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Katy Perry Ties Michael Jackson’s Record with Five No. 1 Hits from One Album

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is officially the first woman ever to have five songs from the same album reach No. 1 on the Billboard “Hot 100.” She had to cut the sax solo from “Friday” to do it, but it was worth it: Michael Jackson is the only other artist to achieve the same feat, with Bad in 1987–88. “California Gurls” was the first song from Teenage Dream to chart, landing at No. 1 on June 19, 2010; “Teenage Dream” followed in September, then “Firework” in December, “E.T.” in April, and now “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” has taken the top spot. Collectively, the songs have spent eighteen weeks at No. 1, which means Perry’s cartoonish global domination is officially here. Sparkly, revealing dresses for everyone!

Katy Perry has become the first woman – and second artist after Michael Jackson! – to have five songs from her album hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The 26-year-old entertainer’s “Last Friday Night” took the top spot on the Hot 100 this week after oustingLMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”.

Previous singles from Teenage Dreamto hit #1 were “California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework,” “E.T.”

In case you were wondering, Michael’s five singles were from Bad and included “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Bad,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “Dirty Diana”.

As ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ reaches No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, Katy Perry has officially made history, joining Michael Jackson as the only artists to score five No. 1 hits from a single album.

‘Last Friday Night’ is the fifth chart-topper from ‘Teenage Dream,’ joining ‘California Gurls’ with Snoop Dogg, the title track, ‘Firework’ and ‘E.T.’ with Kanye West. That ties the mark the King of Pop set in 1987-88 with five singles from ‘Bad.’ Jackson’s five chart-toppers spent only seven combined weeks at the top, though, compared to 18 weeks (and counting) for Perry’s five hits.

For a while, it looked as though ‘Last Friday Night’ might not reach the top spot, as it had been stuck at No. 2 behindLMFAO‘s ‘Party Rock Anthem.’ But Perry’s label went all-out to make a run at No. 1, slashing the price of the song on iTunes and Amazon to $0.69 cents and releasing a new remix featuring Missy Elliot. As a result, online sales of the single were up 14% last week, helping nudge Perry past LMFAO.

Perry had already become the first artist to earn five No. 1s from one album on the Pop Songs chart, an airplay-based chart that did not exist in the ’80s.

Congrats to Katy for being only the second artist in the 53-year history of the chart to achieve this milestone. We wonder if the run of hits from ‘Teenage Dream’ will ever end. Surely she couldn’t earn a sixth No. 1 from the album … Or could she?


Gossip #2

Beyonce is Ready for Kids!

Threatening once more to put her recording and touring commitments on the backburner, Beyonce opens up to InStyle about her latest pang of maternal instincts. “I sacrificed so much as a kid and as a teenager,” says the 29-year-old singer in the magazine’s September issue. “I have no regrets because my job kept me focused. When you’re young — 18 or 19 — you have the energy and drive. That’s the time to work as hard as you can. Now I’m a woman, and because I gave it my all, I can focus on my marriage. I can decide I want to have kids. I can be the mother I want to be and dedicate myself to my children. I want to make my job a part of my lifestyle so that I always enjoy what I’m doing.”

Strong and inspiring words from a lady that is highly respected in the music/entertainment industry. What do you think? Are you going to miss Beyonce when takes a music break?




Ann Hathaway can rap like Lil Wayne YO!

Anne Weezy

Yo, actress Anne Hathaway could become the latest member of the Young Money collective after the hardcore rap song she wrote about the paparazzi, which she deftly demonstrated on ‘Conan’ last night!

Apparently, Hathaway likes to vent through songwriting, since the paparazzi have been stalking the set of ‘Dark Knight Rises,’ in which Hathaway will play Catwoman. Their actions have brought out the Lil Wayne side of the actress.

In a girlish, composed voice she told Conan: “With all the stuff that’s been going on with Batman, the paparazzi attention’s been a little intense. So I actually wrote a rap song about it.” She admitted that the rap is “in the style of Lil Wayne.” There’s no better influence, right?

Hathaway then busted out a mean, rapid-fire rap, spewing her verses without breaking character and in braggadocio fashion. She has Weezy’s swagger down pat and didn’t break up her flow at all. She used her hands and spit out “Pop-pop-pop-arazzi” several times.

Would you like to rap along with her? I took the liberty of writing down her lyrics! YO!

Ann Hathaway’s Paparazzi Rap song Lyrics

“Yo I’m a paparazzi / I don’t play no Yahtzee,
I go Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop,
My camera’s up your crotch,
I tell the truth bout what I see,
And sell it to Perez Hilti.”

Don’t Call me Skuzi, making money, that’s my job, celeb photography,
well hell no i’m not needy, i’m legit not stalkeratzi,
Don’t act so hotsy totsy / Bitch I know that you from Jersey!
Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop,
Scream all you want, won’t make me stop,
Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop,
i know you love to feel my pop!

She then dropped the hardline and returned to her sweet, demure, classy self.

Damn! Anne, who knew you had it in ya? Hey, Weezy, we think you found someone new to feature on ‘Tha Carter V,’ whenever you get around to planning your next album after ‘Tha Carter IV.’

By the way, Hathaway is a Jersey Girl, raised in Milford. That should explain where the sass came from.

Watch Anne Hathaway Rap Like Lil Wayne



Gossip #4

Who’s performing at the 2011 MTV VMAs

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards will feature live performances by many of today’s biggest artists, and now the network has confirmed that Lady Gaga has been added to the lineup.

Lady Gaga to Perform at the 2011 MTV VMAs

The ‘Born This Way’ singer joins the likes of AdeleLil WayneBruno MarsChris Brown and Young the Giant, who have also been announced as performers for the star-studded evening. MTV is expected to unveil the names of additional artists who will take the stage in the coming days.

On Thursday, Aug. 18 at 7:49PM, the pop star will appear on MTV and LOGO for ‘MTV First: Lady Gaga.’ The program will feature a special VMA announcement by the singer, as well as the premiere of her new VMA promo.

Gaga is nominated for four awards this year, including Best Female Video (‘Born This Way’), Best Art Direction (‘Judas’), Best Choreography (‘Judas’) and Best Video With a Message (‘Born This Way’). She is also rumored to be participating in the hush-hush VMA tribute to Britney Spears, which may incorporate appearances by Madonna,KeshaKaty Perry and more.


Gossip #5

Justin Biber, Miley Cyrus – Top People’s Richest Teen Celebs ListJustin Bieber, Miley Cyrus

Teen celebrities make a lot of money — that’s no surprise to anyone. Pushed through the right mold, teen boys have the ability to become sex symbols before they’re even old enough to gamble, and famous girls can grab the attention of kids as role models with little effort. According to PEOPLE‘s Richest Teen Celebs list, Justin BieberMiley Cyrus,Selena Gomez are among those who pocket the most change from their fame.

Last year alone, the Biebs’ piggy bank weighed in at a whopping $53 million thanks to his ‘Never Say Never’ 3D flick. Just behind him, nearly 19-year-old Miley Cyrus collected a total of $48 million from touring, far outweighing their fellow young stars.

Those sky-high numbers make Selena Gomez’s $5.5 earnings look like actual chump change. If she and Bieber were to get married, would that make him the bread winner? We’re only kidding, of course! Baby Jonas Brother Nicktoppled his Disney peer with $12.5 million this past year, while sibling duo Willow and Jaden Smith grabbed roughly $9 combined.

Unsurprisingly, PEOPLE’s list falls in line with the M Magazine 10 Richest Teen Stars list published back in June, making it obvious that these kids are doing just fine on their own.


Gossip #6

Leighton Meester’s Move Into the Music World

The world first fell in love with her as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl and rightly so. Talented in acting, beautiful to boot and she can sing! Leighton Meester says that her music is at a turning point right now. She’s been collaborating with a great team of people in her music-making process, and something she calls beautiful, fun and fulfilling.

Check her and her band, Check in the Dark. In this brand new behind the scenes footage we’re taking a look at, Leighton and her band-mates are totally in the zone during their rehearsals, as Leighton strums the guitar and sings into a microphone.

Am totally loving her music!

Please do yourself a favor and check out more of Check in the Dark at: