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Going in Deep 425

For the past couple of days, I’ve been a little up tight.. ever since Thursday to be precise. It’s already bad enough that I have been rushing to and fro all over the place for not just rehearsals and interview and in between meeting a possible client… There will be at least one minor thing which will just cause my days to go even more topsy turvy.

On Friday, I had met up with Colin (and i’m still sorrryyyyyyy) to rehearse our piece “A Late Lunch” (ALL) for the stage performance called “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” this coming September. The piece in general is about the relationship between a father and daughter… I’ll just end it at that.

The wonderful thing I love about the scripts i’m working with here, is that there is tons of layering for the characters. A few weeks back, i was just scraping the surface of the characters i had to play (as the rest of the gang i would gather). As the weeks progress though, we are getting deeper with the characters we need to empathise with.

The past few rehearsals, i usually choose not to draw much on emotional feelings cause well – i didn’t know if it would be a appropriate or not, or would it look too much or something – so i just ran through the lines, just trying to gather what i can most about the character. On Friday and even today (both Footstool Players rehearsal dates) I drew on a string which i didn’t want to bring out at first.

The piece ALL ended up with me breaking down – just enough for my character. What i was quite surprised with was when i just allow the emotions to come out, i got a better understanding of the character. Usually when we rehearse, Colin will ask whether i have any new thoughts on my character.. Most of the time I have answered no, nothing new to me yet… However, unearthing the feelings, brought a new sense of ‘aha’, like why is my character saying this and it gives a better thought process as well. Personally… i didn’t want to get in touch with emotions just yet…. i know i can but, just my worry that one i may get depressed about it or two.. i will lose the emotion later on. Cause hey! Bare in mind we have to do this continuously for a few nights. Wahhhh cham laaa. lol.

I am thoroughly enjoying my rehearsal process, albeit a bit short at the moment. Even more so now that we will be on a break for a quite a bit before the next rehearsal. We’ll make time for one another ^_^  Gosh… life is busy.. entertaining… sobering and just well.. sigh… it’s moment like these i cherish a lot. Performing and the hard work just puts a smile on my face..despite all the stress it may give sometimes. Let’s see how much deeper we can go in uncovering the layers. ^_^

Over Multi Tasking 0

This is what gets me annoyed sometimes.

This image was taken from CartoonStock, pls visit them.

You how you say a woman can multi task a lot easier than a man. Yes it is true – for some. But sometimes I really hate multi tasking. Especially when it involves people asking me to do things which is not really my job or purpose anyway and yet I help them anyway because i’m doing it as a favour. And then when I do that favour, they start rushing me.

The thing with a lot of us, is that we are impatient, and because of that we always end up asking people to hurry up. Finish something up faster. Come on move move move, what are you doing just standing there doing nothing. And then even worse is when they ask you to hurry up cause they want something out fast, and you can’t do anything about it.. because hey the net is down or there is something wrong with the computer. Like it kena (got hit by) virus or maybe the comp hung.

I mean arrrghhhh…

Sometimes I would almost think we don’t have even enough time for some ‘personal business’. Hence we just bring it all out with us.

Then worst of all, is because you multi task too much, i get very frustrated and then i can’t really focus. When you can’t focus you end up making mistakes or your brain will go on a freeze and you just can’t seem to think straight.

Just….. arggghhhhhhh…. enough!!





To multi task or not to multi task. That is the question!

List of Online Video Converters 0

Tony was the person who mentioned to me about getting the latest Real Player a while back and ever since then I have been happily downloading a number of youtube videos that I would like to keep. However the problem with downloading them is that they are saved as FLV format, which is usually only playable with either VLC player or with Real Player itself.

So say i need to edit something, or i want to convert it into a different format so that it can be watched across all computers. The most well used video format I would think is safest to go with is either AVI or WMV. Before on my old desktop i did have a converter to convert the files from FLV -> AVI. But I don’t have the program anymore, so best bet is to find stuff online.

Here is my list of the available Online Video Converters out there. These are just the ones i prefer and find reliable.

    Vixy was the first one i started using and it has served me well. I’m happy to also say that it has finally come out with it’s latest desktop version converter.

  2. Media Converter
    Media converter is another one which i enjoy using, mostly because it is so clean in its look and you can also customise how your end video product will be.


  3. Zamzar
    I experimented with Zamzar last year and it’s not too bad but not a complete fav of mine because it was just a bit slow. It also allows you to convert video files from your pc online and then download it once it’s done.


  4. Flv To
    I haven’t tried this one out yet, but it looks promising

    Flv to

  5. Catch Video
    Catch video’s layout is very very friendly showing all the type of conversions available straight on the homepage. They seem to be doing a tie up with the social platform Moli at the moment too. Don’t know how that is working out.

    Catch Video

    Mux ia another one that is easy to use. Similar to Zamzar, it also gives you the option to convert files form either your pc or straight off from the web. You can even send videos to your phone. Mux also looks to be another video community.


There you have it my happy list of video converters. Tell me if you see an even better one out there. ^_^

A Higer Rep 220

For a while now I have been using Intense Debate to help me manage my comments and also reply back to them faster. I am a very veyr happy user, although it was a bit unstable at the start – in terms of importing and exporting comments. Now I can safely say that the it’s working like a charm. Why do I love it even more is because I get to reply back to my friends via email instead of having to go straight to blog and reply via there.

On Intense Debate there is this little thing at the side of your profile picture icon that will show what is reputation like.

“Commenters on your blog are held accountable by fellow readers with our voting and reputation mechanism”

“Gain authority through a reputation system that follows you”


Since they have the reputation/ comment voting (please allow me to be happy and narcissistic for a while :P ) I was quite delighted to see my reputation points go up. Reason being cause I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it go up. Seeing it just at 0p was quite .. well.. sad :S

Came to a point i usually just flick my eyes over from the point system and can’t be bothered with it. Till i actually saw a wonderful green on it and this is what I saw..


To be honest.. i still don’t quite get how it went up.. So if anyone could be so kinds as to explain.. Much obliged ^_^

VO for Bible Explorer Series 1,178

On Monday I had met up with the rest of the Footstool Players group to do some voice over recording for the Children Bible Explorer Series. A sorta storytelling, game and quiz flash output meant to teach the stories of the Bible to children.

The Children Bible Explorer Series is produced by Pristine World. The voice recording which is still on going for this week, is the third installment of the series. The first one was called Genesis Vol , followed by Genesis Vol 2 and Genesis Vol 3.

Bible Explorer Series Genesis Vol 1,2 and 3

The one we’re currently involved is a continuation of the series called The Gospel Story.

You can find out more about the books and cds at their website. The purpose of the book and cd is to give a more interesting manner of how we can tell the wonderful stories from the book of Genesis. Children will be able to see the characters come alive and then at the end of the story, they can try out the quiz and games to test their memory and how much they understand about each situations. I was giving the quiz on The Ten Commandments a try. I was suppose to arrange all the Ten Commandments in order within a time span of 30 seconds… and I failed miserably :( …. pressure laaaaa, but I got one right! Also not easy without a mouse… ^_P

Here we are at the recording studio in Seksyen 17, which is have to admit was a bit hard to find at first. I’m not familiar with the area and furthermore, it was really hidden. But I will Thank God for such a thing called GPS and Google Maps. Two beautiful things that should always be with you on the road. Now if only the GPS was free connection!!

director and author, peter hard at work

Colin Kirton, our VO director who happens to also be playing the voice of Jesus.. Oooohh pressure!! :P And right next to him is Peter C.T. Lim. He is the writer and producer for the entire Children Bible Explorer Series. On the laptop he’s showing me a couple of shots of what the characters we will be VO-ing for. This is also to give us an idea of what the character is suppose to sound like.

This is what Sky Studio looks like. And there we have Jon Tan standing dawning on the guitar to strum us a couple of tunes while we waited for our turn.


This is the sound editing room. Samuel, having a read on the otherside of the mirror while Eu Bing, is getting prepped. Eu Bing’s and Colin’s favourite word of the day after that was “taught”.. hehe. You try pronouncing the word taught not like thought. ^_P


Us inside the recording room.


Colin giving us direction on how to do a crowd scene.. not so easy.. lol. But that was loads of fun!!


Part of the voice over cast (L-R) Ian Ng, Soon Wei, Me, Rudi, Peter, Samuel and Jon Tan.

Till the next update ^_^

Dirt Championship 0

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