DIY Smartphone Workout Armband

DIY Smartphone Workout Armband 0

I was never a runner.. like a long distance runner and I never liked running out doors. I was perhaps a person that would give a burst of energy and speed up at moment.. what’s that called. Ah yes a sprinter! So when I hear of people going long distance or even for marathons, i’m in true awe. Cause it takes such discipline for that duration you are out there pounding away on the road. That’s why when I started doing running, it was more of interval running (i believe very much you burn more, for my body anyways) and i preferred running on the treadmill.

However sometimes I don’t always have the luxury to go to an aircon gym where they have those fancy treadmills and mine is starting to get really old at home.  So… i forced myself to quit whining, get out of my comfort zone and go run it outside. Completely different feeling I tell you running outdoors, but before doing that I downloaded something on my Samsung Galaxy S4 or rather 2 things.

1.Zombies Run 5k!

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.13.41 PM

2. Zombies Run! 

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.14.28 PM

Now here’s another thing. I’m kinda cheap at time..sorry i meant to say when I want to do something that requires me to buy something I usually try to find a cheap or free alternative. Buying the zombie apps don’t count, I need them! Having to run with your phone can be a hassle especially when I wear tight fighting workout clothes which have no pockets and I don’t have those sporty armbands. But I do have a google and a brain! :)

This was how I got my armband without costing a cent. I think this is pure genius.


 It just saved myself about RM100+ by using a forearm sleeve. You can do the same too by just using an old sock. Just cut up the old end and fold it back towards the top. Just make sure it’s not a loose sock and it’s reasonably snug. See my Samsung S4 fits there perfectly and since it’s so slim and light, I don’t feel the weight of it on my arm. This is great cause then I can monitor my progress while running outdoors. Plus, i’ve found that running outdoors with earphones plugged in is not exactly the smartest thing to do. So thank goodness that the S4 has super loud speakers. I just let it play outloud for the entire neighbourhood to hear. Lol. I’m not disturbing the peace I promise.

I originally got this idea from Cnet, so here ya go.. the video tutorial for how to make a DIY Sports phone armband.

Give it a try and hopefully it’ll make your running sessions a lot more convenient.

Getting into Yoga 0

Ever since I injured my lower back late 2011, I’ve been cautious about my movements. Now i make it a point to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility. An activity I’ve found to be able to help me do just that, Yoga!! The one thing I’m so appreciative for is my phone the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is my consistent companion whenever I video my Yoga flows. That’s the best way for me to see if I’m doing something right or wrong. Scroll on and you can see of my instavideos of my progress. Happeedee do :)


I’ve been doing this for the past few months and I’m real pleased with the progress. This is at my first yoga class at local singer Atilia’s studio “Yoga One That I want”, where I had yogi Adidas sister Soraya helping me get into my first headstand… I fell shortly after lol. Follow her on insta for some great yoga inspiration @norsoraya!



I mean I never thought I would be able to get back my split from years ago. It’s not perfect but it’s getting there :)

Here’s my very first try of doing the Yoga Headstand without the wall… well it’s near but i’m not touching it :)


And recently, this is my latest progress :) Headstand by the pool and into a nearly full split.

I strongly encourage anybody to do yoga or at least try it. It’s another great way to boost your fitness regime and you touch on muscles that you may not always engage when you are just doing weights. Besides it’s all about body weight.

Just a note though that If you wanna start with Yoga, do go to a proper class with a good instructor, to avoid doing wrong poses and postures. Cause I can say that because you wanna get into a pose you may end up doing it the wrong way.

Love it! Keep working hard!

My GM Diet Plan Experience

My GM Diet Plan Experience 0

18th of June 2013, Wednesday marked the day that I started the GM Diet. You can read the diet plan here.

25th of June 2013, the day I completed it! Whoopeee

Now finally comes the breakdown of what I did and how I feel in the process. Please note that when I choose to take on this diet, I had completely forgotten that I would have a busy week of being out and about. So while i may not have gotten to eat like 5-6 meals in a day at consistent times but I did manage to make it through the day with the necessary 3 meals. There were a lot of temptation too as you would see below. So let’s start!

Day 1 – Purely fruits but no banana or avocados

Pile up them fruits!

I didn’t manage to weigh myself but this was my weight before the start of the diet, which i had taken bout a month back, don’t think I wandered to far from that so I’ll consider myself at 56.3kg. The first day wasn’t too bad, cause fruits are easy to munch on although it got quite tiresome after a while.

It went pretty smooth minus the silly fact that I had to pick the day when I would be tempted by friends. My buddy Papi Zak and Kavin from the RedFM’s Really Really Late Breakfast Show was conducting a food challenge too eat a yard long sausage from Le Meridien. Suffice to say I didn’t cave. At night my girlfriends where having a lovely dinner meet at Alexis… I didn’t cave and I was so thankful for MBG Stores that could provide me with ready to eat fruits. So yay i survived day one!
Oh yeah and recently I got the Galaxy S4 and I was really thankful for the feature S health on it. It was really cool cause it helped me in track my food intake of the day. It even has the calorie counts all in their database! Awesomely convenient :)


Day 2 – 1 Sweet potato and veggies for the rest of the day

I was waiting for the longest time to eat breakfast. Because my biggest highlight of the day, that would be my only source of energy was that one Sweet Potato.

Now I could’ve opted for the original Baked potato and slice of butter but I decided I wanted a better option of carbs. The rest of the day was me eating like a goat. It was pretty hard because it was only veggie and the lemon water. I was practically a vegetarian for one day.. Didn’t help that I had an event to host as well which served some yummy looking chicken wings, spaghetti, pan fried dory and salad (with mayo, gahh!!) . But I pulled through and didn’t touch that or the cocktails.

Weight had already dropped to 55.5kg

Day 3 -

This was a lot more bearable compared to day two cause it was a mixture of fruits and veggies. Went by faster and smoother. Dropped the weight again to 54.7kg. Managed to do some cardio and abs today while on the diet. You can give it a go too :) later at night I did some yoga. Bliss!

Work those abs!


Day 4 – 8 Bananas, Skim Milk and the Wonder Soup

This day was just ridiculous. Cause it was only bananas and skim milk. I made the wonder soup which was pretty much pure veggies. The amount of onions was ridiculous. Yeah you would feel full because you are mostly chomping down on cabbage and water. It will be yummy and your body will be happier since that’s the only other thing you can eat… in unlimited portion.

Oh on another note.. I think I was already stressing out about the diet and following it to the point. I dreamt my boss came over to my house (please don’t ask why) and brought a whole bunch of other people cooking all the delish sinful dishes from KL : Nasi lemak la, pisang goreng la, fried squid… and to make it worse my mom bought chicken rice and I apparently ate it in my dream. Thank God it was a dream and I didn’t screw up the diet!

Here’s what I look like on that day :) Not bad, I could see some difference and i felt a lot leaner and tighter too.



Day 5 – Beef and 5-6 tomatoes, 2 extra glasses of water

5 tomatoes and lean beef

Finally some real food!  Woke up in the morning and first thing I made was steak!! Yay I thought I would’ve been gorging myself on the meat but after 3 of the beef cubes I didn’t feel that hungry anymore. I took my time eating the meat for the rest of the day. I was suppose to have about 5-6 patties / palm size steaks but i ended up only eating 3 by the end of the day. I did finish off all the tomatoes though. Did some yoga for a sweat and a stretch.

Weight is about 54.7kg

Yay!! Finally managed the Bakasana.. even though only for a second!


Day 6

Day 6 was the same as Day 5 just you have unlimited amounts of beef / meat and veggies. That wasn’t a problem but it is difficult when you are moving around a lot. made sure I had a quick workout session in the morning. As usually circuit! You can try it out too. it’s actually a slight variation from Zuzana Light’s Workout.

Circuit workout for monday


Day 7

loaded up on brown rice

I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear the word brown rice. My body was not craving it but it appreciated the healthy carbs on the 7th day. I practically  ate the brown rice as is without anything. It was dry but make do and the rest of it was veggies. Didn’t cheat, even though I was close too. Finally it was over! I did a circuit in the morning which was more than enough for the day. Weight was still at 54.7 kg.

The 100 workout



My final weight after was 54.6kg. I lost 4.4lbs which is pretty impressive. I was most satisfied by my fat percentage because in April I did the InBody analysis at the gym and I was at 24.3% but this time round I had dropped to 18.7% which was superb! That’s a pretty good drop, cause a healthy range to lose is about 1-2 lbs in a week. Sure if I wanted I could lose more but for a female I shouldn’t drop less than 15% cause it’ll muck up my hormones. Muscle had a good increase too, in April I was 23.7% this time I’m at 24.9%.

This is what I look like 2days post GMDiet.. I honestly think GM should pay me for all the free promo i’m doing for them lol.

In conclusion I would recommend the diet if you would just like to try something new and detox your body. I highly double you would be able to lose 7 lbs in that 7 days. Not to say it’s impossible, but for my body type, it wouldn’t have lost that much. It’s possible if a person is larger they would lose that amount, which I would presume comes mostly from water loss.

This diet is NOT meant for those who exercise on a daily basis, cause you will feel weaker and you won’t be able to push as much. During this duration I didn’t workout as much as I usually do which is 5 times a week. But I did workout 4 times during the diet phase.

It was a great way to lean up in a short time, cause it forces your body to readjust to the eating conditions. Don’t do this if you are unwell or stressed out. Most importantly check with your GP first. Tips on getting ready for the diet

  1. Go in mentally prepared for the diet. Don’t quit, cheat or give up. It’s ONLY 7 Days!
  2. Stock up on the right food , the grocery list is already provided on my previous post.
  3. Hydrate yourself as much as possible, carry water bottle at all times.
  4. Do the diet on a week whereby you are not busy, if not it’ll just distract you
  5. Be proud of yourself when you complete it!


GM Diet Plan

GM Diet Plan 0

7 days.. lose from 10-17lbs.. Sure! I’m game!

Today I’ve decided to embark on a new diet journey that would last for exactly 7 days. It’s called the “GM Diet” aka “GM Seven”. I first heard about the diet from a colleague of mine who was already midway and I figure there’s no harm in giving this a try. Though it isn’t really my goal to lose an immense amount of weight in a short period, but I do want to see if this diet will work as well as it has claimed. For the next few days I will jot down what I will be having and my experience with this diet.  Anyways the thing that drew me to this diet is the fact that you could lose 10-16 pounds in just 7 days..whether this is true, I’m putting my body to the test.


Prepping the night before

What is the GM Diet?

It is a diet that started off in 1985 and created for the employees of General Motor hence the name GM Diet, as a means to encourage wellness and a healthier diet plan for the staff and their families.  Although it’s been said that GM has denied any correlation to the diet fad, it’s become really popular and has been circulating online and found its way to willing-to-try minds like myself. The diet consists of just 7 days, and you aren’t suppose to do it more than once in a month. For the next 7 days you have to eat prescribe meals and follow strictly. The diet is said to be able to detoxify and reset your eating habits.


The GM Diet Plan

Day  1 All fruits except bananas. Your first day will consist of all the fruits you want. It is strongly suggested that you consume lots of melons the first day. Especially watermelon and a loupe. If you limit your fruit consumption to melons, your chances of losing three lbs.
Day 2 All vegetables. You are encouraged to eat until you are stuffed with all the raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. There is no limit on the amount or type. For your complex carbohydrate, you will start day two with a large baked potato for breakfast. You may top the potato with one pat of butter.
Day 3 A mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Any amount, any quantity. No bananas yet. No potatoes today.
Day 4 Bananas and milk. Today you will eat as many as eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk. This will be combined with the special soup which may be eaten in limited quantities.
Day 5 Today is feast day. You will eat beef and tomatoes. Eat two 10 oz. portions of lean beef. Hamburger is OK. Combine this with six whole tomatoes. On day five you must increase your water intake by one quart. This is to cleanse your system of the uric acid you will be producing.
Day 6 Beef and vegetables. Today you may eat an unlimited amount of beef and vegetables. Eat to your hearts content.
Day 7 Today your food intake will consist of brown rice, fruit juices and all the vegetables you care to consume.


The GM Diet Grocery List

Fruits Veggies Meat Carbs Beverages
  • Apples
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Honeydew
  • Mango
  • Grapes
  • Tomatoes
  • Banana
  • Broccoli
  • Round lettuce
  • Romaine
  • Oakleaf
  • Spinach
  • Rocket
  • Choy Sam
  • Carrots
  • Cellery
  • Lean beef
  • Lean chicken
  • Salmon
  • Potato
  • Brown Rice
  • Skim Milk
  • Yoghurt
  • Fruit Juice
  • Green Tea
  • lemon-flavored water
  • club soda


GM Diet Soup Recipe

The recipe is pretty straight forward and very easy to make. You can take this in unlimited amounts.

Wonder Soup Ingredients:

  • Onions – 6 large onions
  • Green Peppers – 2
  • Tomatoes – 3
  • Cabbage – 1
  • Celery – 1 bunch
  • Water – 22 oz of water


  • Start off with the onions and green pepper. Cut up the onions and green pepper and lightly saute it with a few drops of olive oil till they turn a light brown.
  • Next up is the celery, tomatoes and cabbage. Chop them up and add everything to a large pot with water.
  • Bring it to a boil and slow cook it till everything is tender. You probably need to cook this for close to 60 min. Add salt and pepper for seasoning.

That’s pretty much there is to it. The wonder soup can be eaten in unlimited quantities and is a real delight to eat. Anytime you find yourself hungry on any day of the GM Diet, the wonder soup is the way to go. Make sufficient quantities each day so that when hunger pangs hit you, you have something you can quickly warm up and eat.

The GM Diet wonder soup is really tasty as well, you will find yourself eating this even when you are not on a diet.


How and Why It Works 

Day One you are preparing your system for the upcoming programme. Your only source of nutrition is fresh or canned fruits. Fruits are nature’s perfect food. They provide everything you could possibly want to sustain life except total balance and variety.

Day Two starts with a fix of complex carbo-hydrates coupled with an oil dose. This is taken in the morning for energy and balance. The rest of day two consists of vegetables which are virtually calorie free and provide essential nutrients and fibre.

Day Three eliminates the potato because you get your carbohydrates from the fruits. You system is now prepared to start burning excess pounds. You will still have cravings which should start to diminish by day four.

Day Four, bananas, milk and soup sound the strangest and least desirable. You’re in for a surprise. You probably will not eat all the bananas allowed. But they are there for the potassium you have lost and the sodium you may have missed the past three days. You will notice a definite loss of desire for sweets. You will be surprised how easy this day will go.

Day Five, Beef and tomatoes. The beef is for iron and proteins, the tomatoes are for digestion and fibre. Lots and lots of water purifies your system. You should notice colourless urine today. Your allowance calls for the equivalent of five “quarter ponders”. Do not feel you have to eat all this beef. You must eat the six tomatoes.

Day Six is similar to day five, Iron and proteins from beef, Vitamins and fibre from vegetables. By now your system is in a total weight loss inclination. There should be a noticeable difference in the way you look today, compared to day one.

Day Seven finished off the program like a good cigar used to finish off Victorian meals, except much healthier. You have your system under control and it should thank you for the flushing and cleaning you just gave it.


Who Shouldn’t Try It

This is considered an extreme diet. So if you aren’t prepared for it and you’ve never done something like this before, please consult your doctor, nutritionist. The diet may work but it’s not suitable for everyone. If you are diabetic or have history with heart condition, do not attempt to try this.

All the best and I will jot down my experience in the following posts too. Do let me know if you would consider trying this or not in the comments below. :)

Top 8 Exercises at Home

Top 8 Exercises at Home 0

As much as I love working out at the gym, sometimes I don’t get the chance to head over there because of time or maybe I just don’t want to get stuck in a jam. That said, I still ensure I at least get some kind of exercise happening for me in a day. Even if it is only 15 minutes. Here are my top 10 workouts that I’d do at home, that don’t require any equipments and it’s enough to get your heart racing. You can mix them up for your circuit and you’re done for the day.


1. Burpees
A great full body workout that one can do anytime anywhere. Works on your core, butt and a bit on your arms. Take a look at how to the burpee here.

2. Mountainclimber
This is a great exercise to get your heart rate up, working your legs and core. Place hands on the floor just slight more than shoulder width, have your body in a straight line from head to toe. On forefeet, position one leg forward bent under body and extend other leg back. While holding upper body in place,  keep your abdominals engaged and shoulders strong, jump to switch leg positions. Both feet leave the ground as your drive your right knee forward and reach your left leg back. Now your left leg is fully extended behind you and your right knee and hip are bent with your right foot on the floor.

The Mountainclimber

3. Leg Raises  
Another ab workout which can be tough but i love doing this. Lay down on your back and have your hands by your side. Now lift your legs up to 90 degrees. From there, lower your legs till it’s just about an inch off the floor and bring it back up. Remember to watchout for your back. Have your palms firmly on the ground to avoid your back from arching when you lower your legs. Then repeat. Do this for 20 repetitions and 4-5 sets.


The Leg Raise


4. Sidetaps
A workout that is real simple. Start first standing, then hop on to the right leg in a squat position while the left leg is in a straight outstretched position and reach down so that your left hand is almost or is touching your right foot. Now repeat.

The Side Tap


5. Squat Jumps
A fab way to really strain your butt, quads and fire up your calf muscles with the explosive movement. Start in a standing position with feet shoulder width apart. Now jump up and land in a squat position. Stretch out your arms so that you can improve your stability. Keep going as many times as you can.

The Jump Squat

6. Lunges
Great for working out the butt and quads. Start first in a standing position. Now lunge forward with one knee facing forward and the other stable at 90 degrees. Now repeat on the other side. Keep core tight and you can place your hands at your hips for balance.

The Isolated Lunge

7. Pushups
Workout your chest, bit of the shoulders and your triceps with this oldie but its a goodie. Start with your body in a plank position with your arms just out side from your shoulders, they should be roughly two palms away from your body. Then lower yourself down. Go as low as you can, come up and repeat. Do about 5-10 if you can. if it’s too difficult on your toes, you can do the modified version on your knees. Still just as effective.

The Pushup



8. Plank
Another excellent workout to train your core and another workout you can do anytime and anywhere. Get yourself into a plank position, ensuring that your body is as straight as possible. The hold that position for 30seconds to 1 minute.

The Planks

An example of a circuit workout with these exercises. Do all exercises for 30 seconds and rest for 15 seconds.

1. Burpee

2. Mountainclimber

3. Jumping Squats

4. Push Ups

5. Plank

Alternate between the exercises and it’ll challenge your body all the time. Have fun working out!


Get your BOOST to run

Get your BOOST to run 0

Bout a week or so, Adidas launched it’s latest running shoe. The Adidas BOOST! Was given a pair to try out and I wasn’t too sure what to expect out of the shoe. Yes it was comfortable, yes it looked good…and what’s the major factor? It gives an extra bounce when you run!!

UntitledTogether with my fellow Adidas sistahs. Fay Hokulani and Soraya (left pic). Jessica from Adidas and Hanie Hidayah (Right Pic)


Before I get to the shoe.. I just have to say thank you to Adidas for letting me try it before anyone else and I LOVE the packaging of the shoe box. It has my name on it and it also came with other BOOST goodies – new running shorts (YAY!) and new running top (DOUBLE YAY!)

If you’re wondering what’s inside the small box. It contains a steel ball and an Adidas thumbdrive. The steel ball when dropped onto the BOOST foam with have a better bounce compared to that of industry standard foam (aka EVA). However I’ve found a use for the steel ball and I’m using it to roll on the soles of my feet. It’s sort of a triggerpoint exercise to release the tense muscles after a serious running/training session. Hey might as well make use of it, rather than have it as deco.


Ok. Now on to the BOOST! When I first took back my pair, I walked around with it and I noticed there was slight air to my walking. I’m very picky with my shoes especially when it comes to running because I want the shoe to give me the right kind of cushioning I need when impact hits on my foot. That’s exactly what the BOOST did for me, which I can concur that no other shoe has been able to give me this comfort before.

 Getting on to the threadmill, that was when I realised there was a slight difference when I was running.

adidas run

and here’s their epic video!

Here are some close up shots of the BOOST.


Front view. The BOOST has the traditional tongue and lace design.The shoe is stretchable and made out of breathable mesh that will fit your foot like a sock.  The power bands around the shoe can help stabilise your foot when it is in motion.



 Sideview.  Don’t be fooled even though the foam is thick the shoe is still pretty light, IMO. Inside the shoe there is none of the multi-density foam or other intrusions that are so common.


Underneath and you can see that it is also compatible with the Adidas MiCoach.


It boils down to the unique cushioning of the Adidas BOOST. Take a good look at the foam. The idea is that you get to maximise on energy when running cause of the revolutionary cushioning material. The cushion/foam is called TPU, is literally blown up and turned into thousands of small energy capsules. These capsules store and unleash energy, providing the highest energy return in the running industry.

Conclusion: I highly recommend you give these shoes a try if you are looking for a new pair of running shoes. Trust me once you wear it and have a go at it be it walking or running, you’ll see why I thoroughly enjoy using these shoes to train.

Where to buy The Adidas Energy BOOST?

Price: Retails at RM550 for both men and women.
Location: Adidas Sports Performance Concept Stores in Suria KLCC (Level 3) & Sunway Pyramid (Level 2).
More details:

Happy running! ^_^