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The Boy Diaries Part 3 340

After my last ,and .. I would like to make another stand on the male species.. or rather a negative stand.

I think it completely rare that at any point a girl would be able to find a guy who is even close to not being ‘guy-like’. What do i mean……. Men have this incoherent and ridiculous behaviour of taking everything at ease – especially when it comes to matters of the heart, where they just couldn’t care less about how you the girl feels over a particular matter. Men can be an insensitive blabs.

Prove me wrong I don’t care..

Half the time I would think boys who are with girls do not take into consideration the things that the girls do for them. Even when the girls do not wish to do what they are asked of.

For example the silliness of thinking that all girls should cook, hence oh if the boy is busy playing a game, it is the rightful duty of the girl to cook something for the lazy oaf. If she doesn’t then he will go into a whine of ooohh you aren’t taking care of me… you would rather see me starve, then and only then will he get off his butt to go and make his own food.. The girl is at a losing end here.. doesn’t matter which she chooses to cook or not to cook, she will be taken for granted.

Oh and another example. I do not understand you men. A girl prefers to look good when she goes out. But the irony is that when she starts going out with you (the boyfriend) too often, she finds her efforts of preening herself in front of the mirror to look good are wasted. The bf will not look at you and go off you look nice. No… he doesn’t say anything.. Rather he will either ask why are you wearing make up or he will not say anything nice at all. Then later when the girlfriend goes out with her friends, and she starts getting all dolled up, he will then say ‘Ohh…. you’ve never dressed up this for me before when we go out..’


Like WHAT???? WTH are you saying????? We did dress up for you, we did lok nice for you but did you notice? No!! You noticed the next thing with boobs on the street. Like WTH!!! And you can dare say that we didn’t dress up for you. Ho insensitive can you get?

Here’s another example. The girlfriend goes all out and all out to find out ways to help you with a problem, doesn’t matter what it is. She will all various ways to solve it. But what is the boyfriend doing? He is on his darn butt playing on the computer! Another WTH!!!! He won’t even look at the solutions that she has provided rather he goes on another long way to find his own solution. My gosh!! As for the poor girlfriend, not only does she end up with her time wasted.. when she wants help with something, the boyfriend can’t help at all. Why? One because the boyfriend never asks whether the gf wants help, he would rather go on instead to say something that is completely off topic and make matters worse..

So yeah… Men are INSENSITIVE….

Let me fume for the time being… peh!

The Dark Knight Lost? 538

I just came back from the cinema again after watching for a second time.

I’m still BLOWN AWAY!

I don’t care how many times you let me watch that movie, I don’t think I could get sick of it. I knew I was going to watch it again with Mister G, hence i purposely allowed myself to slip away from certain things for the first time I watched it. So i kept my eye open even more to notice little things which i hadn’t noticed before. The one thing i enjoy about watching movies with Mister G – other than the fact i get to hold his hand in the cinema – is how i get to tell him about some trivia or behind the scenes stuff which i found either online or through articles and also by the fact, we start to discuss about a film after having seen it. It’s a lot of fun having a good talk out session with him even though we end up in a bit of a debate in the process.

***note for those who have not yet seen the movie, please turn away NOW – you have been warned!***


It’s all… part of the plan… wa hahahahahahahaha

You know despite the fact the JOker keeps on insisting that he has no plan, I think he is a down right hypocrite.. everything he did… seemed like a well thought out plan. If not why would he have to keep on asking or looking at his watch whether his schemes have taken place.


So who is the victim here? The clown who believes that the city is governed by too many rules? The man who fights for justice but on his terms? Or the man who lost everything in order to save the city from bad men?

Anyway the debate was about differences in premises.

He believes that the Joker won in the end and managed a ‘checkmate’ position where everything he had hoped for fell to his advantage. Meaning not only did he manage to get Harvey Dent mad, making him lose his reputation and die, but in the process he made Batman into a wanted man, because Batman had to take the fall of Harvey Dent in order to ensure the people still had hope for some sort of good in the corrupted city. In this, the Joker had caused Batman to go from being a hero to a zero, a person who is against the law. So either way, Joker won in that sense.


I just needed a reason to put this poster up :) cause it’s the first time i’m seeing it.

Where as I believe that the Joker only managed to ‘eat the queen’ and didn’t get to confirm the death of the ‘king’. My argument is the Joker didn’t not get his wish of causing people to lose hope in goodness, he did not get to see people be as sick as him. He did not get to see the citizens of Gotham City lose hope in a person who is able to help them. I believe the Joker wanted the people to realise that they could not trust anyone, that they have no one to turn too. That everyone is just out to save their own skin. The Joker did not get to see the two ships being blown to smithereens and the citizens did not see the wrong doing of the man they believed in. So to me i don’t think the Joker won.


The Dark Knight takes on the blame of the wrongs of another... does that make him a fallen hero?

I don’t know what do you people think? Do you think at the end of the movie, the Joker won what he had set out to do? Or do you think some level of justice still prevailed and the Joker’s wishes were ruined?