Going in Deep

For the past couple of days, I’ve been a little up tight.. ever since Thursday to be precise. It’s already bad enough that I have been rushing to and fro all over the place for not just rehearsals and interview and in between meeting a possible client… There will be at least one minor thing(…)

Over Multi Tasking

This is what gets me annoyed sometimes. This image was taken from CartoonStock, pls visit them. You how you say a woman can multi task a lot easier than a man. Yes it is true – for some. But sometimes I really hate multi tasking. Especially when it involves people asking me to do things(…)

List of Online Video Converters

Tony was the person who mentioned to me about getting the latest Real Player a while back and ever since then I have been happily downloading a number of youtube videos that I would like to keep. However the problem with downloading them is that they are saved as FLV format, which is usually only(…)

A Higer Rep

For a while now I have been using Intense Debate to help me manage my comments and also reply back to them faster. I am a very veyr happy user, although it was a bit unstable at the start – in terms of importing and exporting comments. Now I can safely say that the it’s(…)

VO for Bible Explorer Series

On Monday I had met up with the rest of the Footstool Players group to do some voice over recording for the Children Bible Explorer Series. A sorta storytelling, game and quiz flash output meant to teach the stories of the Bible to children. The Children Bible Explorer Series is produced by Pristine World. The(…)

Dirt Championship

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