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Looking Back At 2008 0

t’s the last day of the year 2008. A lot of stuff has happened this year, which has made this all the memorable and i’ll forever treasure it. Looking back, I did quite a fair bit this year. Nothing that has been smashingly out of the park kind of homerun – but at least i started and did something, even if it is small for now. Taking a walk down memory lane to see what i’ve done..

At the beginning of 2008 February to be more specific. I left my stable job at McCann Erickson, which was also the place I first met miss Pam Song from TinkiTalks…Taking me away from seriously fun and whacky people… and a building that had momentary shaky movements from a minor earthqauke. Read about the earthquake incident here.


That’s when we had evacuated it and this is the best pic i got of the days i had in McCann with everyone in it :P

Shortly after I left, I went for the Joe Hasham acting for beginner’s class. Which was where I met a number of people in the KLPAC family lol.

The whole class of AFB 2008.

It was also the year that i spontaneously went down to Singapore just so that I could try an audition for a spot in some musical. That was mad! But I did and in the end two great thngs came from it. I got a nice experience to see what the competition was like over there. And I got to meet the other nuffnangers from Singapore! Met up with Valerie from Dweam, Pink Smurf, Nadia Bennylava, Jayden and even Ming himself :) That was a seriously nice surprise and it was loads of fun! I have to do it again. Plus I got to see my long lost Monash mate Erin :) Read my post here.

Then after the Acting For Beginner’s class ended, i was part of the ensemble for the musical production Ismail The Last Days. That was a wonderful experience and journey. Singing with a full live orchestra and dressing up in different costumes heheh, can’t beat that. :) Read my post here.

This years Merdeka was probably the best one I’ve ever had! It was a super blast just hanging out with people. Chilling with pizza and soda, to the point we were bushed hehe.Read my posts here.

the beauties and three passed out.

Not forgetting that there was also the first time I went to an animal party! It took me a whole night to make thos darn wings! Read my post here.

Not forgetting of course that was the first time I met up with a random bunch of bloggers for a movie and hence the term DGMB was formed. Read my post here.

Alllll the bloggers :)

I had my first recording session with The Children Bible Explorer Series. That was fun! You can find out more about the series here at PristineWorld. Can you see the man in red trying to show us the big picture. Bwahahaha Read my post here.

Can you see the BIIIIIIGGG picture?

Remember this one. So promsy hahaa. Yet another blogger’s outing with bloggers Nick Dorian, Min Li and Amran. Here we are at J.W.Marriott for the event Made of Honour. Read my post here.

Ah yes then I managed to get passes to the Malaysian version of So You Think You Can Dance. Read my post here.

I had my first Masquerade party and my sister came along with me for it! It was actually my friend’s mom’s 50th birthday and she wanted it to be real fun… It really was loads of fun. Read my post here.

Back tracking a little. At the same time with Ismail, I also got involved with a highlight (for me anyway). Being a part of the Footstool Players, which I have been trying to get into contact with for the pass year. Heh.. God works in mysterious ways here. Who would’ve thunk that Mister G had a friend who was close to Colin Kirton. Tee hee. From there it was a whirlwind journey. Acctual acting! Eeeeekkk ohhhh the joy! A thousand blessings too  that the show did really well too. Read my post here.


Oooh and how could i forget that I landed a spot with the 3D animation series Saladdin. Making me a motion capture actor. Nothing to be go oooooo at surely :P but it’s still a pretty cool job. No post for this one.. sorry.. maybe later on this year :)


Oh yeah and then the mad mad trip and job of having to spend time at the PC Fair to help promote the Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Corei7 and the Intel Core 2 Quad. Never again will i go to a pc fair… unless of course I’m paid to do so. It was a fun and exciting thing altogether :) I have another first here, which was me driving at a crazy hour to Penang and for the first time seriously driving around Penang on my own. Ok yeah I had people in the car, but it still counts. Hey it’s not a big deal to you, it is to me! Hmph :P


Finally the icing on the cake for the year was when I managed to get into Astro-Nida. I don’t think you need me to write about it again cause it would bored you. But that was a fantastic experience and lets see what happens.  Read my post here.


You know… we can always start our year a bit rough. Some of us would like to pick at the things we weren’t able to do or such. Some of us may complain because of the situations they are in currently. Some may not even like the new year that’s coming because there is really nothing to look forward too.

After looking at the pictures in this post and just thinking about the journey I had this year. I have to say…

I really enjoyed my year… I’m glad I did this post because it made me smile just thinking of all the good times I had this year. Be it in my so called career line. Could be just meeting new people.  Going for some fancy event. Whatever the thing is…

Finally as the year comes to an end, i’m spending it with a person who is dear to me. As much as I bicker with him, I love the fella a lot. My end of the year wish is that I hope to see that I love him all the time, and see nothing else :) Likewise I hope that he will see me looking at him with love.


So here’s looking forward to a New Year. May everyone have a blessed 2009 and may we keep looking forward to the great things in life.

Wolverine The Trailer 0

I totally can’t wait for May 1st 2009. 


The much anticipated trailer of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine is out. I seriously expect this movie to be the blockbuster hit next year. The trailer looks promising and with a cast that’s stellar.

I’ll just share the cast list : Hugh Jackman as the ever scruffy and testosterone filled man with claws. Wolverine also known as Logan or even James Howlett, is back! In this movie, we’ll find out a bit more on the relationship between him and Sabertooth. Why is it that they hate and fight with one another so much. And how did Wolverine get the metal alloy adamantium 



Liev Schreiber as a not too shabby Sabertooth. It looks more happening than the last Sabertooth that’s for sure, which honestly felt like a lost cat gone wild. Ok the comparison is of barely there and I’m now over the fact that it’s not realistic for them to be in yellow spandex outfits.


oooh oooh Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Critics may think he can’t pull it off because he’s got too much of a babyface. Well i haven’t read much on Deadpool – that could be a good thing cause then I won’t have high expectations. However after doing a background check on who is Deadpool on good ol’ Wikipedia I can see why the fans of Deadpool can be abit skeptical. The character seems to have a lot of psycho baggage with him. Let’s see if it pulls off.


And get this even the much awaited Gambit is even in it, acted by Taylor Kitsch (please of please let this be good – I love Gambit’s character who is terribly cool in the comic). After taking a look at tons of photos.. I tihnk he can pass, i hope my feelings are right bout this.


You will also get wind of Wolverine’s lover Silver Fox player by Lynn Collins. A little backgrounf on Silver Fox. She used to live in  alog cabin with Wolverine. On Logan’s birthday apparently she was raped and killed by Sabertooth. Later on it is revealed she is still alive and became a part of Team X. Unfortunately though she is raped and killed again by Sabertooth. Her regenerating powers are even better than Wolverine’s and Sabertooth, which may explain her being able to revive again from death.



You may also notice that by the looks of the periods (the war period for example), Wolverine is much older than he looks to be. Just check out the weapon, does that look like the 20th century to you?




We also have Fred Dukes / Blob appearing in the film acted by Kevin Durand. You may recognise him from the TV Series Lost as the whacked job mercenary man. 



Another female character you may notice is Emma Frost. However in the movie she’s named as Lady of the Night. I’m making an assumption here because this was the only other female that looked interesting and had some cool super powers that turns her whole body into a diamond shell. By the way I have no idea why most of the artistic comic drawing of her is very playboy and maxim-ish. :S 




Lookie we have a young Storm introduction… is it her? 



And just for some fun let’s take a look at some pictures from the upcoming movie. You can see even more stuff here at “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” movie hub!



Gambit at the table playing a game of cards. If I’m not mistaken, Logan is just opposite him at the table.



Army days when Sabertooth and Logan were comrades..?? 



This is how the alloy claws started.. looks darn torturous.



Here comes the showdown!

And one more cool picture of Wolverine!


You can check out the trailer at the official movie site or here on their myspace tv. Yeah just to keep updated I did some check up on who was who. Cause if not, I’d be lost in the world of Marvel. :)

Mama Mia The Musical 0

After taking things a bit too seriously in screen acting, or even since the day i started learning how to view films critically. I can never watch something ever the same again and same goes for even theatre. Half the time now I’m trying to see whether what I’m watching is believeable. So tragic, I know! I can’t enjoy stuff like i use to these days. 

But that won’t stop me from watching them :) A couple of months back i saw the movie Mama Mia with Meryl Streep starring in it. I saw that with Min Li and what are the odds that I saw the musical with her too. Bwahaha.


We had absolutely terrible seats I have to admit at Istana Budaya. My dad had gotten the tickets at a slightly cheaper price due to either some maxis or citibank thing. It was a whole family outing :) with us stuck right at the top row.. close to the top row anyway in the upper circle. Upper circle!!! Do you know how far that is from the stage?!!? I kinda wished i had bought binoculars. Plus it was really uncomfortable. The seats were to straight and seriously too high up…





… Ok i’ve just done an entire paragraph of knocking the seats. My bad :P

 The movie followed the musical quite closely, minus of course the fact that in a movie you can do a lot more in showing the audiences certain effects and what not. Sigh due to us watching the movie first and not the musical, all I could think about was the movie. The little bits of surprises or expectationt were gone and I kept comapring it with the movie. Bad me. Which i shouldn’t cause they are two completely different productions.





The musical was still very much enjoyable. I had fun and some great laughs too. At least I didn’t have to hear a “Mr Pierce Bond” sing! Aaiii :P The singing was wonderful and so were dances. I felt though that it would’ve been even more ufn to see the ensemble dancing along and performing with the rest of the main cast. Like the the number “Dancing Queen”. That would’ve been great, to see everyone dancing to that.  

I think my favourite number was the song “Gimme Gimme Gimme (a Man After Midnight)”. It got me really pumped. That was loads of fun and everytime when one ‘father’ dragged Sophie out to talk with her, the entire ensemble would be in dim light walking/moving in slow motion. So that there would be contrast and focus on the main characters talking.

At the end of it all, i think the crowd went mad. Cause they all started standing up and dancing in their seats. haha. I know cameras weren’t allowed in there but I just had to take a snap of the people boogieng it down. hehe.




Sorry that was the clearest I could go even with some photoshopping. But yeah those people ARE standing, dancing, and going what looks to be a wave of some sort.


If anyone reads this before seeing the movie. I thoroughly encourage you to go see Mama Mia! the musical. It’s a once in a lifetime hit sensation and while it’s still burning hot. Go catch it now at Istana Budaya which has noe been extended to the 4th of January 2009.

And make sure you watch the musical FIRST!

25 Beautiful New Year Wallpaper 0

While I’m still in the holiday mood. Here’s looking at some lovely New Year Wallpaper. It’s still 4 days away, till the clock strikes midnight and 2008 will be but a memory. I’ve gone through a number of sites and as always, I still return to Deviantart. Cause it never fails in letting me find gorgeous artwork. I did manage to find some cool ones from another external site called 123India.Santabanta . So here’s yet another list of 20 New Year Wallpaper for 2009.

Happy New Year 2009 

by ~zltgfx


2009 Wallpaper – flyer artwork 

by ~ElenaSham


New Year

by SantaBanta


Bienvenido 2009 

by ~Chepedog17



by ~om3r


Happy New Year The Day After 

by =altergromit


Happy New iYear 

by ~gocesup


New Year 

by ~nuaHs


New Year



New Year

by SantaBanta


New Year

by SantaBanta


Happy 2009 

by `DigitalPhenom


New Year

by SantaBanta


January 2009 Wallpaper 

by =eliburford


2009 wallpaper 

by ~bimbi


New Year

by SantaBanta


Wallpaper Seasons 2009 

by *Rik-D


Interrupted By Fireworks Wall 

by `smashmethod



by =Funerium


Ano novo – 2009 

by ~zap-br


Neon Holidays 

by ~in-dolly



by =Sha-X-doW


New Year

by SantaBanta


Niu year Tripleta Wallpaper 

by *chupatoster


New Years Toast Part II 

by ~Shane66


Yeap yet another list :) These list things are starting to get kinda fun.

100 Christmas Tutorials 1,569

There is always going to be a Christmas wish list. Doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl, adult, kid or a pet (i’m not playing here). There is going to be a list of wants that people will have in their heads. My previous post had me sharing two christmas wallpapers, you can check out here. In reference to that post, I promised that i’ll put something else as my second gift to others. And here it is. 

My very own long long long list of Christmas Tutorials for you to try and experiment with. :) 100 Christmas tutorials mixed with Photoshop, Illustrator, Brushes and icons which I have pain stakenly taken time to search so that others can have a good list. Hav fun with the list.


Christmas Icons

Smashing Christmas Icons

Santa Claus – so cute!    



Polar Express







Christmas Brushes

Snowflake Brush    

Pixie Dust Trails brushes by ~rL-Brushes


Christmas brushes by =flina


Christmas Decorations by *imthinkingoutloud


christmas brushes by ~coolwing



Pine Brushes MEGA PACK by *hawksmont


crystal xmas miniatures by ~sapphire88


Feathers by ~probably-edible


ChristmasTreeBrushes by ~markyfan


Ischarm Christmas Brushes by ~ischarm





Christmas Balls With Reflection

Christmas Balls With Reflection

Christmas Red Gifts Wallpaper

Christmas Red Gifts Wallpaper

Christmas Red Decor 

Christmas Red Decor

Two Christmas Ornaments

Two Christmas Ornaments

 3 Christmas Balls With Reflection

3 Christmas Balls With Reflection

3D Christmas Grunge Presents

3D Christmas Grunge Presents

Red Background with Christmas Ornaments

Red Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornament Wallpaper

Christmas Ornament Wallpaper

Comic Christmas Tree

Green Illustrated Christmas Tree

Stardust Christmas Tree E-Card

Santa Claus E-Card

Christmas Greeting Card

Merry Christmas Greeting Card Web 2.0 Style

Draw Rudolph The Reindeer

Glowing Christmas Tree

Draw a Glowing Candle 

Frosty the Snowman In Snowy Landscape

Two Christmas Ball Ornaments

Snowglobe Tutorial

Starry Christmas Tree with Swirls


Starry Christmas Tree With Shinning Star

Holly Leaf Tutorial

Christmas Constallation 

Seasons Greetings With A Candle Stand

Snowman And Snowy Trees

Christmas Lights Tutorial

Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Blue Starry Christmas Tree

Hanging Gifts with Snowflakes

Draw a Shiny Christmas Ornament

Snowy Landscape Illustration

Moonlight in the sky

Christmas Wallpaper With Stars and Ornaments

Draw a Pretty Girl as Santa’s Helper

Illustrated Christmas Tree With Swirls

Draw a Santa Face

Draw Santa’s Sleigh With Presents

Winter Wonderland Illustration

Snowflake Wallpaper

Frosty the Snowman

Holiday Bows

Golden Christmas Silhoutte 

Snowflake Wallpaper

Snowflake Wallpaper

Christmas Holly Wreath Illustration

Christmas Greeting Card

Christmas Ornaments on Green Wallpaper

Abstract Christmas Tree

Santa in Winterland

Shiny Christmas Stocking

Design a Christmas Bell

Draw Santa’s Hat

Vista Chirstmas Wallpaper

Draw A Blue Festive Candle

Blue Christmas Wallpaper

Christmas Ornaments on Illustrator

Stylised Christmas Tree 

Golden Ornament

Cool Christmas Dot E-Card

Blue and White Tree Christmas Card

Glowing Christmas Lights on A Reindeer

Christmas Tree Illustration

Christmas Tree Illustration

Christmas Tree Illustration

Snowy Christmas Tree

Happy Santa





Christmas Web Layouts


Design a Christmas Website

Web christmas content box  

Christmas Tree Web 2.0 Button

“Christmas Gifts” WordPress Theme 

Vermilion Christmas WordPress Theme

Christmas Tree Web 2.0 Button

Christmas Tree Web 2.0 Button

Christmas Tree Web 2.0 Button

Christmas Font Effect


Snow on Text

Frosty Ice Text Effect


Christmas Is Coming 8

It’s the season of the year which i enjoy the most. I just have this happy and light feeling whenever Christmas is about to come around. Listening to christmas carols, special collection of songs sung by our favourite pop artist, to see all the snowy decor hung on the walls. Ohh just little silly things that are ‘suppose’ to represent christmas. It’s not about the presents under the christmas tree. It’s not about the cookies or the stockings or the chestnuts roasting by the fire (well we don’t have a fire here anyway).

It’s a time to share, love and give. Hence I spent some time to make for you guys a wallpaper. :) My gift to ya’ll and my second gift will be coming up soon. Wait for 25th Dec.



This wallpaper is 1280x 800. If it can’t fit on your desktop let me know and I’ll make another one.. I should actually..Anyways. Right click on this to download Aronil Xmas Wallpaper  and save the link as a jpg.


And a more simpler one.Same thing, right click here to download Aronil Xmas Wallpaper 2. :) Have fun!