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I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making 462

I really enjoy treasure hunts and playing the game cluedo. Granted I’m no genius in finding out who is the killer all the time.. or maybe most of the time… but i have fun playing these two games a lot.

And ever since I saw the trailer of the new Robert Downey Jr movie “Sherlock Holmes”. I really couldn’t help myself from getting all excited about the movie. Robert Downey Jr – whom some of you may remember as the all new version of Iron Man – is a brilliant actor. I’ve always been very entertained by all the characters he’s played.. thriller comedies… whatever he’s good at all of them.

Just watch this trailer and then “try” to tell me that it’s not going to be interesting.

So when someone tells me I have the chance to get free movie tickets for this film. I’m going to jump at it. Because Mr Downey… is hot, brilliant and funny…. and HOT! Allow me to be a bimbette for a while. :P

Nuffnang is giving away two tickets and all i need to do is just find the two “hidden” images of the Sherlock Holmes poster on the sidebar of two blogs. If you want to know who, click here :P

But if you want to just have a visual of who I’ve found with the “hidden” images on their sidebar, scroll down… and i really mean scroll down..







Not my fault ok that they have really lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggg blog posts :P

and another blogger is.





Yes :) I’m a Sherlock Holmie girl in the making. Tee Hee :)

Ipod Software 3.1 0

I updated my software to the latest 3.1 a while back. But i didn’t really take the time to play around with the new features as much as i had hoped for. But anyhow I’m glad i did. What i got out of it?

  • Shake to Shuffle my music
  • Automatic Wi-fi Login (not like i really need it because i will still do it manually)
  • cut, copy and paste (i love this!!!)
  • Landscape keyboard (very convenient)
  • Bluetooth capability (great for peer to peer gaming)
  • Spotlight searches on the front page of your Ipod.

After the update i was delighted with one particular new feature. Hit the application tab on your Ipod/Iphone on Itunes and you will see this. :)

itunes app

Ooooh happy happy joy joy. Why do i love this so much? For anyone who has loads of applications on their IPhone or Ipod like I do, arranging them can be a real pain. Before you would have to press hard on your ipod screen in order to get the icons to become “flexible” enough so you can drag them around. Arranging apps in that manner will take forever.

Now with this feature, I can arrange any of the applications to which ever page i want. :) Plus i can delete stuff from the Ipod immediately. When you roll over one of the application icons you will see an “X”.

itunes app2

Ta da! Click on that and there you go no more app on the Ipod, but no worries it’s still in your Itunes. You just need to select it again on the left hand where you see all the your applications in a list format, showcasing the name, category and date.

Go and update your Ipod to the latest 3.1 version it’s only $4.95. Stupid apple, they make everything this “cheap” no wonder people will buy. :P

H-Max LED 419

Client: H-Max Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Release Date: Novenber 2009

Updated and Revamped: December 2010

Load Website:

Info: H-Max LED needed another website for their Malaysian branch. The site was necessary for the company to showcase their LED products. To avoid looking like the typical websites that were out there, I made the site using a WordPress theme. The rest of the site was tweaked to fit the brand of the company. Using mostly the colours white, black,yellow and green, this was incorporated into the website banners and thumbnails. They emphasized most on their product showcase as they wanted it to be clear to their customers about their specialty.

See more images below.

20 Fascinating Black Wallpaper 543


I have a black Dell XPS. I personally prefer black wallpapers compared to ones that have a lot of colours all over the place. I have a reason for that :) Mostly because I have lots of icons on my desktop hehe. So it’s always good to have some clean backgrounds as wallpapers. Here are my top 20 Black Wallpapers that I would use on my desktop / laptop.

Oracle by Hiroshimi  oracle 
Fox Fire – Wallpaper by `Ashwings
Stored letters in the dark by Parachute®
Tiger- posterous
August 25, 2006: After Dusk by Matt McGee
Jedi – Posterous
Ballet reloaded by ‘PixelPlacebo’
Ballet reloaded 
BMW by deutscher13
Nelly Furtado – After by deutscher13
Rainbow Half Lines by Frazer C83
Rainbow Half Lines 
Rainbow Skies – Posterous 
Wallpaper (minimalistic dark) by Ben Fredericson (xjrlokix)
Drama Queen by Ben Fredericson (xjrlokix)
Wallpaper by ~keslin
Breathe by ~juliadavis
Deliverance Wallpaper by *3mmI
LT: Wallpaper by =arrsistable
Misty by Jack Pearce
Geek Wallpaper Jet Black by siv_sin
Leather with holes 1680×1050 by gogen001
Leather with holes 1680x1050
Head on to Abudeezo who has got 35 Gorgeous Black wallpapers.

What Matters Most In Life 1,664

[custom_field limit=”1″ between=”, ” /]What matters most in a persons life? Is it family? Is it your career? Is it financial freedom? Is it what people think of you? Is it your idealistic dreams? What really matters most?

I’ve questioned that a lot this year.. and maybe i’m still struggling with an answer.

Some people i guess would think any one of those are important enough to be the thing that matters most in ones lifetime. Everyday we work hard to achieve something but what are we really trying to strive for? Is it for acceptance when we do a good job? Is it to find the ‘perfect soulmate’? Is it so we can say to ourselves oh great i’ve made this much of money this year, and this can go straight to my savings? What the heck is the point of all of that…? Materialistically it’s pointless, cause at the end of the day you can’t take anything with you when you pass on. Finding the love of your life, it’s only going to be taken away from you when you pass on. What are you really going to say at the end of the day with your life…

However reading Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven® Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?“. I know there is more to life than all that was stated above. I don’t really know who to explain it with meager words… nor with out some people thinking that it is cheesy…

Just to share a little bit. This year was a topsy turvy time. I was disappointed a lot, still am in some ways. Disappointed with my own behavior, dissapointed with the people around me. People whom you’ve known for a long while let you down. Could be a close friend, could be a relative.. doesn’t matter. Anyone can let you down. Disappointed with work. Things where you were once comfortable will be shaken. Things that you thought were fine are actually not. Your securities in work won’t be there for you… All those are variables.

But there is only one person Who won’t and He kept me sane… My Mighty Father in Heaven. Everything else in life is a variable and I’m glad that He isn’t. He is for ever constant. He will never change. And that is why I realise that you should live for no one else but for the Father. He’s the only thing that is significant, to work for, to strive for, to love. For He is Love…

What matters most in life… the people whom you can try to love… “Love is a choice you make and you are blessed when you love even if you don’t feel like it.” – kerrvillechurch

Oh Lord, I pray that you will teach me your ways. Teach me to forgive and teach me to love. Even when i do not feel like loving. Teach me to be exactly what Love is, as it is stated in you Book of Life.

Love is everything, for without Love i am nothing.