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Bid and Win on 24

Gadgets are expensive i tell you. Everything is within the thousands and it really doesn’t help when you’re a geek and gadget hungry fan like myself. But recently Mei Sze told me of a new site where i can bid for gadgets and all sort of other stuff and just pay a fraction of the price. The site is called, a sister site of Singapore’s largest entertainment shopping site, is an exciting, innovative and reliable website catered especially for the Malaysian community! As the premier lifestyle site, you will find the hottest tech gadgets, hotel stays, travel deals and female must-haves to complement your daily living.



It’s a legitimate bidding website from Singapore where you can basically “win” the latest products at the cheapest price. Now the thing is, you really need to spend a bit of time on the site in order to win something. That is the honest truth. Of late i’m real busy so i don’t have the luxury to sit and fight to win something. But Mei Sze and Tim from MHB have assured me that it is easy, safe and fun! And one can easily win.. you just have to be patient.

Well i will take their word for it because the two of them have already won stuff from! Mei Sze won an edifier.. an edifier!!!! for just RM1.20 oo you lucky girl.. while Tim won a Coach wristley for 0.68 cents

This is what Mei Sze won and she just told me yesterday that her edifier arrived within a week. oHMYGOSH so fast!!! That’s awesome.

Like i said i don’t have the luxury during the day to try it out but maybe i will tonight and i’ll try to win something! ^_^So here i come.. tonight i shall bid and win stuff!

OH and this is how it works.

  1. First you register and login
  2. Go and get some tokens so that you can start bidding. You are entitled to a certain amount of bids, so it’s fair and everyone gets a chance
  3. once you’ve bought your tokens, start bidding! Then just wait for the magic to happen lol

This is what i want!! Do you think you can outbid me? hehe

Check out the site at !!

Penang Island Jazz Festival 2011 39

The most highly anticipated Jazz Festival is back..

The Penang Island Jazz Festival 2011. 

As always a fantastic list of performers are lined up for you! Scroll on down to see what you could be listening to. But more importantly let me tell you how you can win a pair of tickets!

Tune in to me on RedFM – 104.9 in the Klang Valley at 12pm all of this week 28 Nov – 2 Dec. Play the Quick Workout with me by answering as many questions as possible correctly in 30 seconds and then i will reward you ^_^

Here are possible questions i could ask – in no particular order.. so get prepared!

  1. Where is the Jazz Fest going to be held? –  Penang
  2. Fred Cheah & The JazzHats will be performing at the Festival – true or false? – True
  3. Nina Van Horn is performing on Sunday at the Festival – True or false? – True
  4. This is the 8th edition of the Penang Islang Jazz Festival  – True or false? – True
  5.  The Penang Island Jazz Festival was conceptualized in 1996 – True or false? – True
  6. The Festival is happening on the 1st till the 4th of December – True or false? – True
  7.  The Festival is organised by The Capricorn Connection – True or false? – True
  8. how many tickets will you win from me? – Two
  9. RedFM is the official radio station – True or false? – True
  10. What is RedFM’s frequency in the Kland Valley? – 104.9

So what are you waiting for? Tune in now and gimme a call when i GIVE THE CUE TO CALL to 0377281049 ^_^

This year’s 8th Edition of The Penang Island Jazz Festival will be held from the 1st to 4th December 2011 with an exciting programme of musical activities!


3rd & 4th December 2011 at the Gardens, Bayview Beach Resort

Saturday, 3rd December 2011

6.30pm – 7.10pm : Fred Cheah & The JazzHats
7.20pm – 8.00pm : Espen Eriksen Trio
8.10pm – 8.50pm : Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik Trio
9.00pm – 9.40pm : Jiyoung Lee Quartet
9.50pm – 10.30pm : Yuri Honing Wired Paradise
10.40pm – 11.30pm : SHAKATAK

Sunday, 4th December 2011
6.30pm – 7.10pm : Amir Yussof Acoustic Project
7.20pm – 8.00pm : Eva Bjerga Haugen with EET
8.10pm – 8.50pm : Ulf & Eric Wakenius – Father and Son
9.00pm – 9.40pm : Rusconi
9.50pm – 10.30pm : Rio Sidik Quartet
10.40pm – 11.30pm : Nina Van Horn
(N.B. Programme is subject to change)

View the full programme details HERE


Date: 2nd, 3rd & 4th December 2011
Time : 3.00 pm to 5 pm
Venues: Bayview Beach Resort, Hard Rock Hotel Penang, ParkRoyal Penang Resort, Lone Pine Hotel and G Hotel.

To view the full Programme of the Fringe Stages, click HERE

A host of SUPPORTING ACTIVITIES will also be held in conjunction with the Festival from 1st – 4th December 2011.


Get yourself waxed at Waxxx Boutique 104

This year…i’ve had many “firsts”. And one of the firsts happens to be visiting a wax boutique, which i don’t usually do. Not too long ago, i visited a new and trendy waxing boutique located at Aman Suria, named after the very thing it specialises in – WAXXX!! – with a name like its hard for you to miss , let alone forget it.


Waxx specialises in hair removal services – ranging from temporary hair removal to permanent hair reduction. Yes you heard me right, permanent !! But bare in mind the truth is… there is no such thing as a 100% permanent hair removal. The most one can do is reduce the growth of the hair follicle. Waxxx services caters to females AND males. They will remove anything from as much as the well unwanted leg hair to the tiny areas of the upper lip. The price is reasonable too – starting from as low as RM9. Great!

Before i go into what they use to treat your ahems.. Let me show you their reception, which is simple modern and chic!


They feed you too! lol cookie anyone or a coke for you


Greeting you with a smile! Great first impression, this is Alycia who will arrange all the schedules for each customer and very efficient too! ^_^

All products used in the boutique are of highest quality; sourced only from countries that pro- duce the best waxes par- ticularly from Australia and The United States of America. Waxes used there are all specially formulated to create a less painful experience.

The list goes on and on, WAXXX is the first and only salon to launch a natural enzyme-based per- manent hair reduction treatment called the Depilar SystemTM hailing from USA. The Depilar SystemTM uses the latest in ad- vanced scientific research to offer an effective and afford- able method for the reduction of unwanted body hair for all sexes, races, hair colors, and hair types.

The Depilar System is used directly after a round of traditional waxing, to target and break down hair follicles.The treatment is highly rec- ommended every 4 weeks for desired results. As the product contains a combination of natural proteins; Trypsin and Chymotrypsin, a mini- mum of 12 – 24 treatments is needed to achieve permanent hair reduction but of course results varies for every individual. This enhanced enzyme-based formula provides effective success rates exceeding other products of its kind on the market, including previous genera- tions of enzyme-based hair removal and costly laser/I.P.L. treatments. Best of all, no usage of any machines required!


Therefore, no burns or pain experienced. WAXXX is also the dealer of the product in Malaysia and can be contacted at The product is for professional usage only and not sold as a consumer or retail product.

Do not be surprised that you are guaranteed safe hands as WAXXX practices strict hygiene measures. Hygiene plays such an important role that all tools used are sterilized with a hospital grade disinfectant. Waxxx is hygenic with a CAPITAL H!! i can concur to that!

I give the place A++ for being superbly clean!

All the spatulas used on every customer are NEVER double dipped (every spatula is thrown away after usage). To replace scissors for hair trimming, trimmers and complementary attach- ment combs are provided should a customer need any trimming during a private area waxing. Each and every therapist has to endure a 4 to 8 weeks of extensive training before laying hands on their first customer


Here I am striking a pose with the founder and also wax therapist of Waxxx, Kelly! She’s very nice, professional and well trained. Trust me when i say you are in good hands… literally lol!


The interior is sleek, modern, chic and cozy! With the soothing ambience, even the nervous first timer to the concept of waxing would feel at ease.
There were six rooms altogether, each with a door and a black curtain to shy you away from the world, while you feel the aches and pulls of the waxing experience. Don’t worry, you are well hidden from prying eyes… I can’t fully vouch for the place being sound proof though..:p We’re females we can take on any pain lol.
The rooms look like mini surgery rooms that have been prettified up… hehe. Dimly lit rooms, great to calm your mind, as bright lights would hike up your nervous system and cause more anxiety..So plus points again for making customers feel even more at ease! The bed was comfy too. At the top of the bed, there’s a counter with all the necessary waxing utilities.
Ok i admit… i was a bit worried about going for a treatment… it will hurt!

Check out all the items on the counter. There are two types of wax at Waxxx. The cold one and the hot one

If you are a waxing junkie, be sure to check out this hip and trendy place and you will be dazzled with a youthful experience. It will definitely make you feel miles younger!


Here are the girls and me.. they really made me feel at home, at ease and superbly comfortable at the boutique. Do visit them!! And trust me when i say the service is excellent and a lot cheaper!

Details of the boutique
J-G-17 JLN PJU 1/43, Aman Suria,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
For further info and appointments: (03) 7880 5588

Website is available at !

We are on Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare too!

FB: WAXxx Twitter: WAXxxPJ Foursquare: Waxxx

Win Happy Feet 2 Movie Passes! 40


They are soooo adorable and cute and chubby and … gahhhh too cute. I’m having a cute overdose seizure lol.

Anyway let me get my head together! RedFM is giving away tickets to see this epically cute movie!



How can you say no to this face!! OMGOSH!!

Check out the trailer here!

Wanna win 4 passes? Then play the RedFM Quick Workout but be sure to knowhow to answer my questions. ^_^ These are my possible questions heheh

1. The movie is about penguins? true or false?
2. There are two happy feet movies? true or false?
3. The name of the main penguin is Erik? true or false?
4. The penguins can sing and dance ? true or false?
5. Elijah Wood plays the voice of Mumble, Erik’s father? true or false?
6. The song “Sexyback” was sung by the penguins? true or false?
7. Mighty Sven is a penguin who can fly? true or false?

Crumbs at Pavilion 0

Being a very health conscious person, I’m very picky with my food. Even more so when it comes to desserts, because I do admit to having a sweet tooth. So when I was told I would be trying out Crumbs a new frozen yoghurt kiosk in Pavilion, I didn’t hesitate in saying… yay!!!

I love frozen yoghurt or also famously known as froyo. It is not the most sinful thing in the world, and it’s also great for your tummy especially when you have a bit of ahem issues. Crumbs originated from Hong Kong. A real popular dessert there and it’s also known for it’s cute square scones which come in 3 flavours. The Crumbs in Pavilion is the one and only outlet in Malaysia. Brought down by two people Ronnie and Jamie. Would you believe that they are both solicitors!


Crumbs has 24 toppings for you to choose from. I personally love the Raspberry, Granola and the Strawberries! ooooo nice!
Eeeee so cute la the mini meringue!
strategizing how to make a good looking Froyo that also tastes good but healthy too… yes i’m competitive and a health nut lol.
Getting ready to make my own Froyo!! a yummy yummy one wheee hehehehe love Froyo!
Here’s finished product, the Red Froyo!!! hehe well done Isaac!
Time for the judges to deliberate.. eeekkkk scared..
A shot as the winners of the yoghurt presentation, Can’t believe the Red Froyo won!! fwuuuaahhhh

There was special arrangement made together with, where bloggers and i had a bonding session by making our very own yoghurt. Well decorating it at least! We had so much fun..



The minimum purchase of 3 pieces and you may combine any of this three in it. Taste: 4/5 Price: 2.90 each

Have you ever tried? Chocolate and Cheese scones? i haven’t… but when i did it was super yummy!

here’s everyone! All the bloggers, together with the pink girls from and the peeps at Crumbs!


P1.11.04, Level 1, Pavilion KL (near the Pavillion Food Republic)

Tel: 603-21416020 Tel: 012-2051970 (CEO: Jaymie)

Win a RM150 voucher from me on RedFM Top of the Shops at the 1PM hour.

All thanks to – Malaysia’s Favourite discount website

Join me on REDFM Top of the Shops by tuning in to RedFM 104.9 in Kuala Lumpur at the 1pm hour. Save this number into your phone 33988 and when i give you the cue to sms  text in my instructions. ^_^ All the best and i’ll be waiting for your sms. hehehe

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Win Breaking Dawn Movie Passes! 0

Are you ready for the wedding of the century?

The vampire Edward Cullen is finally going to tie the knot with the vampish looking Bella Swan in the movie “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1″ .

I’m giving away passes on my show on RedFm from Eleven to Three. Not just 1 or 2 or 3 but 4 TICKETS! But to win it you need to play the Quick Workout with me, by answering as many questions as possible in 30 seconds.. What are the questions i’m gonna ask you..

Hehehe i’m nice so here are the possible ones i could ask but in no particular order!

  1. How many books are there for the twilight saga : 4
  2. Name me one of the movies: – eclipse, breaking dawn, new moon,
  3. Name me one of the main characters: edward cullen, bella swan, jacob black,
  4. Gimme One actor: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner
  5. Is Jacob Black a werewolf or a vampire: – Werewolf .. duh haha
  6. Do the vampires glitter in the sunlight? : – Yes
  7. Bella Swan is not a vampire – true or false: – true
  8. Edward and Bella got married in Breaking Dawn –  true or false: – True
  9. Bella kissed Jacob – true or false: – true
Win it from me at 12:40pm by playing the RedFM Quick Workout and calling me at 0377281049!