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This coming Saturday I would be walking down the “red carpet” at the NTV7 Golden Awards. This will be my first time heading to an award show that was not Boh Cameronian :) So this would be an entirely new experience. But before making way there, a lady always has to get herself prepared. That means getting the right dress, the right shoes, the right make-up and the right hair… Yes it is real tiring to be female not to mention very costly. >.< But at the end of it all, the grooming is worth the process. It’s not vanity i digress but just presentable :P Seriously!

So i was very pleased and thoroughly surprised to hear that I would be getting a dress by on of the top 5 fashion designers in Asia. Who happens to be….

**Drum Roll**

Carven Ong!

With much thanks and appreciation to Carven Ong who is well known for his couture and wedding gowns. You can take a look at his gorgeous dresses at Prince Hotel. Can i also mention that these careful thought out delicate dresses have prices which are not for the faint hearted. However if you have the cash to splash, by all means I highly highly recommend Carven’s work.


Gorgeously designed gowns in every colour from the rainbow.


Wedding gowns to die for!

It was the first time, i had a fashion designer say to me.. “Go ahead just pick one!” My gosh its like being at a candy store and being told you can pick any candy you like..for free.. on the condition you don’t eat it lol.

Lets take a look at what i look like in a couple of the dresses.


I personally loved the mermaid dress tube dress. Super classy and elegant, my biggest worry.. me being too short >.<! There were tiny little openings at the chest area! My my! In the end this was the dress decided to go with. Which was sort of Grecian feel. I had just finished watching Spartacus and was in the mood to dress partially Roman/Greek like. I love the dress.. and it was just roughly the right length for me. Provided i wore super high heels.


The back is just.. OOOOOHH la la


The price for the dress was OOo la laaaaaaaaaaaa too


Not everday you get to feel like a princess, wearing a specially designed gown by a well renowned fashion designer.. boy that’s a mouthful! Many thanks once again to Carven Ong!


Don’t forget to check him out at his website and pay him a visit at Prince Hotel. That’s wear his store is located ^_^.

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