Here’s The Story..

Before I continue with everything else. Let me just put up the post of my string of bad unfortunate circumstances that happened to me in the past 3 days. First on Friday night, my battery was down to just one bar. About an hour later, the battery had completely drained from my phone, which left(…)

How To Be – ????

These two boys are just tooooo free. Mister G’s bros found this on Youtube and it is hilarious!!!!!!! You have Ryann Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi who are both I would assume Japanese born American, for they are some of the few Japanese that I have heard speaking fluent english. ^_P See lessons on “How To(…)


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Blog Dates – Part #1

This post is way outdated, but it was planned to be that way. A whole bunch of us bloggers had met up yesterday to watch the movie “Definitely, Maybe” starring Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, Kevin Kline and Abigail Breslin. It’s a romance comedy with Ryan acting as the dad of Maya played by(…)