Watsons VIP Card with Touch N Go

Watsons VIP Card with Touch N Go 0

Watsons is truly pushing the boundaries as a Health, Wellness and Beauty Store. I recently went for the launch of the Watsons VIP Card with Touch N Go card which is a very cool concept.

Together with Watsons men, models and my spinning DJ Beauty Queen girl Nadine


Lemme explain.. Most of the time we run over to the Watsons outlet, to buy little necessities such as shampoo, body wash and occasionally makeup. Well now instead of having to bring out cash with you, just tap their new card and your done paying for your items.

Thats what the card the VIP card looks like.. but not that big of course :)

Watsons collaborated with our local money card, Touch N Go, which we use mostly for transport, parking and toll purposes. But now you can even use this new Watsons Touch N Go card to pay for items at Watsons. Meaning there is no need to bring out small change or even carry money when you buy an item at an outlet.


Say Cheeseee

Might I mention that their launch was themed “Mission Impossible” was entertaining to watch. Well done to the marketing team and the events company on that. So here’s what the card looks like. For those who have a Watsons card, it can be upgraded with just a small amount of RM6. Over the past few years, i’ve been really impressed by their innovative marketing strategies.

Hosting the Watsons Music Festival last year. Interviewing Far East Movement and Mizz Nina

Last year I had the opportunity to be part of their big music campaign: The Watsons Music Festival as I was called in to be their TV Host for the event. Watsons had brought down major acts such as B.O.B and Far East Movement to entertain their loyal Watsons members. The turn out was astounding and everyone had major fun!

Looking forward to what else Watsons has in store for their fans and customers :) Meantime here are more fun shots with friends at the party!

Fun times with Thanuja, Amber Chia, Nadine Ann and Xandria Ooi

 Once again if you have a Watsons card, you can upgrade it.

Get your Watsons VIP Card now with Touch ‘n Go features with only RM18 (for new members). For existing members, you can convert your Watsons VIP Card to the new one with only RM6.00. Sign up and enjoy rewards worth over RM5,000!

Checkout more from Watsons here
Facebook: Watsons Malaysia


Streetdeal Insiders Launch

Streetdeal Insiders Launch 0

Lemme explain a bit more about what this is all about. Two years ago was the first time I started surfing around at deal sites… I love the concept! A girl loves to shop and it’s always good to see discounts on items that you would like to purchase. The cool thing about deal sites – other than the seeing discounts from 20-80% off – they separate everything into categories. Ranging from stuff like  home and kitchen wear to travels and even workout stuff.

One of the sites I’ve come to enjoy shopping on is and now I shall be honest, i’m even more biased towards this site because I’m now apart of it…I am an Insider!! The Insiders launch was on 23 Jan 2013 and I had the pleasure of being among the public figures to be apart of this interesting campaign.

 streetdeal Insiders

Here are all the Streetdeal Insiders together with Streetdeal Singapore founders Gregory Costamagna and Olivier Michel, Aaron Sarma –  Country Manager for Streetdeal Malaysia . (L-R) Amber Chia, Serena C, Me, Daphne Iking, Atilia, Sazzy Falak, Dynas Mokhtar and Dj Fuzz.

Streetdeal Insiders

Another shot of all of us on stage for the media.


Apparently not everyone got the message to wear orange.. But this crew did.. ok la Serena C’s jacket is a lighter shade of orange.


Me and DJ Fuzz taking a moment to pose with my Ab Rocket. I’m not a fan of smoking but his vaping cap in a shape of a skull is very cool.

 Amber and Atilia..posing or fighting for the mirror wadrobe

During the launch Amber and Atilia were fighting to take back this cool product from It’s actually one of Julie Woon’s products another sister insider.

Daphne using my aB roCKET

Daphne came by to my station and tried out my product the Ab Rocket. It’s meant to work your abs and here she is posing with it, lol! Keep browsing below and you’ll see the product on my store.

After the launch we proceeded to take some silly shots outside. Can you tell that Atilia is sitting on my Ab Rocket? Thanks to Daphne for the picture.

Check it out, I literally have my own online store.  The products in the store will be stuff that I use and have found worthy enough for you to check out and tryout at home. Here’s the link to my store


Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 2.31.17 PM

I just love my cute signature on it. Can you spot the mini dumbbells? ^_^

Linora's Streetdeal Products

This is the product that i was talking about. The Ab Rocket Twister.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 2.13.19 AM

I tried out the Ab Rocket and it’s really cool, cause now I have a new way to work on my obliques and core without the aching part of the back. One problem I had with doing abs at home was that the my butt bone always ended up aching cause I didn’t have the right cushioning. I’ll explain how it works in another post. Watch out for that.

Meantime do visit my store and if you have bought items from there.. Thank you!  If you’re not too sure on what products to buy or need better clarification just beep me here. I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Till then happy streetdeal-ing.



The Star Introduces iSnap 0

Last week The Star shared with the The RedFM Jocks a new piece of technology that will revolutionize print media. Last Thursday there was a special logo printed on the papers.. so if you were wondering what that weird looking red square was – It’s called the iSnap!


So what is it well read on. :)

iSnap is an augmented reality feature built into The Star Mobile app for smartphones namely Iphones and Androids. Using the phone’s built-in camera and combining it with image recognition technology, iSnap delivers multiple points of interaction within the camera view. Its tagline is “Bringing your newspaper to life” and that’s exactly what it aims to do by extending the breadth and depth of content available through your daily paper.

Here’s a video to help you better understand the iSnap.

How do I use iSnap?

  • iSnap is a feature found within The Star Mobile app which is currently available for iOS  and Android smart phones.
  • You need to download the current version of the app from the respective Apple App Store or the Google Play marketplace.
  • Simply hover your phone over any page (articles or advertisements) in The Star which carry the iSnap logo. After a moment, depending upon the quality of your mobile Internet
  • connection, the augmented reality layer will pop up (see diagram).
  • Press the Pause button and you may then interact with any of the icons, links and forms that have appeared.
I was delighted to know that they special link of mine was going to be shared on the launch of the iSnap application. Check this. This is how you use the device.

Step 1 - Open up the Star Mobile app.



Step 2 – Click on the iSnap logo and press Let’s Start



Step 3 – Focus your camera on the picture that has the iSnap logo, wait for a few seconds..



Step 4 – Ta da you will see links pop up above the picture!



Step 5 – Click on whichever that fits your fancy.. ^_^



Step 6 – A video will stream if you click on the video button. The information will stay the same for three days and on the launch of the iSnap i’m very proud to say it was my fitness video on “How To Do A Burpee”!So honoured! in fact you can view that video here… or just go on to the Star paper ^_^


You can check out more details here –

EUFA EURO 2012 Trophy in Kuala Lumpur 0

Last weekend April 7th was the launch of the EUFA ERUO 2012 Trophy in Town media event. I had the pleasure to attend the event thanks of course to Tim Chew from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers. The event was held at Sunway Pyramid with eager football and Carlsberg fans just waiting to see the much anticipated EUFA EURO 2012 Trophy in all it’s sterling silver glory. – ok actually it was a well made replica by Carlsberg, but good enough! ^_^


This was the first appearance of the EUFA EURO trophy in Malaysia since the European championships began. Soren Ravn Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia told the crowd that “As official sponsor and most preferred beer in the country, they are proud to reward football fans in Malaysia with a chance to get up close and personal with the cup…”

and not just him there was another surprise too. Fans could also get up close and personal with.. The legendary goalkeeper to Manchester United, the player who was voted as the best goalkeeper in the year 1992 and 1993. The Great Dane.



I wasn’t a fan of Manchester United till probably 7 years ago. Back then i didn’t get to see Scemeichel play, however i’ve heard about him, i read about him and i also saw his old footage via youtube. And he is a crazy fabulous goalkeeper! Just check this video out of all his highlights.

The legend walked on to stage to a very astonished crowd and Soren had a quick chit chat session with him before opening up the stage so people could take shots with the Trophy.

And of course i quickly managed to get a shot of the man himself together with Soren and York Spencer – Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Oh just to let you know he will going around KL to meet and great the fans. Telling them a bit more bout his role as ambassador and of course to answer questions from the fans. This will be happening on the 11th of April.

The good stuff doesn’t stop there. Carlsberg then told the crowd that they will be sending 100 fortunate fans to catch the semi-final live of Euro 2012 in Ukraine!

According to Carlsberg, participation in its “Are You Fan Enough?” promotion to win a trip to Ukraine couldn’t be any easier. All one needs to do is purchase Carlberg in a quart, pint or can at any bar, restaurant or supermarket. Checkout more details on their website here and on their facebook page.

So are you game to be part of EURO 2012? ^_^


Win A Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7!!! 0

A while back i posted on Facebook that i’ve gotten my a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Heehehe and i’m super excited to be using it too. The launch of the new Tab 7.7 was out a while back – on the 17th of February to be exact. The event was hosted by the ever so talented, dashing, charming and deep sexy voiced man Will Quah. Hehehe.. i just like giving him that opening intro. lol.

Anyhoo back to the Galaxy Tab 7.7. This is the latest Tab from Samsung to be released in the market. At only 7.7 inch, the Tab is super sleek, fast, and the perfect size to be carried around for work or even emceeing gigs. Something which i really really need.

Here I am posing with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 together with Will Quah. I hadn’t realised that my dress was exactly in sync with the company colours of Samsung. hehehe The dress is from Nila Palacios by the way! Here’s a quick introduction about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7!

Here are some quick facts about the new tab!

Display 7.7” [2] 1280×800 (WXGA) Super AMOLED Plus

1.4GHz dual core application processor


HSPA+ 21Mbps 850/900/1900/2100
EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900

Memory  16GB movi NAND + microSD (up to 32GB

Camera / Flash 3MP AF LED (Main) + 2MP FF (Front)

Wireless Connectivity

WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, WiFi Direct,
BT v3.0, USB 2.0 Hos

Audio MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA
Video MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, DivX (1080p Full HD video @ 30fps)


Dimension, Weight 196.7x 133 x 7.89mm, 340g
OS Android  Honeycomb 3.2
Battery Capacity 5,100 mAh
Price & availability

RM 2,099, 17 February 201


For easier file transfers, the GALAXY Tab 7.7 is also equipped with MicroSD cards of up to 32 GB for  seamless and effortless file transfers. An external hard disc will no longer be required, maintaining personal style together with powerful performance.

Preloaded with the full suite of Google Mobile Service, the GALAXY Tab 7.7 gives users access to more than 300,000 applications on Android Market™, Gmail™, Google Search™, Google Maps™, and Google Talk™ with video and voice chat.

Wanna see some reviews on the Tab?

  1. CNET Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
  2. TechRadar Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 review
  3. Trusted Reviews Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 first look
Now to the COOL part!!
Would YOU like to OWN this Baby!!!????

There’s a game that’s going on called Agent 7.7. Where you get to win yourself your very own Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Let me introduce you to Agent 7.7!

for the next 4 weeks there will be 10 bloggers that  will be writing stories about Agent 7.7 and out of these stories you need to submit a plot twister. The one with the best plot twister will be able to get their very own tab. and there happen to be FIVE Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 up for grabs!!!!

And the contest officially starts tomorrow!! So get your creative juice out and win yourself a tab. There 5 to be won!!!

Happy 11.11.11 546

Happy 11.11.11

i want to tell all those who are close to me. That I love them ever so dearly.

Especially to my family : Daddy, Mommy, my sister Ness and my Bro Lincoln. Love ya’ll so much. You are the best family a girl could ever have. You have been there for me all the time! i can’t express how much i love you all.

So i’m sealing it here in history!

I’m wishing big hugs to you all too on this special date! ^_^

So really what are you all going to do this 11.11.11?

hehehe if you wanna read more about the Motorola Razr check it out here at this post ^_^