The Objectified Woman 0

**Disclaimer : Crazy Little Thing Called Love is about to start this week. And i have been having tons of thoughts in my head. This will begin a series of my thoughts on relationships, not just with the opposite gender, but also on family matters. Some maybe just a rant, but others i hope there’s an insight. :) **

This post is nothing new and it’s been talked about many times, if not on my blog but on other blogs too. In my Monash days we studied quite a fair bit on the objectification of women, since it’s a very apparent thing in media – be it film, print or whatever source of media.

I felt like blogging about it again because this has been floating in my head for some time. Furtheremore after the whole “Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen” movie, there were headlines all over the place on Megan Fox the worlds hottest women to re-merge as Mikaela in this movie. And then there was the controversy on Megan Fox being a man.

Now here’s the thing i want to point out, even the most highly looked at woman now, Megan Fox even has her doubts about the way she looks. Even though she’s already gorgeous as she is. My question is why in hells name why would a lovely girl like her even feel that way? (Ok i don’t know exactly what she feels but basing it on her recent interview – she doesn’t seem to “confident” bout her own body either)

Back on the topic of objectifying. Do not get me  wrong, I’m all for a person looking good and presentable… However I’m actually really tired of hearing how men would like a pretty thing on their arm. I think it’s a nonsensical egotistical immature ride that they enjoy when they go out with a pretty girl / hot chick / hoochie mama… whatever terms you’ve got for it these days. It’s a terrible ego ride that they go on. Thinking that they can get any girl… honestly it makes me sick!

guy-checking-out-girl-300a040709.jpg (300×400)

What are women? Pieces of meat? Or in this sense very very dolled up prettified with black pepper sprinkled on top good looking pieces of meat? Just so that a guy can say to other men indirectly “Hey check it out, I’ve got the girl you are all after!” I want to say men like these, are immature.

I want to highlight that this kind of thinking is detrimental. It’s bad for both the male and females in this world. And oh so help me – reiterate a topic like this, which has been discussed down the ages. While sure it’s hard to curb this kind of mentality, but for those who are with wives, girlfriends, or about to get into a relationship with someone.. While this is a note of advice to the males… this does not mean it doesn’t go out to all you ladies too. Who love eyeballing cute little pieces of candy.

Think about it.. and see if this kind of thinking will do any good for the both of the partners. Even if you do look at other people.. occasionally or a lot try making your partner worthwhile at the same time. I’m sure she or he will always enjoy to hear something nice come out of your mouth. Instead of some fluke joke on how they will enjoy someone who is better looking or hotter or whatever. Cherish the fact that you have a partner. :)