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There is always going to be a Christmas wish list. Doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl, adult, kid or a pet (i’m not playing here). There is going to be a list of wants that people will have in their heads. My previous post had me sharing two christmas wallpapers, you can check out here. In reference to that post, I promised that i’ll put something else as my second gift to others. And here it is. 

My very own long long long list of Christmas Tutorials for you to try and experiment with. :) 100 Christmas tutorials mixed with Photoshop, Illustrator, Brushes and icons which I have pain stakenly taken time to search so that others can have a good list. Hav fun with the list.


Christmas Icons

Smashing Christmas Icons

Santa Claus – so cute!    



Polar Express







Christmas Brushes

Snowflake Brush    

Pixie Dust Trails brushes by ~rL-Brushes


Christmas brushes by =flina


Christmas Decorations by *imthinkingoutloud


christmas brushes by ~coolwing



Pine Brushes MEGA PACK by *hawksmont


crystal xmas miniatures by ~sapphire88


Feathers by ~probably-edible


ChristmasTreeBrushes by ~markyfan


Ischarm Christmas Brushes by ~ischarm





Christmas Balls With Reflection

Christmas Balls With Reflection

Christmas Red Gifts Wallpaper

Christmas Red Gifts Wallpaper

Christmas Red Decor 

Christmas Red Decor

Two Christmas Ornaments

Two Christmas Ornaments

 3 Christmas Balls With Reflection

3 Christmas Balls With Reflection

3D Christmas Grunge Presents

3D Christmas Grunge Presents

Red Background with Christmas Ornaments

Red Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornament Wallpaper

Christmas Ornament Wallpaper

Comic Christmas Tree

Green Illustrated Christmas Tree

Stardust Christmas Tree E-Card

Santa Claus E-Card

Christmas Greeting Card

Merry Christmas Greeting Card Web 2.0 Style

Draw Rudolph The Reindeer

Glowing Christmas Tree

Draw a Glowing Candle 

Frosty the Snowman In Snowy Landscape

Two Christmas Ball Ornaments

Snowglobe Tutorial

Starry Christmas Tree with Swirls


Starry Christmas Tree With Shinning Star

Holly Leaf Tutorial

Christmas Constallation 

Seasons Greetings With A Candle Stand

Snowman And Snowy Trees

Christmas Lights Tutorial

Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Blue Starry Christmas Tree

Hanging Gifts with Snowflakes

Draw a Shiny Christmas Ornament

Snowy Landscape Illustration

Moonlight in the sky

Christmas Wallpaper With Stars and Ornaments

Draw a Pretty Girl as Santa’s Helper

Illustrated Christmas Tree With Swirls

Draw a Santa Face

Draw Santa’s Sleigh With Presents

Winter Wonderland Illustration

Snowflake Wallpaper

Frosty the Snowman

Holiday Bows

Golden Christmas Silhoutte 

Snowflake Wallpaper

Snowflake Wallpaper

Christmas Holly Wreath Illustration

Christmas Greeting Card

Christmas Ornaments on Green Wallpaper

Abstract Christmas Tree

Santa in Winterland

Shiny Christmas Stocking

Design a Christmas Bell

Draw Santa’s Hat

Vista Chirstmas Wallpaper

Draw A Blue Festive Candle

Blue Christmas Wallpaper

Christmas Ornaments on Illustrator

Stylised Christmas Tree 

Golden Ornament

Cool Christmas Dot E-Card

Blue and White Tree Christmas Card

Glowing Christmas Lights on A Reindeer

Christmas Tree Illustration

Christmas Tree Illustration

Christmas Tree Illustration

Snowy Christmas Tree

Happy Santa





Christmas Web Layouts


Design a Christmas Website

Web christmas content box  

Christmas Tree Web 2.0 Button

“Christmas Gifts” WordPress Theme 

Vermilion Christmas WordPress Theme

Christmas Tree Web 2.0 Button

Christmas Tree Web 2.0 Button

Christmas Tree Web 2.0 Button

Christmas Font Effect


Snow on Text

Frosty Ice Text Effect


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