‘Click’ Some Thoughts

Today was I having a rerun of some movies I got stored on my hard disk. And it just so happens that most of the movies i have are comedies with Adam Sandler starring in them. Which got me watching his movie ‘Click’ again.  Adam Sandler is best known as the movie comedian. Hard to actually take(…)

7 Things Guys Don’t Have To Do

I’m a fan of Miley Cyrus and I do enjoy her cutesy wutesy song ’7 things’. While browsing on Youtube today I found this parody of the song uploaded, directed, edited and sung by this Youtuber called Venetian Princess. Her real name is Jodie Rivera. Most of her videos are parodies of a number of(…)

WordPress 2.7

Upgrade.. yet again. While I don’t like it when I have to upgrade my wordpress. I must say that I quite like the new interface of WordPress 2.7. This is already the second time that wordpress has upgaded it’s layout this year and waddya know just before Christmas. WordPress present for wordpress bloggers. hehe.  It(…)

Anger Management Workout

Question. Should you or should you not work out when you are feeling a bit peeved?  I did ask this of my friend who’s entire lifestyle is purely about working out. He thinks it’s the best time to, and I felt otherwise. I figured it won’t be such a good thing to workout when you(…)

Grandmaster Ip Man

Been a while since I wrote a review on any movie I think. Today i met up with Zawen, my workout si fu (lol) and Nicholas, who both work with me for motion capture. We’ve got a long end of the year break so we decided to just chill and hang out by watching the(…)

Hedgie Cuteness

I found this ball of cuteness through Larissa’s twitter update. I enjoy looking at cutesy stuff every once in a while. For my friends who know me well, they know the minute they show something cute – be it a puppy, kitten or just some animal that is darn cute. I will go into baby(…)