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Hot Chelle Rae Interview and Showcase in KL 0

**Disclaimer: This Interview happened last year in November***

I Like it Like That Hey… windows down..chilling with the radio on…

That is the very line that I remember the most from the American band Hot Chelle Rae. A band consisting of 4 boys : Ryan Follese (lead singer / guitar),  Nash Overstreet (vocals/guitar),  Jamie Follese (Drums) and Ian Keggy (Bassist). If you are still not too sure who these boys are.. they are the ones who gave you the funky and fun tune of “I Like it Like That” and “Tonight Tonight“. Hot Chelle Rae recently won Best New Artist at the American Music Awards 2011.

They touched down in Malaysia on November 2nd which was the day they were being interviewed by the media, such as myself to talk about their run. Before we get to the interview, check out their performance at Stage Avenue K on the 3rd of November.


Back to the interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Follese of the American band Hot Chelle Rae. A very charming and friendly lad.


Here’s a rundown of the questions I had asked Ryan. I won’t type out his answers.. I’ll leave you to watch the video instead. Have fun learning a bit more about one of the members of Hot Chelle Rae.

  1. Is this your first time in Malaysia? Have you tried any of the Malaysian food in the past 12?

  2. What’s it like for 4 boys to be in a band? Do u guys hangout even when you’re not touring?

  3. Do you have special names that you give to each other? Ryan – rhino and wheels… Jamie, Jamicles, Ian Potbeller, keaggey, kegger, NashVegas…

  4. You opened for Taylor Swift’s 3 Auckland shows in March.. so what’s it like working with her Taylor Swift? Hung out? Gave any advice?

  5. Whats the biggest challenge you guys frequently face for being Hot Chelle Rae?

  6. In the song and mv Honestly.. was there really a girl that was that crazy in your life?

  7. Whats the groups ultimate ambition in showbiz?

  8. When you travel what are some of the songs you would have on your ipod?

  9. If a movie was made about Hot Chelle Rae who would you want to play you?

  10. I like to call this know Hot Chelle Rae in 10 questions:Last words for Red Fm listeners and ur malaysian fans

    1. Aliens or cowboys?
    2. If you were a Tshirt what colour would u be?
    3. Left 4 dead or Farmville?
    4. if you were a car what kind would u be?
    5. Donuts or Jelly?
    6. If you were a superhero.. you would be?
    7. Cats or dogs?
    8. If you were in the TV series Entourage who would you be?
    9. Sea or land?
    10. Finally.. if i said “Can i make you a sandwich?”

I Am on The Cover of I.M. Magazine 3

Talk about psyche!

Finally the October issue of I.M. Magazine is out. Check it out peeps…Lookie lookie Mynn and I are on the front cover. It’s our very first time being on the cover of a magazine and we are so thoroughly pleased with this photo! We just can’t say how much we’re in love with ourselves.. haha So Narcissistic!

Tell me what do you think of the shot? ^_^


This next one is inside the magazine.. booommmmm booom pow. LOVE IT Equally just as much!


Read here on the interview we did!

I.M. Magazine Photoshoot and Interview 658

TA while back Mynn and I had the honour of being interview by I.M. Magazine. Adelyn and Christy dropped by the Redfm office and conducted the chilled laid back interview with the two of us. I just love interview where you are free to be yourself and sometimes it can turn into lil girly chit chats. hehe. The interview was a lot of fun and as always it is a joy to do it with your close friend.

Here are some shots from the interview


Hehehe me looking super serious as i concentrate at the mic and then just going into smiley mode.


This is what it was like at the old RedFM Studio, lol trust me we don’t usually dress up this much for our radio show haha.


Sugar and Spice is how we’ve been labeled by some of the listeners haha. Or yin and yang, softy and toughy, sweet and hard.. however you wanna put it. lol.


Taking a shot with our interviewers of the day Adelyn and Christy! Thanks for coming over girls!

Finally after a long wait and a period of preparation, we got around to doing the photoshoot for the cover of I.M Magazine. The photoshoot was held at Staek Photography and honestly when Mynn and I were trying to find the place, we missed it after going round and round the area a few times. Because first of all there was no sign and the door of the studio.. well looked like a set from the TV Series Dexter. You know .. like a place where they cut up and torture people.. LOL. Just look at the door..rusted bars!!


Can you say prison! The feeling to be behind bars.. whooaaa.


Well it was all for show! The concept of the studio was really impressive. Now we start the shoot.


A blue wall was all we needed for a backdrop. Of course with excellent lighting and an excellent photographer by the name of Jason! He’s really good and he’s been doing photography for only a year! An of course with an awesome crew from Staek photography, that Mynn and i felt so at home.. We decided to go nuts!


 Taking a moment to figure out how to pose as the food gets splattered all over us. hehe

 Here’s a sneak peak at what one of the shots look like! Grab the October issue on MYNEWS.COM stand this October!