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Watsons is truly pushing the boundaries as a Health, Wellness and Beauty Store. I recently went for the launch of the Watsons VIP Card with Touch N Go card which is a very cool concept.

Together with Watsons men, models and my spinning DJ Beauty Queen girl Nadine


Lemme explain.. Most of the time we run over to the Watsons outlet, to buy little necessities such as shampoo, body wash and occasionally makeup. Well now instead of having to bring out cash with you, just tap their new card and your done paying for your items.

Thats what the card the VIP card looks like.. but not that big of course :)

Watsons collaborated with our local money card, Touch N Go, which we use mostly for transport, parking and toll purposes. But now you can even use this new Watsons Touch N Go card to pay for items at Watsons. Meaning there is no need to bring out small change or even carry money when you buy an item at an outlet.


Say Cheeseee

Might I mention that their launch was themed “Mission Impossible” was entertaining to watch. Well done to the marketing team and the events company on that. So here’s what the card looks like. For those who have a Watsons card, it can be upgraded with just a small amount of RM6. Over the past few years, i’ve been really impressed by their innovative marketing strategies.

Hosting the Watsons Music Festival last year. Interviewing Far East Movement and Mizz Nina

Last year I had the opportunity to be part of their big music campaign: The Watsons Music Festival as I was called in to be their TV Host for the event. Watsons had brought down major acts such as B.O.B and Far East Movement to entertain their loyal Watsons members. The turn out was astounding and everyone had major fun!

Looking forward to what else Watsons has in store for their fans and customers :) Meantime here are more fun shots with friends at the party!

Fun times with Thanuja, Amber Chia, Nadine Ann and Xandria Ooi

 Once again if you have a Watsons card, you can upgrade it.

Get your Watsons VIP Card now with Touch ‘n Go features with only RM18 (for new members). For existing members, you can convert your Watsons VIP Card to the new one with only RM6.00. Sign up and enjoy rewards worth over RM5,000!

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Facebook: Watsons Malaysia

Website: www.watsons.com.my

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