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Since creating the Aronil Phoenix Theme. I’ve decided to go on with the next part. Which is sharing where to get a bunch of brushes or vectors that may help you in your own future designing process. I usually go and just search into google for things that I need. But sometimes I wish I had someone who could filter everything out and just show me the good stuff that I really need.

I’ll be sharing mostly vector wings as those are hard to come by. I find that much easier in terms of customizing the wings to something you want, instead of using wings from Photoshop Brushes. So here are a bunch of ‘wings’ to get you flying with your own artwork. :) 

  1. Bittbox – Vector Wing Pack


  2. Bittbox Free Vector Wingfree_vector_wings_1


  3. Bittbox – Grunge Photoshop Brushes grungy_wings  


  4. Jimiyo Wings


  5. Dezignus – Fairy, Tribal, Bird Wings


  6. GoMedia Wings – Free Sample


  7. Chemist Labs Wings



  8. Tribal Wings



  9. The Rants and Rave Vector Wing Pack
    The Rants and Raves Wing Pack

  10. Takashi Irie Free Vector Wing PackTakashi Ire Wings
  11. Keep Designing Butterfly Wings




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