VO for Bible Explorer Series 1,178

On Monday I had met up with the rest of the Footstool Players group to do some voice over recording for the Children Bible Explorer Series. A sorta storytelling, game and quiz flash output meant to teach the stories of the Bible to children.

The Children Bible Explorer Series is produced by Pristine World. The voice recording which is still on going for this week, is the third installment of the series. The first one was called Genesis Vol , followed by Genesis Vol 2 and Genesis Vol 3.

Bible Explorer Series Genesis Vol 1,2 and 3

The one we’re currently involved is a continuation of the series called The Gospel Story.

You can find out more about the books and cds at their website. The purpose of the book and cd is to give a more interesting manner of how we can tell the wonderful stories from the book of Genesis. Children will be able to see the characters come alive and then at the end of the story, they can try out the quiz and games to test their memory and how much they understand about each situations. I was giving the quiz on The Ten Commandments a try. I was suppose to arrange all the Ten Commandments in order within a time span of 30 seconds… and I failed miserably :( …. pressure laaaaa, but I got one right! Also not easy without a mouse… ^_P

Here we are at the recording studio in Seksyen 17, which is have to admit was a bit hard to find at first. I’m not familiar with the area and furthermore, it was really hidden. But I will Thank God for such a thing called GPS and Google Maps. Two beautiful things that should always be with you on the road. Now if only the GPS was free connection!!

director and author, peter hard at work

Colin Kirton, our VO director who happens to also be playing the voice of Jesus.. Oooohh pressure!! :P And right next to him is Peter C.T. Lim. He is the writer and producer for the entire Children Bible Explorer Series. On the laptop he’s showing me a couple of shots of what the characters we will be VO-ing for. This is also to give us an idea of what the character is suppose to sound like.

This is what Sky Studio looks like. And there we have Jon Tan standing dawning on the guitar to strum us a couple of tunes while we waited for our turn.


This is the sound editing room. Samuel, having a read on the otherside of the mirror while Eu Bing, is getting prepped. Eu Bing’s and Colin’s favourite word of the day after that was “taught”.. hehe. You try pronouncing the word taught not like thought. ^_P


Us inside the recording room.


Colin giving us direction on how to do a crowd scene.. not so easy.. lol. But that was loads of fun!!


Part of the voice over cast (L-R) Ian Ng, Soon Wei, Me, Rudi, Peter, Samuel and Jon Tan.

Till the next update ^_^