Happy Valentine’s Day 2012

Here’s a story for you. I remember i had my first Valentine 8 years ago. It was a memorable one, which ended up with me getting into a relationship. Needless to say as the years progressed Valentine’s Day didn’t become a nice picture for me. Instead it was a day of stress. Because a couple(…)

My RedFM 1 Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my very first day i went on air with RedFM. The beginning of huge changes in my life… The journey of being a RedFM Radio Jock! It still seems surreal. It doesn’t feel like a year, but more like a few years since i’ve been on(…)

My Birthday 2011

It was a mad day… story of my life… This year seems to have a lot of firsts for me. The first time I’m celebrating my birthday as a radio jock and in the RedFM studio. It was really sweet of Rudy to sing me a birthday song on air too hehe. I was on(…)

Happy Mother’s Day Song List

The biggest day for all Mother’s is here. It’s mommy’s day and while yes i know it like any other special celebration is commercialised… it still serves its purpose… I was really happy to be on during the weekend on Sat between 10am-3pm cause as i sat there in the studio, i gave the shoutout(…)

Please Be Careful

I’ve always been told to be careful, especially whenever i have events or just gone to hang out with friends –to not to be too late in going home. Now i agree and i also encourage it to my friends and anyone else out there. This month alone, two of my friends have been robbed(…)