Blog Dates – Part #1 0

This post is way outdated, but it was planned to be that way.

A whole bunch of us bloggers had met up yesterday to watch the movie “Definitely, Maybe” starring Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, Kevin Kline and Abigail Breslin. It’s a romance comedy with Ryan acting as the dad of Maya played by Abigail who is intent on learning how her parents came to be when she learned about sex education at school one day. Her dad takes her on a long ride to tell her, that love is not so easy, but terribly complicated as we see. A very touching and moving story, especially on the part of the Abigail (who made me cry!) Love is really complicated and while I wished on one hand that it was as simple as Abigail or any fairytale would be told.. it’s not..

Anyway that’s another story :)

You can read on how the movie thing came about here.

We all met at Cinemaleisure at around 12 plus. Some came early some came late and so since my point of contact was dahling Pammie. and she wasn’t there yet, so I took a walk around the Curve’s Bazaar. I saw the cutest little T-shirts, you know the one with statements on them and this is going to be a new hobby. Hope to find more of these around.

After Pam and I had a good time soaking in the sun and burning our pockets with Tees, we headed on yo Cineleisure to meet up with the group at McDonald’s for lunch and boy were we hungry. But i have to say the McD’s downstairs is ridiculously small! That was until I found out they had another spot upstairs..

And thus begins the tale of the “Definitely, Maybe – Blogger Date” ^_^

These are the people who managed to turn up for the outing, in alphabetical order ^_^

  1. Aaron Ho
  2. amb3r1te
  3. Aronil – Me of course
  4. Choo Hwei Ming
  5. David
  6. Dillon
  7. Joshuaoys
  8. Kellster
  9. Michelle
  10. Nadia
  11. Nigelais
  12. Pamsong
  13. Randy Knoo
  14. Sheon
  15. Stanley
  16. Yap Thomas
  17. Yatz

Oh remember the movie I told you the girls are starring in, and did I mention Yap Thomas is in it too ^_^

Here ya go: Kudos to Nigelais for doing this.

Definitely Maybe Blog Poster

I had a real great time guys.. now look out for part two of Blog Dates!! :)