freedom to Move”.

I have to admit, things were a bit shaky at first since me, Eason and Wendy had never practiced with the actual set to begin with. We’ve only been using our tiny little room in Integrated Expressions to get by with rehearsals. Which is why getting on to the stage a lot of things had to be given a quick test, to make sure everything is in order.

We were delighted to see the stage that had been set up for us.^_^ Not being diva about it, but we truly appreciate it when we get to perform to public on a proper stage. It gives a different feeling when you’re up on a stage that has been set up, compared to just randomly out on the floor. Which is  not a problem, just that it has a different vibe to performing. There are pros and cons for it. A performance like this, in my mind anyway, requires a stage, where the audience can sit back and watch. If not people will not get head or tales of what they are watching.

Here are some pictures of the event.

You can have a read on an article regarding the campaign “Freedom to Move” here by the New Straits Times.

First Recording for FIFA World Cup 2010 11

Psyched and stoked!

FIFA World Cup 2010 is ON  and the opening match is South Africa vs Mexico, starting in a matter of minutes.

I went for my first shoot today as TV Predictor, in co-relation with the FIFA World Cup 2010 on Astro Supersport.

I’m going to be real here and I can tell you that being a presenter is not easy. Being in front of the camera is not a problem, but it’s still something to get used to. With acting you don’t look at the camera but “behind the camera”. For hosting/tv presenting you gotta look straight at the camera. Hehe doesn’t sound like much but it is a shift and one has to concentrate differently.

The first few rounds were tough, as I was trying to remember what I had prepared while at the same time making sure I got the terminology right. Going at it for the first round was nerve wrecking, after a while i got the hang of it. What I love the most is how everyone around were supportive and encouraging. *tear* Wanna give a big thanks to Jason Dasey for giving me the opportunity and Ramani, for recommending me. Dave thanks so much for the constructive feedback. Round one, was shaky, but round two in front I should have more up my sleeve. Thanks to Steven and Emilia for running around to help get things going! Great first ep guys!

Hey all in all, I have to say I had fun shooting my segments. And all the more so for the opening game! Woooooooot. The segments i had were doing the FourFourTwo Predictions for South Africa vs Mexico, Uruguay vs France and one more called England by Numbers.

Be sure to check out the dedicated channels for the World Cup on Astro, where i’ll be presenting for the first time round 9pm onwards. ^_^

  • HD Channel numbers: Ch 825 – FWC 1 – Match 1 in HD
  • SD Channel numbers: Ch 805 – FWC 1 – Match 1

Do watch out for me again on the 6th and 7th July. ^_^

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