Uploading images to Blogger Sucks 1,415

I did write at one point the good thing about Blogger, but now I would like to go back to being anti-blogger.

I hate Blogger’s uploading images process.

It is entirely unfriendly, first off you have to upload images one by one, which sucks. The other thing I hate, is once you upload it thats it, you can’t retrieve it back to edit the placing, the size, the link it’s suppose to lead to.. Nada! No flexibility ick ick ick!

And then once you upload the images… where do they go? I have no idea… they just disappear

Blogger Upload Image Process

Unlike WordPress that has image plugins to customize how you would like upload images. The one I’m using is Flexible upload By Antoine Choppin, Version: 1.9. Why do i love that plugin well it allows me to do this. I can upload mutiple images at once,Describe them however I want and set how big I want the thumbnail to be.

Furthermore at least, I know where my images go to when I upload them on wordpress, it’s in my server.

Wordpress Image Uploader

The thing about webdesigns or picky people. We love customizations :) Ohh the joy of customizing

Flexible Upload