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Here’s The Story.. 1,286

Before I continue with everything else. Let me just put up the post of my string of bad unfortunate circumstances that happened to me in the past 3 days.

First on Friday night, my battery was down to just one bar. About an hour later, the battery had completely drained from my phone, which left my phone dead. So since i was out, what could i do but wait till i get back to the house to charge it. Ok that’s great, so get home and charge it no biggie. Plugged it up and then left it to charge, but I didn’t turn it on. I went back to my phone 6 hours later..this was around 5am, tried turning it on but all it gave me was a bright white screen… eehhh??

Dead Phone

Tried turning it on again later but it was still the white screen… ngggeehhh?? Right so which means my phone ain’t working brilliant. That was Friday night and didn’t do anything bout it during the weekend because the place was closed and someone kept insisting on having ‘ONE GOOD GAME’ first!

I took it to repair and because my darn phone was bought in Singapore, I can’t get any warranty. So not only did i have to pay for my phone being checked, all my contacts were wiped out, due to them needing to reformat.

So one down… = Phone died.

Then came Sunday. On Sunday I had woken up to find that my site was terribly down. Down in the sense:

  • I could not access the control panel at all,
  • I could not access my ftp account,
  • I could not go in to my admin page at all

All I got was this…


Which left me dumbfounded. I didn’t understand as to what was happening at all. My site was fine at 3something in the morning while I was still up. But apparently according to my Nuffnang stats the website had gone down around 4am on the 28th of April 2008. Yeah I’m making it sound like a news paper read…bleh.

I couldn’t access anything, which made me really upset and yes this is the same webhost that I have been having issues with that I had mention in this post. I thought shifting to the new host WebhostingBuzz, because of the carbon neutral thing, would be a good thing, but sad to say, after a good stint for about 2 months, the site crashed. Sigh…… Reason behind was because they had an outage on the 25th of April. Causing them I think the need to transfer to another HDD. So that transfer had caused the site to be down. I don’t know the technicalities of it, but from my understanding everything is back up again.

I hold no grudges towards the and I’m very sure that they have some happy clients, but I wasn’t. In fact I was terribly miserable. Maybe you could just say that it was just not working out between me and that webhost provider. Which happens i suppose. I give kudos however to their Customer support that was pretty prompt in updating me with every single thing.

Two down = Website down.

Next of course since I didn’t backup my latest posts, at least 40 posts worth of hard work and comments (The precious comments) all gone… sigh…

Same goes for my phone. Contacts gone.. means manual backup.. sigh.

Three down = Lost posts and Lost contacts.

However I couldn’t take it anymore.

So I switched over to this one by another recommendation by Reuben who happen to own BolehVPN an online service (which I shall blog about later). Bless that boy’s soul, for he recommended to me. I have to say I’m very VERY VERY impressed so far by their service. Right now I have already bought a hosting by Shinjiru, Exabytes, WebhostingBuzz and now Ipserverone.

Of all the four, I can tell you that the first three it took like 1-2 days to settle activation and get my control panel details. But with Ipserverone I was delighted to get all the details within the next half hour. Whoooaaa like super fast. And the support guy Lee was really helpful, I received an email from him even at 12midnight…sheesh and asked whether he sleeps

So yeah I was quite happy that everything was getting back to being settled. Now everything is on Ipserverone. Domain and Hosting, let’s see how it goes from here.

And that was the drama…..

Ah well…

How To Be – ???? 0

These two boys are just tooooo free. Mister G’s bros found this on Youtube and it is hilarious!!!!!!! You have Ryann Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi who are both I would assume Japanese born American, for they are some of the few Japanese that I have heard speaking fluent english. ^_P

See lessons on “How To Be Ninja”….HAI!

They even made a series for it on the “How tos”

“How to be Gangster”

“How to be Emo”

and probably the funniest of the lost “How to Be Nerd”

Go check these dudes out hahahhahaha.

We Are INNIT-ANS!!!! Viral this! 637

I’m sure that some of you would’ve seen on the Nuffnang community called Innit, there was a horde of posts called “Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang”. Hehehe

This is very true and it’s so cool!! It all began with us going for the movie “Definitely, Maybe” and this is the result after all 17 of us met up to watch the movie. A very serious case of advertising for not just the movie but our overall event!

You of all the viral marketings out there. I want to say that this is probably a first that i’ve been really really involved with one. I’m proud to say that what those big companies always talking about trying to penetrate some community. This is how its done peeps!! No viral marketing can work without some offline planning which is what this picture shows. Take a look at that man.


The longest thread ever!!!! We have like 500 over emails in the span of just 5 days. And a new thing we found out, everytime gmail hits 100 for a thread, it automatically generates another email thread for the email group. A sneak peak at what transpired here. Click to view a bigger picture.


Just take a look how the sequence of the Innit

Top 10 posts of the day slowly changed to only “Definitely, Maybe” posts. Last night I took a shot of it. And Hwei Ming managed to hit the roof with it first. :)


The only post that was not with “Definitely Maybe” title was Pink Pau’s. Which soon according to the rest became top 10. Wooohoooo


Yay all of us managed to make it to Top 10 on the innit community. The bloggers who were involved with this are as follows:

(Hwei Ming)
(Pam Song)
(Randy Khoo)

And I also want to give a special mention to these other bloggers who decided to blog about this crazy memory. Calling out to David Lian and this other dude from Singapore, AndyStorm who got inspired too hehee.

Oh and the words from Timothy.. he was not going to scold us!! Althought he did say we were very very noisy :P

Tim on DGMB

Amindo 0

Client: Amindo Packaging

Release Date: April 2008

Load Website: Amindo Mock Site


Amindo Company is a one-stop source for packaging. Since 1997, Amindo have been dedicated to meeting customers’ requirements. This commitment has promoted a level of quality and service that reflects the highest standards and efficiency in the industry.

Amindo requested a mock design for their website. The original design of the website was created by another graphic designer and they wanted to see what it would look like on a live site.

The following are screenshots of the mock site.

Blog Dates – Part #1 0

This post is way outdated, but it was planned to be that way.

A whole bunch of us bloggers had met up yesterday to watch the movie “Definitely, Maybe” starring Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, Kevin Kline and Abigail Breslin. It’s a romance comedy with Ryan acting as the dad of Maya played by Abigail who is intent on learning how her parents came to be when she learned about sex education at school one day. Her dad takes her on a long ride to tell her, that love is not so easy, but terribly complicated as we see. A very touching and moving story, especially on the part of the Abigail (who made me cry!) Love is really complicated and while I wished on one hand that it was as simple as Abigail or any fairytale would be told.. it’s not..

Anyway that’s another story :)

You can read on how the movie thing came about here.

We all met at Cinemaleisure at around 12 plus. Some came early some came late and so since my point of contact was dahling Pammie. and she wasn’t there yet, so I took a walk around the Curve’s Bazaar. I saw the cutest little T-shirts, you know the one with statements on them and this is going to be a new hobby. Hope to find more of these around.

After Pam and I had a good time soaking in the sun and burning our pockets with Tees, we headed on yo Cineleisure to meet up with the group at McDonald’s for lunch and boy were we hungry. But i have to say the McD’s downstairs is ridiculously small! That was until I found out they had another spot upstairs..

And thus begins the tale of the “Definitely, Maybe – Blogger Date” ^_^

These are the people who managed to turn up for the outing, in alphabetical order ^_^

  1. Aaron Ho
  2. amb3r1te
  3. Aronil – Me of course
  4. Choo Hwei Ming
  5. David
  6. Dillon
  7. Joshuaoys
  8. Kellster
  9. Michelle
  10. Nadia
  11. Nigelais
  12. Pamsong
  13. Randy Knoo
  14. Sheon
  15. Stanley
  16. Yap Thomas
  17. Yatz

Oh remember the movie I told you the girls are starring in, and did I mention Yap Thomas is in it too ^_^

Here ya go: Kudos to Nigelais for doing this.

Definitely Maybe Blog Poster

I had a real great time guys.. now look out for part two of Blog Dates!! :)

World Visions Skip A Meal Campaign 164

Do you know what it’s like to feel hungry? Of course you do and naturally you will head on down to the fridge in a comfy home pop it open to get a snack. That settles hungry.

But what about extreme hunger? Do you know what it’s like to not eat at all for a whole day? And I’m not talking about fasting which allows you to settle your tummy either in the morning or at night. I’m talking about where you far from the grasps of food. You are not able to find any and worse still you can’t touch any.

Imagine if it wasn’t you, but it was this child in the picture..

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

And it is a reality….

Did you know that

“Half the world — nearly 3 billion people — live on less than two dollars a day”

Those of us like you and me, who are more fortunate can make a difference for those people who do not have enough in their pockets to feed not only themselves but their children. Thanks to my friend Joanne that World Vision is having a campaign called “Skip A Meal Today”.

Join in the fight to conquer hunger. All you have to do is just skip one meal and use that money to provide a bowl of rice or noodles in front of a hungry child in Sabah or North Korea. It’s that simple!

Skip breakfast : RM 10 – Will give 2 Orang Asli children three decent meals a day
Skip lunch : RM 20 – Will feed 5 Orang Asli children three meals a day
Skip dinner : RM50 – Will provide an entire year’s worth of lunch for a North Korean child

Click here to go to the actual site of Skip a Meal Today Campaign

Or go to the World Vision blog to view a video of a man who tried to starve himself to understand what it meant to be in hunger.

If you want to also help spread the word and support this cause use this banner.

Skip a meal Banner Large

This is the code for it.

<p align=”center”><a href=””>
<img src=””></a></p>

I have made a special one for my site. A slightly smaller one for the sidebar.


This is the code for the small banner. But please right click and save it on to your own website.

<p align=”center”><a href=””>
<img src=””></a></p>


This is the code for another banner I made but animated. Please right click and save it on to your own website.

<p align=”center”><a href=””>
<img src=””></a></p>