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Superbike Ride Up To Genting 0

Sometimes it’s nice to have a day off and just chill. Have a bit of an adventure, go away somewhere for a bit and enjoy the stillness of the day. Have the wind blowing in your face, on a high speed vehicle, getting my hair knotted up… Which is what i did last weekend! Took a ride up to Genting Highlands in the morning.. on check it.. a SUPERBIKE!!! And not just any superbike.. scroll on down to see what my ride was.. hehee..

Now i never got why people just go up all the way to Genting just to chill out at of all places..Coffee Bean and Starbucks. Huh?? You go all the way up just to have coffee at a place you can drink back down in the city. It boggled my mind. However after sitting on a Superbike for an hour, I kinda get it now. It’s the journey up with good company.  ^_~

From my understanding though, the main point for people to ride up to Genting in big biker groups or car clubs or whatever you want to call..Is just so they can park their car right smack in front of Coffee Bean, show off their ride, pose with a coffee mug and make it seem like they are “all that”. Which i don’t blame them hahaha… cause the rides that went up that day were truly awesome.

Check it out!

You’ve got your Lotus, Ferrari, Porsches


This is a nice car but the colour.. tak jadi la lol. In my honest opinion. I’d prefer red, hehehe. Oooo big surprise! :P


ooh yeah.. bad ass much? :P


These were the bikes that rode up that windy Sunday morning. BMW GS, Suzuki, Fiat, and oooo the one i really like is the R6. but wait wait.. my ride will be shown shortly.


Not part of the group i rode up with but still a nice bike. The Ducati Monster


Up close this Suzuki is smoking hot!


ooOOKKKK so my ride is in bright yellow.. can you guess which one it is.


Yeap i think you can guess which one it is. It’s that little baby monster right there.


So what is this lil fella’s name? The Can-Am Spyder! “Three Wheels. Endless possibilities” is just one of the tagline from their site. Check it out here.

Check out the seats. This is the top view of the Spyder.

The owner of the bike, modified the Spyder a bit and put in two exhausts to give an even louder… Vroom.. since i don’t know how to express it further.

I have to make a few mental notes on the next excursion.

  1. Always always always have your hair tied up and tucked inside the helmet. Cause ladies, when you leave your hair outside the helment – and while it’s great to have your hair blowing in the wind. Bad idea to leave it in the wind, because i had to untangle tons of knots in my hair! So annoying!!!! So yes, please make sure you keep your pretty hair all tucked and hidden away from the wind.
  2. To find a comfortable position as a bike passenger is real hard. The best is to just lay your head on the rider and chill. Or nap! Seriously just nap.

That was my first ride on a bike and i really enjoyed it. I was a bit worried at first cause i thought i was going to fall off, however i’m happy to say my rider was very comforting and took care of me well. Making sure that i was comfortable and safe. I can’t wait for the next ride.. there’s just one problem.. Now i WANT a Can-Am Spyder!!

But i want this one!

Tell me how sexy is this Can-Am Spyder 2011 RS. Ahhh one day.. i will own just like the Ferrari hahaha.. Actually come to think of it, getting this superbike is more possible. haha. Would you want to own a superbike? ^_^

Ferrari Four Launch 0

Last week, Mynn and I were invited to an event for one of the sexiest car brands around. Ferrari. Say it with me.. it’s a Ferrari! Mppppph, just saying it gives me goosebumps.

It was the launch for the new Ferrari Four! August 16th marks the days the FF makes it’s Malaysian Debut and it is an amazing car. Then again what Ferrari isn’t. :P

Take a good look at this beast.

As Ferrari’s first four-seater, four -wheel drive car, the FF is uniquely powerful and versatile, and has aroused great interests since its international launch. This year is the first time that the Asia Pacific region is included in its history, and Malaysia will be the fourth round after Zhuhai in June, and Shanghai in July and August. The racers will contest a five-race series with the new 458 Challenge car to win the final championship.

“This new Ferrari takes the Prancing Horse into new territory, matching the legendary performance, style and driving excitement expected of a Ferrari with new levels of ability thanks to its unique four wheel drive system and its spacious and flexible interior which makes it the most useable and versatile supercar built by Ferrari,” says Simon Inglefield, Head of Ferrari Asia Pacific Other Countries, “And we are very delighted to announce that we will now be hosting the first ever Challenge Series in Malaysia soon, The culture and passion for racing has always been an integral part of Ferrari’s one-make championship, which has been shared with many of our customers here in Asia Pacific. ”

The Ferrari FF is a four-seater that utterly changes the whole GT sports car concept, hailing nothing short of a revolution in the auto world. Even the most cursory glance at the FF’s sleek, Pininfarina-penned super model profile will tell you that.


Would you look at this red baby on the snow terrain.. mmppppphh

Drive it – anywhere, any time, in any weather or road conditions – and you’ll know why it’s so radical. It may be a car that has elegance, beauty and art in its soul, but there’s much, much more to the FF than sophisticated allure. It was, in fact, designed specifically to tackle the toughest, most complex and ambitious of driving challenges. The kind of challenges that the most uncompromising and discerning drivers will want to set it. Drivers that demand their cars give of their all. Effortlessly. Regardless of weather or surface.


The FF will more than match anything that’s asked of it because it is quite simply the most versatile car ever produced by the pens, computers, monkey wrenches and milling machines of the Prancing Horse technicians, engineers, designers and mechanics.


The FF: a name, as we said, inspired by the car’s four generous, body-hugging seats and, more significantly, the new Prancing Horse-patented four-wheel drive system. Purists will be overjoyed to know that it is still the rear wheels that actually provide the power, with torque being transferred only to the front axle when required and even then intelligently and predicatively distributed to all four wheels. Yet another reason why this is the most versatile Ferrari ever built.


But take note: the FF is also the most exclusive GT on the market,

the very pinnacle of achievement in the “extreme GT” segment, the most powerful four-seater in the world. It has it all: exceptional, class-topping performance that pushes its signature Ferrari thoroughbred DNA and driving pleasure to the utmost, regardless of weather or terrain. Even on snow, ice and dirt.

The FF also sets a new benchmark in terms of sheer innovation: it is the first four-wheel drive V12 with a rear-mounted electronic differential, the E-Diff.

The Ferrari-patented four-wheel drive system is unique of its kind and also integrated with the new generation F1-Trac traction control developed specifically for the track. The FF is also the first and only V12 in the world to sport the seven-speed dual-clutch F1 gearbox with 20% more power output and 25% lower fuel consumption. It offers four occupants superb in-car comfort with wraparound seats and absolutely unprecedented cabin and luggage space for a car in its category.


The FF’s architecture too ticks all the boxes with authentic sports car driving dynamics, braking and suspensions. It also boasts the best weight-power ratio ever achieved, thanks in part to the fact that its patented four-wheel drive system is just 50% the weight of a traditional version. Style-wise, the FF is sculptural yet streamlined: it has an innovative shooting brake shape, modern styling cues, and third millennium aerodynamic and conceptual solutions to underscore its sporty stance. It is also unique on several levels: for instance, the paints used for its livery were specifically designed for it and the leathers that adorn its interiors have been given an innovative treatment to enhance their natural beauty.


The FF is tailored to perfection to suit the exclusive style of its owner. It’s as much a car for day-to-day driving as it is for extraordinarily unique occasions. Everything aboard the FF is tailored specifically to the needs and tastes of its driver with a choice of six exclusive colours and the finest Frau aniline leathers specially treated to enhance their natural softness. The FF’s exceptional specification enhances in-car enjoyment for all four occupants. Features include a new rear-seat infotainment system with two screens for watching TV and DVD and a 1,280 Watt, 16-channel stereo system with Dolby Surround Sound.


FF, 458 Italia, Ferrari California and 599 GTB Fiorano today represent the complete and comprehensive range ever, offering a different kind of Ferrari for every different kind of Ferrarista.

The Ferrari Four comes in these colours.


Check out how they laid out the leather seats at the showroom. now take your pick! ^_^


Some light refreshments were served to us. Since i was still on my low low low carb diet, i could only take picture of the yummy little cute treats… sigh… siennn


Together with Helenness and Mynn, please don’t asked why my head was tilted back so much.


With darling Allie whom i haven’t seen in ages.



just look at that beauty. i’m not a full fledge car person, but when it’s comes to fast cars… ooooooo it can seriously get the blood pumping and even more because it’s RED RED RED!



Type                               65° V12
Total displacement         6262 cc
Bore/stroke                     94 mm x 75.2 mm

Maximum power                            660 CV at 8000 rpm
Maximum torque            683 Nm at 6000 rpm
Specific power                               77 kW/litre – 105 CV/litre
Maximum revs                               8000 rpm
Compression ratio                          12.3:1

Dimensions and weight
Length 4907 mm
Width 1953 mm
Height 1379 mm
Wheelbase 2990 mm
Front track 1676 mm
Rear track 1660 mm
Dry weight* 1790 kg
Kerb weight* 1880 kg
Weight distribution 47% fr, 53% r
Boot volume 450 litres
Fuel tank capacity 91 litres

Wheels and tyres
Front 245/35 ZR 20 8.5 J x 20″
Rear 295/35 ZR 20 10.5 J x 20″
Rear (winter tyres) 285/35 ZR20 10.5 J x 20″

Front 398 mm x 38 mm
Wheel 360 mm x 32 mm
Transmission and gearbox
4RM (four-wheel drive) and 7-speed dual-clutch transmission

Electronic controls
4RM control (full integration of all controls: F1-Trac, E-Diff and PTU); ABS/EBD; ESC


Top speed 335 km/h
0-100 km/h 3.7 sec
0-200 km/h 11 sec
100-0 km/h 35 m
Weight/power ratio 2.7 kg/CV
Consumption and emissions (ECE + EUDC combined cycle)
Consumption** 15.4 l/100 km
CO2 emissions** 360 gr/km
*European market version **With HELE system


Taking a closer look at the awesome engine. Doesn’t it make you want one. It’s estimated to be being sold for RM2.8 million. Whoa.. basically one doesn’t need to eat, or sleep ever again just to pay up for this car haha. i don’t think i would even be able to eat sand.. it’ll have to be air cause that’s the only free thing :P one day.. ONE DAY!!!!



Gossip Bites #11 1,552

Gossip #1

Will and Jada are Separated!!???

Famous family: Will and Jada have two children together Jaden, 13 and Willow, ten

Rumours were  going round saying that the power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett had split earlier on yesterday.On Tuesday, In Touch Weekly reported that a source told the magazine that Will and Jada had decided to separate after 13 years of marriage. A rumor surfaced that Jada was cheating with Marc, her Hawthorne co-star and character’s love interest.

Today on Twitter, Will Smith‘s oldest son Trey Smith hit the web to put it on the virtual books that his father and Jada Pinkett-Smith are not divorcing, despite rumors that surfaced earlier today. Not only did he claim that the rumors are “not true at all,” but the ‘Just the Two of Us’ co-singer tweeted the link to Will and Jada’s official statement, and even echoed baby bro Jaden‘s hashtag sentiments: #ItsAllLies.

Today Trey Smith (@TheOfficialTrey): Will and Jada getting a DIVORCE ..NOT TRUE AT ALL !! RETWEET. Read This >> @ETonlineAlert Will & Jada Deny Split Reports: ‘Our Marriage is Intact

Read the on the split up gossip here. and also here


Gossip #2

Amy Winehouse: No Illegal Drugs found during Toxicology

Amy Winehouse

It’s been 1 month since the passing of Amy Winehouse, where she was found dead in her bed in her London home. The Rehab singer’s toxicology reports that there no drugs in her system. Due to the singer’s public battles with drugs and alcohol, it was almost a foregone conclusion that she had overdosed.  While no drugs were found, there was alcohol present in her system but it has yet to be determined if it factored into her death.

A statement released by spokesman Chris Goodman on the Winehouse family’s behalf read as follows: “Toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy’s system at the time of her death.” A full investigation into the cause of death is set to begin in October.

There were many rumors and reports about what caused or could have caused the singer’s tragic death. Some reports stated she partied hard and bought illicit substances then night before, while others indicated she may have died ofalcohol withdrawal, since she was said to be in the process of beating her alcohol addiction, but that the battle was fraught with relapses.

Mitch Winehouse told mourners at the singer’s July 26 funeral that she had said to him, “Dad I’ve had enough of drinking, I can’t stand the look on your and the family’s faces anymore.”

Mr. Winehouse is currently working on establishing the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which will assist others who struggle with addiction as Amy did. Those plans are on hold while he deals with wrestling the already registered name away from its owner.


Gossip #3

Lady Gaga to Guest on The Simpsons

The Simpsons Lady Gaga


Move over Marge, Patty, Selma, Lisa and Maggie, because Lady Gaga is headed to Springfield to guest on an episode of the 23rd season of ‘The Simpsons.’ Yeardley Smith, who voices brainy character Lisa Simpson, that Gaga will appear as herself on the animated series.

Smith said she returned to Los Angeles yesterday, Aug. 22, to record the episode with Gaga. The episode is titled “Lisa Goes Gaga.”

“This is extraordinary! I’m stunned that she has time in her schedule that she’s coming to our studio to record,” Smith said.

Gaga has carved time  in her schedule for practically every media outlet known to man, and appearing on ‘The Simpsons’ felt like the one thing she has yet to do, but should. The only thing that Gaga hasn’t done during the ‘Born This Way’ press blitz is ‘Sesame Street’ so perhaps that’s next on her docket? Mother Monster vs. Cookie Monster? Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Remember Katy Perry did it — despite never being aired.

Smith said that Gaga will play herself and that the show’s writers describe her as “the happiest, most optimistic person in the world. She comes to Springfield to try to cheer up Lisa, but she can’t.” If Lady Gaga can’t bring a smile to the face of little Lisa Simpson, who is the show’s voice of reason, no one can! More importantly, what will the animated Gaga wear in her ‘Simpsons’ turn? And how will she interact with Homer, if at all? Could you imagine that exchange?

“I make music, but I don’t do voice-overs every day of the week, and their characters are so awesomely convincing and sincere and wild and funny, I had to remind myself constantly of the sincerity of the humor,” Gaga told EW about her guest spot.  “That’s what I was trying to focus on, not putting on a character too much and really being as sincere as I could with the lines.”

She also dubbed her guest spot  “one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.” She also said that Papa Germanotta is “probably going to do 80 backflips when the episode comes out.” We take it he’s a big fan of ‘The Simpsons.’

Technically, the character of Gaga has appeared on the series before, as Elton John’s date to the Golden Globes (pictured above). But Gaga did not voice herself in that episode, so this is her first “official” appearance.

No word as to when this episode of ‘The Simpsons’ will air.


Gossip #4

Lady Gaga to Guest on The Simpsons

Kelly Clarkson

Mike Moore, Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson tells Entertainment Weekly she felt like she was “robbed” when some of her unreleased recordings surfaced online in May and then again in July.

“Oh my God, have you ever been robbed? I have. I’ve been physically robbed a couple of times, but this is much worse,” she says of returning from a vacation in Tahiti and finding several unreleased tracks online. Though Clarksonwrote on her blog, “No point in getting angry because there’s nothing I can do so I hope y’all like the music,” it turns out she really was upset, as she tells EW now:

“Those songs came out and people are like, ‘Oh my God, what direction is Kelly going?’ I think what made me mad was that: 1) People stole from me, and 2): Everybody had no idea what my next album was going to sound like. That really caused a lot of confusion.”

Clarkson says all of the leaked songs were unfinished demos, many of which were songs she wrote for other artists and had no intention of recording herself: “There are songs out there that are from eight or 10 years ago … People are always asking me to write for other artists. They’re awesome songs, [but] they’re just not songs I would normally sing.”

The Season 1 ‘American Idol‘ winner is finally ready to release her fifth album, ‘Stronger,’ which hits stores Oct. 25. Clarkson acknowledges that a couple of the leaked demos will appear on the record in their finished, polished form.


Gossip #5

Stars Tweet about the Earthquake

Scotty McCreery Adam Levine

Kevin Winter / Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

At around 2PM EST, an earthquake hit Virginia and the shock was felt in many of the surrounding East Coast areas, including New York. Although the shaking was quite miniscule in Manhattan and the regions outside the metropolitan, it was definitely enough to shake lots of city dwellers in NYC since earthquakes are not a common occurrence around those parts. Virginia and it’s closest surrounding areas experienced the most damage, as the magnitude was measured at 5.8 on the Richter scale. People immediately began posting their reactions on Twitter, including some stars like Adam Levine, who was visiting the D.C. area, and Scotty McCreery, who was in Long Island, N.Y. See what they and other pop stars had to say about the earthquake.

Adam Levine (@adamlevine): Happy to have been here for the most freakish earthquake Washington DC has ever seen … Ok. Even GOD is pissed off at Washington now … Looks like we brought our California earthquake mojo to DC. Oops.
Scotty McCreery (@ScottyMcCreery): just experienced my first earthquake in new york. I’ve lived in Cali for the last 4-5 months.. I woulda thought it would’ve happened there.
Chris Brown (@chrisbrown): Please pray for Virginia! Just had an earth quake!
Timbaland (@Timbaland): a earthquake just hit in va. i didnt know wat that was rt @DaRealsebastian We just had a earthquake in VA
matt nathanson (@mattnathanson): earthquake in DC? you bet. #notametaphorforourrockbutarealearthquake
Kat DeLuna (@KatDeLuna): Did everyone in nyc feel that little earthquake?! … This earthquake scared me, take care of yourselves !!!
Camryn (@camrynrocks): woah. just heard there was an earthquake on the east coast! are all you guys ok? #BigHugs
Estelle (@EstelleDarlings): Eastcoast we good out there? Earthquake tho?!
the ready set (@thereadyset): There wasn’t an earthquake in Indiana as far as I know, but if there was, I take full responsibility for it … Maybe there was an earthquake. Well hopefully everyone is ok. I’ve never felt one :/
Diggy Simmons (@diggy_simmons): Just experienced my first earthquake……. loll didn’t last too long though
Toni Braxton (@tonibraxton): Praying for everybody in the DMV area!
Jay Sean (@jaysean): There were quake tremors in NY! hope everyones ok!I’m gettin a haircut as we spk. Hope there’s no aftershocks. this fade is gon be messed up
Alexander William (@AlexAllTimeLow): Earthquake in MD? What the s—? Definitely alien
kevin jonas (@kevinjonas): Not home dani felt the earthquake I hope everyone is safe. Just so happy to know my jersey family is all good. Crazy … “@daniellejonas: My first earthquake and kev’s not here …. Come home now” so sorry baby be home tonight holy crap
Rihanna (@rihanna): Just heard abt the earthquake in Virginia, New York, Washington and N.Carolina! Hope everybody’s okay! #1LOVE


Gossip #6

Selena Gomez wants to swap Singing/Acting Career for Fashion Line!

We can’t imagine Hollywood without Selena Gomez. The multi-talented 19-year-old is on the A-list of Tinsel Town’s hottest young stars and is going out with mega-famous 17-year-old Justin Bieber. So imagine our shock when we heard whispers that she was going to leave a red hot career behind her tofocus all her energy on fashion!

We all know Selena’s talents go beyond the stage and screen. Not too long ago, she paired up with Kmart to develop her own fashion line, Dream Out Loud, that offered cute and affordable clothes for young girls. The success of the line has made Selena start thinking about expanding her fashionhorizons, but dispelled rumors that she’s leaving the limelight anytime soon!

“I think right now, and the time that I am with my generation, I definitely feel that K-Mart is the best choice for me, because obviously, they can capture my line the way I want it and the prices can stay at a minimum,” she told “But, one day, I would love to maybe do a high-end fashion line. That would be really fun.”

Phew! We’re glad to hear she’s not leaving the spotlight anytime soon, but she definitely has her eye on other celebs and the kind of style she hopes to emulate in her clothing when the time is right!

“I really love Sarah Jessica Parker‘s style—like her casual style,” she said. “Her red carpet style is totally hers and individual. I don’t know if I could pull off half of the things she wears. But, her everyday style is really kind of preppy mixed in with boho and it’s really so pretty.”

We love that idea! Would you wear clothes designed by Selena? Let us know in the comments!

Fans worldwide wondered just who the pretty brunette was who was holding hands with Daniel Radcliffe in New York on Tuesday. The U.K.’s Daily Mail has identified her Rosanne Coker.

Coker, 22, first met Radcliffe, also 22, when she worked as a production assistant on “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” back in 2007. They went on to work together on the final two “Potter” films, plus “The Woman in Black,” out in 2012.

The British beauty, who began dating the star about a year ago, is the daughter of successful painter-decorator Malcolm Coker. Coker opened up to the Daily Mail about his daughter’s high-profile guy, saying, “They would really prefer to keep things quiet,” Coker said. “But Rosanne has worked on the last three ‘Harry Potter’ films, so she and Daniel have known each other quite a long time. But they have been going out for just over a year now. I have met Daniel, and he is a lovely guy. I’m just really happy for Rosanne, and as long as she is happy that is all that matters to me.”

The couple reportedly splits their time between her family’s home in Surrey and Radcliffe’s posh New York apartment.

“They have a lot of fun together, and at their age, what more could you ask? Who knows where it is going to lead?” Coker added.

Although Radcliffe didn’t reveal Coker’s identity at the time, he told Larry King in July, “I’ve got a girlfriend at the moment who I am very much in love with. So you know, we’ll see where that goes.”




Gossip Bites #10 763

Gossip #1

Hillary Duff Gets Fired from Film for being Preggy

Sacrifice: Pregnant Hilary Duff was due to star as Bonnie Parker in the remake of the 1967 classic

Hilary Duff has been fired from the upcoming movie The Story of Bonnie and Clyde due to “scheduling conflicts,” aka they won’t wait until she has the baby to start filming on the movie. Hilary was supposed to play Bonnie in the film, but soon after she broke the news that she was preggers, she was dropped from the film.

“Hilary won’t be available until next June,” says a source, otherwise, “if we could wait we would.”

Director Tonya S. Holly is reportedly already looking for a new Bonnie in time for shooting, which starts this autumn.It’s lucky for Holly that the decision hasn’t raised hackles. Actress Tylo Hunter famously won a $4.8 million judgment when pregnancy cost her a Melrose Place role in 1996.

Scheduling conflicts with Kevin Zegers who was due to play Clyde mean that both the lead roles will now have to be recast for the upcoming film.

There had been controversy over Duff’s casting from the beginning, with rumours in May months before her pregnancy that the actress had been dropped from the project. A public battle between 23-year-old Duff and original Bonnie actress Faye Dunaway erupted when the Oscar nominated actress said of Hilary’s casting: ‘Couldn’t they at least cast a real actress?’ Duff hit back at the Hollywood legend saying: ‘I think that my fans that are going to go see the movie don’t even know who she is’.

Hilary seems to be content about this latest news however, and has been public about her happiness to be starting a family with her husband, hockey player husband Mike Comrie.She has been spending time lately preparing for the birth with gentle exercise such as pilates, and indulging in cravings for favourite foods such as Pinkberry frozen yoghurt. Tweeting her gratitude for support from her fans, the actress wrote: ‘Thanks to everyone for the continued love and support throughout the years.’

Bummed for you Hillary, would’ve been interesting to see how you would’ve played miss Bonnie.


Gossip #2

Kate Winslet among 20 party guests Forced to flee Richard Branson’s island Home

Blaze: Guests watch helplessly as the home of Richard Branson burns on his private Necker Island

Richard Branson’s opulent home on the tycoon’s private Caribbean island, was on fire when it got struck by lightning.  About 20 people were staying in the eight-bedroom Great House on Necker, his private isle in the British Virgin Islands. Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet was among guests forced to flee the house.

Sir Richard’s daughter, Holly, who is due to marry shipbroker Freddie Andrews on the island later this year, and his 90-year-old mother, Eve, were also among guests forced to flee the Great House.

Inferno: Fire rages at the luxury property but thankfully all guests managed to flee to safety

In recent days, the Caribbean has been buffeted by tropical storms, with the one passing over Necker Island last night today picking up speed to become the first hurricane of the season.

This morning Hurricane Irene hit Puerto Rico, sending residents fleeing for shelter in refuges and knocking out electricity across half of the U.S.-administered island, including San Juan, the capital

From his devastated home on Necker Island, Sir Richard said: ‘We had a really bad tropical storm with winds up to 90mph. A big lightning storm came around 4am and hit the house.

‘My son Sam rushed to the house and helped get everyone out. Kate Winslet, her boyfriend and her family were there, and Holly and some of her friends were also staying.

‘My mother was there and they managed to get her out and she is fine.

‘The main house is completely destroyed and the fire is not yet completely out. My office was based in the house and I have lost thousands of photographs which is very sad.’

Read more here


Gossip #3

Glee fans.

Glee will be getting two new male cast members for its forthcoming third season after two winners were selected on the finale of reality competition The Glee project last night. Samuel Larsen, 19, and Damian McGinty, 18, both triumphed in the show after being put through their paces for nine weeks of singing and dancing tests.

‘Thank you all so much…UNBELIEVABLE feeling….i won The Glee Project!’ tweeted Damien, who hails from Northern Ireland.

Triumph: Samuel Larsen (left) and Damian McGinty (right) were both selected to appear in seven episodes of the third season of Glee after winning The Glee Project last night

Glee creator Ryan Murphy was only expected to select one winner but ended up choosing two, and also gave runners up Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell the opportunity to star in two episodes.

Murphy said that Massachusetts based Newell was ‘the best singer’ among the finalists, calling him the ‘lovechild of Kurt [Chris Colfer] and Mercedes [Amber Riley].’

But the eight contenders who were eliminated may yet see themselves on the show.

Triumph: Samuel Larsen (left) and Damian McGinty (right) were both selected to appear in seven episodes of the third season of Glee after winning The Glee Project last night

Ryan Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter last month: ‘Some of [the contestants] are so talented.

‘We’re in the middle of writing Glee Season 3 and I don’t want to have a lot of guest stars this year, but we’re writing a lot of kids’ stories and I’m thinking, “You know who would be good for those two lines is [eliminated contestant] McKynleigh, who got kicked off.”‘

‘It’s definitely being discussed but we haven’t done anything yet,’ he added. ‘We’re also writing the part for the winner and it’s quite a great role. They’re all talented and I think they all fit. They’re all part of the Glee family.’

Show of support: Cast members including Jenna Ushkowitz, Harry Shum Jr, Ashley Fink and Darren Kriss from the Glee cast turned out to cheer the finalists on for yesterday's final

Show of support: Cast members including Jenna Ushkowitz, Harry Shum Jr, Ashley Fink and Darren Criss from the Glee cast turned out to cheer the finalists on for yesterday’s final

Cheerleaders: Ashley Fink looks quite overcome as the final result is announced, as she watches next to fellow cast member Max Adler

Cheerleaders: Ashley Fink looks quite overcome as the final result is announced, as she watches next to fellow cast member Max Adler

Decision maker: Executive producer Ryan Murphy (right) selected two winners on last night's show

Decision maker: Executive producer Ryan Murphy (right) selected two winners on last night’s show

Contestants: Damian and Samuel beat off challenges from 12 Glee Project contenders

Contestants: Damian and Samuel beat off challenges from 12 Glee Project contenders

Last night, the contestants were supported by some of the Glee cast, including Jenna Ushkowitz, Ashley Fink, Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. Many cast members, including Kriss, Mark Salling, Levin McHale and Ashley Fink,  appeared as mentors throughout the competition.  But the winners may be a little nervous at their forthcoming first day on the Glee set. ‘It’ll be quite intimidating being there with a cast that’s been together for three and a half years,’ Damian told E! Online.

Samuel added: ‘I would imagine it to be like the first day of school. You’re going to be thrown in a garbage can like any freshman.’

However, it looks like they will be getting a warm welcome from some of the more established members of the cast. Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, tweeted today: ‘I’m so excited to have the Glee project winners on our show! We actually had some1 here the other day! It was so much fun!!’

New TV job: The new winners will be joining the cast for seven episodes of the hit show


Gossip #4

Denise Richards tells her side of what it’s like to live with Charlie Sheen.


What is like having Charlie Sheen in your life? What’s it like to know that you had children with a man who paraded around for weeks drinking “tigers blood”? How does it feel to know that you married a man whose name will forever be synomous with the phrase, “Winning!”? These are questions that only woman can answer because she live through it all -Denise Richards. (You could count Brooke Mueller, we suppose, but she’s got her own demons to deal with.)

Anyway, with a new book coming out, Denise was on Ryan Seacrest’smorning radio show todya to talk about life with Charlie, their kids and how she has survived the last year as her friend and co-parent. First of all, we use that term “friend” quite loosely. It doesn’t sound like they’ve got much in common anymore. In fact, Denise reveals that her time with Charlie while they were married were more than a little tumultuous and at one point, she even insists she hit her own “rock bottom.”

She explains, however, that the Charlie the world is seeing now is different than the man that she married and divorced. The shenanigans he’s pulled have been difficult for her, especially when it comes to their daughters. Denise explains:

“I honestly really wanted to protect the kids from it as much as I can, and there were a lot of things that truly weren’t my place to comment on.”

Perhaps the last six months aren’t something she’s ready to talk about yet, but she did tell Ryan her side of the story when it came to the infamous night at the Plaza. As she remembers it:

“I was actually in New York to do press and brought my girls a couple of days early, he was off and thought it would be fun to all of us to go. I thought it was sweet because at the time, I thought he was in a different place entertainment wise of what he does in his free time. I did not know who was going to be at the table. When I found out I thought, ‘I can be cool about this, I can hang,’ then things got a little crazy and colorful so I left the table. Then when things got really crazy it turned into a whole different thing … I think [the police officer on the scene] was a little dumbfounded about why I was at dinner with my ex-husband and four hookers. I was so nonchalant about it! [Charlie] had to be taken to the hospital and I went along. It was a very, very crazy memorable insane evening.”

Man! Four hookers, Charlie and Denise. That sounds like the set up for a terrible, terrible joke!

But when all is said and done, she doesn’t regret what she’s gone through with Charlie because she got her amazing children out of it. That’s a good way of looking at it. Now, the next step is to make sure that neither of those girls take after their daddy with his crazy ways. Nip that in the bud right quick!


Gossip #5

Daniel Radcliffe’s New Girlfriend Identified

Fans worldwide wondered just who the pretty brunette was who was holding hands with Daniel Radcliffe in New York on Tuesday. The U.K.’s Daily Mail has identified her Rosanne Coker.

Coker, 22, first met Radcliffe, also 22, when she worked as a production assistant on “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” back in 2007. They went on to work together on the final two “Potter” films, plus “The Woman in Black,” out in 2012.

The British beauty, who began dating the star about a year ago, is the daughter of successful painter-decorator Malcolm Coker. Coker opened up to the Daily Mail about his daughter’s high-profile guy, saying, “They would really prefer to keep things quiet,” Coker said. “But Rosanne has worked on the last three ‘Harry Potter’ films, so she and Daniel have known each other quite a long time. But they have been going out for just over a year now. I have met Daniel, and he is a lovely guy. I’m just really happy for Rosanne, and as long as she is happy that is all that matters to me.”

The couple reportedly splits their time between her family’s home in Surrey and Radcliffe’s posh New York apartment.

“They have a lot of fun together, and at their age, what more could you ask? Who knows where it is going to lead?” Coker added.

Although Radcliffe didn’t reveal Coker’s identity at the time, he told Larry King in July, “I’ve got a girlfriend at the moment who I am very much in love with. So you know, we’ll see where that goes.”


Gossip #6

Daniel Radcliffe’s New Girlfriend Identified

Leonardo DiCaprio Blake Lively Prius

Wow, whats the occasion?

If there were ever any doubts on whether Leonardo DiCaprio‘s relationship with Blake Lively will last, this should hush them.

He bought her a brand new, black Prius! Holy shiz!!! Dropping $40,000 on a girl definitely says commitment — even if you starred in Titanic.

It also says you’re environmentally aware. Apparently the actor was really put off about her driving around in gas guzzling Range Rover.

But clearly he wants this to work, so he solved the problem himself.

Question is, how comfortable will the stylish Upper East Sider feel in it?


Gossip #7

Ryan Gosling stopped A Street Fight

Ryan Gosling Breaks Up Street Fight in NYC?

Did Ryan Gosling prevent a street scuffle from escalating to an all out brawl?

A video posted on YouTube shows a man wearing a striped tank and a blue cap – who looks strikingly similar to the 30-year-old actor – intervening while a group of men argued in a NYC crosswalk.

“That’s the guy from the movies,” one observer can be heard saying, while another shrieks, “Are you serious? No, is it?!”

No word yet from his rep if this was indeed Ryan, who has been in New Yorkwhile he films his latest movie with Eva MendesThe Place Beyond the Pines.



Lunching at Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant at Grand BlueWave Hotel 1,037

Of late i seem to be heading to Shah Alam more often than i am accustomed to and i have come to realise that there is a whole new world of food there. When you are in the are next time, do take your time to try out the Chinese Restaurant Tung Yuen at Grand BlueWave Hotel.


i love the interior design of the place and can you tell my favourite ornaments are the chinese lantern looking lights :P


Simplicity in design and chinese traidtion


First up for starters we had the Hot and sour Szechuan soup with bean curd

photoAnd also this Braised crab meat shark’s fin soup with assorted seafood


Of course no Chinese cuisine is ever complete until you have ‘Yong Chow’ Fried Rice on the table. oohhh man, i haven’t touched rice in ages! But it as yummy according to Mynn.


Deep fried sliced venison with lemon slices and honey sauce


Pan fried tiger prawns with crispy milk


oh my favourite dish of the day. Stewed mustard plant in claypot.. and probably the only thing i could eat. but this was really yummy. I love how squishy and succulent the eggplant pieces were, everytime i bit into them. Yummmm.

Crispy roast chicken with prawn crackers

I couldn’t eat most of the items on the table cause of my strict diet, so we were presented with something i could eat. chicken!!!! Yay and it real tasty. Maybe a bit too small, but i did like how the orange gave it a different taste.


A round of desserts.. i couldn’t touch.. no touchie but they look real yummy. I could at least have the soupie ones.


So we have from (L-R) Red Bean OMochi Ball, Chilled snow skin lotus pancake and Crispy chinese pancake. Double boiled water chestnut with white fungus, Ice longan with honey and Chilled sea coconut with lemon


The lady trio from Malaysia hottest bloggers posing with the cute desserts.


Mynn, Me and Erica standing at the entrance of Tung Yuen. Thanks to Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers for arranging this little get together!

The meal we had was part of the ‘All You Can Eat’ promotion which goes for RM49.00++ (adults) and RM25.00++ (4 to 11 years old) while kids below 4 years eat free!

Cantonese, Szechuan & Dim Sum

Beverages :
Beer, Spirits, Liquor, Wine, Chinese Wine, Juices and Soft Drinks

Credit Cards :
Visa, Master, Diners, Amex

Location :  
Level 1

Daily Operation Hours  :
Lunch : 12.00pm – 2.30pm (Last order 2.00pm)
Dinner : 6.30pm – 10.30pm (Last order 10.00pm)

Capacity : 
130 people

For Reservations :
Tel: (603) 5511 8811   ext.2616



Gossip Bites #9 546

Gossip #1

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are Married!

Quite possibly the most anticipated event of the summer. We can finally say Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are married! In an evening ceremony in Montecito, Calif., on Saturday, Kim, 30, who glowed in her Vera Wang-designed wedding gown, said her “I do”s to Humphries, the 6-foot-9-inch New Jersey Nets forward, who she met last year through a mutual friend, Humphries’ teammate Jordan Farmar. Included among the pre-wedding milestones was the wedding cake, a 10-tier white cake with chocolate-chip icing and black-and-white decorations. Made by Hansen’s Cakes in L.A. for a reported $15,000 to $20,000, it was also designed to resemble Prince William and Duchess Kate’s wedding dessert.

“I’ve been to a ton of weddings; this is not even comparable to any other wedding,” Humphries’ groomsman Adam Sosnick tells Wonderwall. “Last year at this time, I doubt Kris saw himself getting married, but when it’s right, it’s right.”


Gossip #2

Paparazzi Queen 

Pitbull Lindsay Lohan

International player Pitbull has been slapped with a defamation lawsuit by paparazzi queen Lindsay Lohan over an unflattering lyric about her on his chart-topping hit single, ‘Give Me Everything.’

TMZ reports that Lohan is angry over Pitbull’s line in the song where he raps, “Hustlers move in silence, so I’m tiptoein’ to keep flowin’/ I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” The actress claims in her lawsuit that the Miami rapper’s lyric defames her good name and “causes her to be associated and identified in connection with defendents.”

Really, Ms. Lohan? This lawsuit sounds so frivolous to us. Ever since she’s been walking in and out of jail she’s been a running punchline for comedians, talk-show hosts and artists. And now she’s upset?!?!

Lindsay is seeking unspecified damages and an injunction to stop all broadcastings of the song. Songwriters Ne-Yoand Afrojack, who co-penned the club anthem, are also named in the documents. We should also mentioned that the lawsuit was registered by attorney Stephanie Ovadia who is the same legal eagle who filed a defamation suit against E-Trade, on Lohan’s behalf, and won an out-of-court settlement.

Can you say, ka-ching!

Lawyers for Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Afrojack had no comment on the matter.

What do you think? Does Lindsay Lohan have a case or is she just seeking a quick payday? Sound off in the comments below.


Gossip #3

Songwriter Linda Perry says Katy Perry says her music is Crap!!??

Kevin Winter / Andy Kropa, Getty Images

Them’s fightin’ words. Songwriter Linda Perry, who has penned massive hits for Christina AguileraPink and Gwen Stefani, may share the same last name with Katy Perry (albeit it being Katy’s stage name) but that’s where the similarities end. In an interview backstage at the Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles, Linda lets ‘er rip, attacking Perry’s music and labeling it “crap.” Ouch.

When asked how the industry has changed, Linda said, “It’s just different.” She goes on to say while she’s not a huge fan of Adele‘s best-selling ’21,’ she thinks it’s a solid record. “It’s selling, okay? That means people still buy records.” But the problem that undermines a “solid” record like ’21? is that “crap,” according to the opinionated Linda.

She asks, “Who wants a f—ing Katy Perry record. Two songs are good, but the rest of the album is going to be crap. It’s going to sound like s— so who cares about buying that record. People download the single and that’s it.”

Okay, while we appreciate Linda’s right to feel how she does, there are a few holes in her argument that we’d like to point out. First, she was in a band in the ’90s called 4 Non Blondes that had one hit, ‘What’s Up,’ and that was about it. Sure, Linda has gone on to write huge hits like Xtina’s ‘Beautiful’ and Stefani’s ‘What You Waiting For,’ but she is ignoring the fact that Katy has had five No. 1 singles from her latest album ‘Teenage Dream,’ which has pushed sales. That’s more than the one or two songs she references earlier. Perry has set a record, so there has to be something there, right?

Linda did pay Katy a bit of a complement, saying, “I’m not saying that Katy is bad. She is great for what
she does, but she is not reinventing the wheel or giving substance.” She compared Katy’s music to “microwave popcorn for you to feast on right at this moment. That’s what she wants to do obviously, not looking to change the world musically, all the power to her. I am not saying it’s bad, but it’s not what I participate in. But that is part of the reason why music business is in turmoil.”

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that Linda Perry won’t be asked to write any songs for the follow up to ‘Teenage Dream.’ Or maybe this is all part of her master plan to write something other than the equivalent of sonic microwave popcorn for Perry.


Gossip #4

Selena Gomez is set to Host the pre-Show of the VMAS 2011

Selena Gomez to Host Pre-VMA Show

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Selena Gomez will be all over the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards later this month. Not only will the ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ singer be presenting during the event, but she has also been confirmed as the host of the pre-VMA show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 18-year-old will be reporting live from the black carpet live on Sunday, Aug. 28, beginning at 8PM. “I am very excited to be a part of the 2011 VMA’s,” Gomez said “After all of my years watching the VMA’s, the pre-show has always been one of my favorite parts.  It is a true honor to be hosting from the black carpet this year.”

The fashion-conscious teen is a perfect choice to host the pre-show festivities, as she’s always dressed to perfection and fronts her own signature line of clothing called Dream Out Loud. Gomez is also rumored to be involved in the scheduled VMA tribute to Britney Spears, but that has yet to be confirmed by the network.

Announced performers include Lady GagaAdeleLil WayneBruno MarsChris Brown and Young the Giant, and most recently, Cobra Starship. The pop rockers will perform their ‘Night Shades’ track ‘You Make Me Feel…’ with Sabi.


Gossip #5

U2’s Bono has some heart issues…


Mike Coppola, Getty Images

U2 singer Bono was at the center of a health scare last week, the reports of which are only now surfacing. The singer supposedly suffered from heart palpitations while in the South of France and was subsequently rushed to Princess Grace Memorial Hospital in Monaco last Wednesday, Aug. 17, because he was complaining of chest pains.

The report reveals that Bono was not held overnight, but indicates that he was examined by a leading heart specialist, who prescribed plenty of rest for the singer. Apparently, it wasn’t that scary of an incident, since he was spotted at the Saas Café with his wife and Julian Lennon on Friday, Aug 19. Perhaps that’s Bono’s idea of rest!

Bono’s body might be showing some signs of breaking down with this latest health hiccup, if it turns out to be true. He had emergency back surgery in 2010, which forced the band to table its tour and a performance at the famed Glastonbury Festival at that time.

However, Bono’s companion Julian Lennon — yes, the son of John — posted a note on his Facebook page, addressing Bono’s scare. Looks like Lennon was playing the part of celebrity publicist, writing: “For those whom are fans of Bono, the recent reports about him going to hospital with chest pains this weekend, were completely false… He did, however, go for a regular check up last week, but was given the all clear! He’s in fine form!”

It seems NME and Lennon are offering conflicting reports, but whatever the case, if Bono did indeed make a hospital pit stop, we hope he’s feeling better and stays healthy!


Gossip #6

Will Smith is Set To Make A New Album!!!

Will Smith

Charley Gallay, Getty Images

Remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when Will Smith was a rapper? He was a Philly kid who bro’ed down with his pal DJ Jazzy Jeff as part of the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince duo, spouting off G-rated hits like ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand?’ Then he got the TV show, starred in movies and became one of the most money-in-the-bank movie stars on the planet, while releasing more inoffensive pop-rap like ‘Getting Jiggy With It?’

Well, Smith is revisiting his musical roots and is “working” on a new album with producer La Mars “Mars” Edwads, the knob twiddler who has collaborated with Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa.

“We’re working on Will Smith, bringing him back. That’s actually him on the other line right now,” Mars told XXL. While “working” could mean anything, it’s good to know that Big Willie Style is making a comeback and planning some new material. What about DJ Jazzy Jeff? Will he be a part of the new material? Could Papa Will duet with hair whipping daughter Willow? Wife Jada Pinkett-Smith fronts a hard rock band called Wicked Wisdom, which appeared on Ozzfest a few years back, so the hubby and wifey could also rock out together, too.

There’s no limits when it comes to Will Smith, who last released an album in 2005 in the form of ‘Lost and Found.’