The Star Introduces iSnap

Last week The Star shared with the The RedFM Jocks a new piece of technology that will revolutionize print media. Last Thursday there was a special logo printed on the papers.. so if you were wondering what that weird looking red square was - It’s called the iSnap! So what is it well read on. iSnap is an augmented reality feature built into The Star Mobile app(…)

EUFA EURO 2012 Trophy in Kuala Lumpur

Last weekend April 7th was the launch of the EUFA ERUO 2012 Trophy in Town media event. I had the pleasure to attend the event thanks of course to Tim Chew from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers. The event was held at Sunway Pyramid with eager football and Carlsberg fans just waiting to see the much anticipated(…)

Win A Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7!!!

A while back i posted on Facebook that i’ve gotten my a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Heehehe and i’m super excited to be using it too. The launch of the new Tab 7.7 was out a while back – on the 17th of February to be exact. The event was hosted by the ever so(…)

Happy 11.11.11

Happy 11.11.11 i want to tell all those who are close to me. That I love them ever so dearly. Especially to my family : Daddy, Mommy, my sister Ness and my Bro Lincoln. Love ya’ll so much. You are the best family a girl could ever have. You have been there for me all(…)