Happy Valentine’s Day 2012 95

Here’s a story for you.

I remember i had my first Valentine 8 years ago. It was a memorable one, which ended up with me getting into a relationship. Needless to say as the years progressed Valentine’s Day didn’t become a nice picture for me. Instead it was a day of stress.

Because a couple of years back I was the kind of person, that needed Valentine’s Day to be special and perfect. The place and environment had to be special. The person with me should’ve made it a surprise.. and if he didn’t make any arrangements I’ll be thinking oh the day is spoilt. Yeah i was a tough one, i admit it. lol but i’ve grown up.

This year was a memorable Valentine For me. I really enjoyed my Valentines hehe. Don’t ask me why but i did.. it was simple and sweet without a care in the world. Just free flowing.. minus getting stucked in the oh-so-expected jam. But it was all good.



My RedFM 1 Year Anniversary 132

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my very first day i went on air with RedFM. The beginning of huge changes in my life…

The journey of being a RedFM Radio Jock!

It still seems surreal. It doesn’t feel like a year, but more like a few years since i’ve been on the radio.

I could almost laugh as i think about it now. Looking back at the calendar this was how it started.. with 1 week only to train with the other senior RedFM radio jocks. Then finally put on the weekend shift to give myself a test at going on air.. wow.. it’s been one year.



 I got up early in the morning at 4am made my way to the studio and it was pitch black. I remember having to worries in my head. One that I would sound silly on air or i may fumble and Two that i might see unwanted things in the studio. HAHAHAHA! Hey in every company there will be people who love to tell you ghost stories and my imagination just loves running wild.

Anyway back to the story..

So i woke up at 4am, left in like 15 minutes and i was there 1 and half hours before the show which was the 6am-10am slot on a weekend. On the way to RedFM studio, i was just busy thinking oh gosh i hope i remember to press the right button.. There are a lot of buttons and nobs .. some to touch and some to never EVER touch!



and here’s one of the main reasons i love the new Facebook timeline.. i get to take a look back at the past statuses i wrote in life.. what exactly happened at that moment in time. It’s a brilliant thing.. an online diary.. here’s my first post as a RedFM jock :) if not for the timeline.. i think i wouldn’t have remembered what was the date of this anniversary :)



And of course i wouldn’t miss the opportunity to cam whore a bit.. with the big huge huge mic at the old RedFM studio.


And now it’s a year.. from RedFM weekend slot to the RedFM Evening slot to RedFM Late Night Love Songs slot.. which was where it really really started..


and finally now to my own segment.. The RedFM Eleven to Three ^_^


If you have been listening to me and also my colleagues at RedFM, a big


Nothing is possible without you fabulous listeners!

Great memories.. truly some really great memories. I can’t wait to make more of them with you and RedFM.

My Birthday 2011 182

It was a mad day… story of my life…

This year seems to have a lot of firsts for me.

The first time I’m celebrating my birthday as a radio jock and in the RedFM studio. It was really sweet of Rudy to sing me a birthday song on air too hehe.

I was on air as usual on RedFM from 11am to 3pm. The listeners were all just lovely and I was really touched by all the birthday wishes from everyone. I was surprised to even get a birthday greet from MUSCMalaysia, along with Manchester United cake. Ok the cake was only a picture but the thought was there and it’s a good thing it was only a pic cause I wouldn’t have eaten the cake… It’s too pretty!

And then another listener shared a pic of some really cute pink cupcakes with me. Hehehe thank you Wan Ling Liew!

While at Red I was greeted with another surprise.heheh… while doing my show.. I saw Leon standing outside with a bouquet of flowers. I pointed at the bouquet and back at me, telling him to come in.

Someone decided to surprise me with 10 beautiful roses! Oh my gosh sooooo sweet!!!! I loved it! And of course I had to take a picture with the gorgeous flowers!

It’s still in the studio now and I know for a fact that Terry loved it as much that he had to cam whore with it too hehe

The night ended with a lovely dinner session with family and loved ones. After working out so hard, it was a nice reward hehe.  Check out the killer desserts I had! Hehhee plus a cake I will never ever touch again!

Thanks mom and dad! And to everyone else who wished me. I can’t thank each person enough for making the day an enjoyable one.

Cheer 2011 Launch 0

When i first watched Eliza Dushku in the film “Bring It On” I fell in love with the concept of Cheerleading. Actually – i more so feel in love with how cool she was. Cheerleading.. it’s always been seen as a cool thing, when you watch all these American films on how the popular girl would be the cheerleader and the popular guy would be the jock/quarterback of the football team or something… Lol superficial to some extent. But what i do love now, is how cheerleading is becoming such a widespread “competitive sport”. I always wondered what it would be like to be a cheerleader. Back in my days, there was not such thing as cheerleading competitions.. there was only well “gymrama” which is a pale comparison of what is suppose to be cheering on your sports house. LOL, sure does bring back my memories of Sports day in school. Would you also have guessed my sports house was the RED House hehe.

Anyway…  I had the wonderful pleasure of emceeing the launch of Cheer 2011 on Thursday. The press conference was held at Studio V at One Utama and it was a real blast.

Emceeing with me for the day was Tuah aka Tyzo from Suria FM. Suria FM happens to be our sister company that is the Malay radio station. It was awesome working with him and we had a good sync going on, hehe ^_^ always an essential thing when you are partnering with another person.

TheStar :R.A.G.E is the official organiser of Cheer 2011. Cheer is a nationwide inter-school cheerleading competition and this year marks the 12th year of this wonderful event. The sponsors as you can see from the photo are Marigold, SilkyGirl and Sugus.

Here we are Tyzo and I with last years Cheer 2010 Champions -Cyrens from Sri Kuala Lumpur. The girls were once placed as number 20 and they came out tops last year. On my left is the captain of Cyrens Shu Fei. I saw their winning performance and i have to say their routine was awesome.Check it out.

They had to return the trophy this year for this years winner, but i do wish them all the best for this years Cheer competition.

Team Cyrens giving us another pose ^_^

Melissa from TheStar marketing and I. Love the cute tiny litte bunting.


and a funny pose with Bobby from TheStar ^_^

I do hope to see you guys at the finals on the 9th and 10th of July. Happening at Bukit Jalil Stadium!

Happy Mother’s Day Song List 0

The biggest day for all Mother’s is here. It’s mommy’s day and while yes i know it like any other special celebration is commercialised… it still serves its purpose… I was really happy to be on during the weekend on Sat between 10am-3pm cause as i sat there in the studio, i gave the shoutout that if anyone wanted to make a wish to their mom. They can do so by just calling me and i’ll put it over the airwaves for them.It may seem like such a simple thing but just to let your mom hear her name or even her kids saying Happy Mother’s Day or that they love her over the airwaves was something special.

To my own mom.. I want to make a say a big I LOVE YOU!!! Maybe i don’t say it often enough but Mama i want you to know that I love you very very much. You’ve always been there for me, to nag me, to comfort me, to say the right things when i really felt down.

Going out to all Mother’s. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! You are all deeply loved and appreciated.


You know how we have theme songs on RedFM. Well i decided to compile a list of my own for the Mother’s Day themed weekend.

Here’s what i would play on my list of top 10 songs for this Mother’s Day. ^_^

Happy Mothers Day by Eddie Kilgallon

Blaxy Girls-Dear mama [Official Music Video]

Céline Dion – Because You Loved Me

Whitney Houston – I Look To You

Jim brickman & Mark Masri – A Mother’s Love

Mama – Crystal Bowersox

Mama – Spice Girls

Bette Midler – Wind Beneath My Wings

A Song For Mama by Boyz 2 Men

I Want a Mom That Will Last Forever by Cyndi Lauper

Please Be Careful 0

I’ve always been told to be careful, especially whenever i have events or just gone to hang out with friends –to not to be too late in going home. Now i agree and i also encourage it to my friends and anyone else out there. This month alone, two of my friends have been robbed and attacked. A year ago as well my friend was robbed right out of her while she was still in it. Going a few years back, my own mother was robbed just outside her office. :( I know stuff like this can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. But it becomes an even bigger concern, when people you know and care for have been in these bad situations. You can erase the things that have happened, however one can be extra careful now. This goes out especially to my lady friends out there.

Lessons learnt

1. Don’t have your bag on the front seat. My friend Min Li was driving around Bangsar area at a late time, possibly around 10ish? Her bad was left on the front seat, just like any of us girls. We leave it there, so it’s easy for us to take things while we drive. Since her bag was on the front seat it was very easy for a guy on a motorcycle to just smash her passenger window and take it. Needless to say they were scared off by her massivel loud shrilly screams. Good on you girl. Scream your heart our and scare the buggers! Thank God she wasn’t harmed :(. So please do place the bag somewhere else, i know it’s hard to do so, but us girls need to keep it elsewhere, other than the front seat.


2. Don’t carry your handbag on the same side as the road. This happened to my mother.. my dear dear mom. And i’m still peeved off by the guys who did this to her. This was just outside her office. She went to go to her car which was in broad daylight. There was a green BMW, which she didn’t think anything off. As she was walking, the car was slowly being driven up behind her. The window must have been done cause next thing she knows, her handbag is pulled off and she’s partially dragged on the ground. She let go in time and the stupid robbers got away with the handbag. Never mind that, now she had a terrible wound on her arm from the fall (the scar is still there till today), she could’ve hit her head or broken a bone or even fractured something. Ladies be careful with your handbags, you never know who is sneaking behind you.


3. Nothing ever good happens after two Going out to ever single person there. Times are bad and especially during the festive seasons – for some reason. Two of my friends had gone out for supper or something at night.. realllll late at night. You can read their posts on their blogs here at Mike Yip and at Tony Leo Salvaraj. Both faced an ordeal that are equally just as scary. Click on the links to read their story. Mental note to myself and the rest out there.. I know going out is fun, but we have to be careful.. and i suppose curfews are there for a reason. Even if you do go out, two to a group isn’t enough and a bigger group would be better. Always have people whom you know and trust with you. Carry pepper spray! If i could I’d carry a taser if that were even permitted here. This could really happen to anyone, and paranoid is not just a small thing, cause if it can happen to close friends of yours.. you never know when one day it may happen to you. In the meantime, always pray that these bad things won’t happen to any of us. Rather I pray that those who succumb to doing these evil things that they find something else more worthwhile with their life, rather than to rob, creating havoc to society. To all my friends out there or just anyone, please be careful when you are out there these days. Love and lots of peace.