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Masquerade Night at Celebrities Hall of Music 241

I always enjoy a good time out.. and i love it even more when i get to play dress up. You know like how they use to be in the 15th/17th century in Europe. The times when it is all about big dresses and tight corsets, for guys it would be the poets shirt (i forget what that is called).. whatever that is like from the Tudor’s I love. Extremely diverted, so back to a good time out.

Not too long ago, i headed to the Celebrities Hall of Music to catch The Velvet Aces and Sound Circus perform. They were actually entertaining the crowd for the Best Asia Model Event, which i have to comment, i absolutely love the dresses on the models. The wedding gowns were gorgeous.

Catering was by Tenji. I’ve never tried the restaurant, plus that was my first time at Celebrities Hall of Music. I had a number of acquaintances and friends performing there, but never got the chance to check it out. But hey guess i got to kill two birds with one stone. See the new venue: CHECK. Try out Tenji’ food: Check.

All you can eat buffet! Yeah baby! But no no i didn’t gorge myself. Lol, that would’ve been very undisciplined of me >.<


I was a good girl, i ate Japanese! Healthy stuff always a plus point.

masquerade_01 Me, Cecilia, Sheila and Cheryl :)

There are many reasons why pillows are made and above is just one example. It’s for the girls to keep warm, to keep comfy, to keep “decent” and the final reason is shown below…


to hold your plate steady! hehehe Cecilia is so smart hehe. Should’ve thought about it earlier, instead of me trying to keep my plate from tipping on my lap.


Sound Circus was up as the first entertainment piece of the night. They’ve got a really good groove going and i would most definitely show support by checking them out again, LIVE!

What’s a masquerade party without having some shots with the masks :) Ala Zorro style here.

masquerade_06 The first round of the catwalk.

masquerade_07 Wooooohooo, next up Moe Nasrul from 8TV night live and the Velvet Aces. They sound awesome live. Everything was pitch perfect. Something which i find rare these days… or at least when i listen to certain bands out there. I love their mix of rock with a hint of alternative here and there.

Drinks all around people!!

masquerade_10 Second round of the catwalk! Didn’t i say that the wedding dresses were lovely.

masquerade_11 Giden, Me and C.Loco. Super funny dude!


height=”500″ />
Moe is trying to be all Bond-like.


masquerade_15 Awww, me and darling Yumi!


And me with Manager Julian.

masquerade_16 Giden just had to give it a go on the drums. He hasn’t played in a long while but he could still jam. You can check out his cover version of Neyo-Closer here. I’m so proud of him making that video hehe.

masquerade_29 By right we were suppose to leave, but all of a sudden all the boys decided to jam together for the night. Lol… I’m not entirely sure what song they were singing, but it sounded alright from my end hehe.


masquerade_19The whole group of guys here. Everyone has their macho and game face on.

masquerade_20And how can you not have one with the dolls of the night! The sweet girl with the mask is Kristie Addison, the guitarist/pianist of Velvet Aces. She rawks!

masquerade_26 My favourite shot of the night! ^_^ I’m not entirely sure how i got this effect, but it looks pretty cool. Here’s to the next event.

First Day of Bola@Mamak 0

Woot I’ve just done the first recording of the Bola@Mamak! The brand new show I’m hosting, will be on every Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 817.

Phew… can i please point out this is my first time hosting not just any show but a sports show. Can you imagine the pressure >.< But hey as my director from Mocap pointed out. Its my two loves – being on screen and talking about football. Hehe. On a side note I am ecstatic to say I’m learning so much. It’s truly making me like the game even more. Plus I just love the fact of the different people i’m meeting all the time each week.

I will say its not easy to shoot at a mamak.. not your typical shooting spot..right?? o.0 But you know what we’re playing different with this show and I’m still ecstatic to be part of the team… weeeehooooo. I know I know i’m on a high right now. But it’s all in good fun ^_~

We shot the show at a quaint lil 24 hour mamak down in Putrajaya. I have to say thank you to the waiters there who were to patient with us.

First shoot or rehearsal for any show is bound to have a certain amount of chaos to it. No chaos means everything gets spoon fed and possible to take it for granted. Chaos means you get to learn how to make thing better, more systematic, more fun. Besides where is the challenge without chaos! All the same it was a good first shoot.


The mamak stall that we were shooting  at.


The first day of rehearsal. Set up time for shoot.


It looks like i’m ready for an exam!


Anand the Orangeman! And my footy wingman hahaha. Check him out at his site


Dez Corkhill, the editor of Astro Arena. :) and who kept making sure i had my shoulders straight during shoot. He’s like papa :)


Behind the scenes literally. This is what it looks like in the van for production :). Cool right!!? I had no idea what the stuff meant, although i asked an tried to understand. Beyond my comprehension.


Jason is getting a shot of the entire crew.. Jas!! be careful of the tandoori chicken behind..


Here we are at the real set and day for recording. Nick is ordering people what to do.. “I order you all.. to sit! Good people” :P


As you can see i’m still hard at work studying on what i’m going to be discussing with my guests ^_^


Me and Emilia! One girl i can’t be without hehe


During the shoot of Bola@Mamak.


Bojan and Me, he’s super tall!!! I feel like a tiny one. I hadn’t realised the guys from the mamak stall were also looking at the camera! Say Cheese!


And of course how can i not have a pic without the big boss :) Mr Jason Dasey!!!! Look guys no tie hehe.


Dez is still trying to make my shoulders straight… see me trying to push my shoulders back haha.


Mr OrangeMan!!! I love this guy… and who is brighter and more eye catching.. go on tell me.. who???

He’s out on the search to find the CRAZIEST FOOTBALL fan out there. And when i say crazy you have to be a real fanatic. So if you think you are crazy enough. I’ll let you know how to contact the OrangeMan to visit you. Who knows if your story is compelling enough to make it into the whacko list, we’ll come visit you and have you on National TV!

bola@mamakep1_14Ahh Annie! The lovely one who did my make up and flowing fishtail braid. Thanks my dear!!!


All this right here on Bola@Mamak will be repeated again every Wednesday at 9pm on Astro Channel 817. It’s a new channel called Astro Supersport 3 and that is where you are also going to get live coverage of the Barclays Premiere League, together with Jason Dasey and our pundits. So don’t forget to get your channels tune in then.

Oh yes and if you think you are the craziest fan out there. Email us at Check out for behind scenes as well.

M.A.D Charity Event 0

Last Friday was a real blast :) I had the honor of going for yet another event all the way down at MOS Euphoria.

The first time I had heard about the Make-A-Wish foundation, was on The Apprentice.  WWE Diva Maria Kanellis’s was one of the contestants and the Make-A-Wish Foundation was the charity she was fighting for. Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

So HELP UNDP Club organised a great charity event benefitting Make-A-Wish International! It was also a collaboration with Celebrity Fitness and Ministry of Sound. The objective of the event is to raise awareness of Make-A-Wish Malaysia and to raise funs for their wish-granting operations. The funds raised would go to Make-A-Wish Malaysia through Make-A-Wish International. It was an entertainining event with dance as one the main showcases of the night. All the dance were directed by Judimar Hernandez, the head judge of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia.

Arriving early for the event was a feat since there was a massive jam…. just about everywhere! But finally managed to arrive at the spot with a hefty valet parking.. RM18.. >.< Totally worth it :P

That has got to be my favourite dress of the year. ^_^ Picture courtesy of Julian Lee.

Heading straight up to the VIP rooms, which are really cozy and comfy.

Befrienders Rehearsals 7

The week is gonna be all about dancing and singing. :)

Before that, let me express.

Have you ever had a point in your life that you feel down.. so down and that you can’t talk to anyone. You can’t tell your family because they will say the things you don’t to hear. You can’t share with your friends because you don’t want them to have a bad impression of you…and from experience.. really who can you call a good friend. You can’t tell the person you’re closest to because you are scared of the aftermath. In the end where can you turn too? Other than God of course ^_^.

Ultimately as humans we need to be comforted by others. Emotional torture is enough to drive anyone nuts. Well that’s what the Befrienders are for. They are a non profit organisation that lends a hand or rather an ear to those who need to talk about the troubles they are going through. They provide emotional support without being bias and are there to listen.

This Sat, Befrienders will be celebrating 40 years of providing emotional support to those in the Klang Valley. You can read about article here from the Malay Mail