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Happy Easter Everyone 0

Finally I did manage to put up a header that was well before the actual event. ^_^

I want to wish everyone A Blessed Easter today…

Some of us would like to think that everything is happy wappy, it’s about the easter bunny coming his way to give away colourful eggs, in big baskets and to look for hidden chocolate bunnies in the grass. Yeah it sounds like a child book fairy tale or fantasy….

To be honest I don’t think I should have put the easter bunny on the header, because in truth that isn’t what easter about. It’s not about the cute bunnies or the colourful eggs. One can read more of how Easter came to be here.

Easter Morning
The image here was taken from Lifesfavors. Do visit them for some beautiful Christian Graphics.

It is about us humans on this earth, realising that we have actually been saved and we have something to hope for on this painful plane we call home for now. This was the time of the last few days before Jesus was crucified on the cross and it was by his blood drained from Him that we the sinners of the world can have the chance to be connected with our Loving Creator up in the heavens. The story gets happier, for Jesus did not die but rose from the grave and was reunited with His friends for a while before returning to His Father’s side.

That thought and fact needs to be reminded in my heart, for whatever it is that I have been busy with. God has been the one graciously providing, everytime when we think times are terrible, He’ll always be there to pick us up and walk with us. To bear our burdens and to leave it with Him. For He knows what is best and because He loves us, that is why even the pain we go through is worth the wait.

All Glory Be To God.

So Once again folks, Have a good Weekend and Happy Good Friday. For it really is good^_^

Guitar Heroes 322

I was watching a scene in Gossip Girl episode 8 where Serena was battling out with Dan’s exgirlfriend on the floor with this plastic looking guitar and her watching this over sized screen trying to follow coloured notes. The game they were playing was Guitar Heroes, which is such a cool game!!!! Yeah ok for those of us who don’t have WI but PS3 this game suffices :) This was the scene.

It is pretty much similar to that of O2Jam and the Dance game you play with the Arrow pad. Anycase what I love about the game is the cool guitar that it comes with!!

It was a nice good ol’ black at first but my ding dong of a brother just had to stick the rock and roll stickers all over it, which in my honest opinion has ruined it. It also cuts and distracts sometimes.

Guitar Heroes 1

Guitar Heroes 2


All the songs are from famous rock artists like Aerosmith, Metallica.. and most of which i never heard of.  You can start of the game by going through practices and tutorials or quickplay which just allows you to play one song. The fun part comes when you are either playing it with two players or playing the career path. The career path will see how well u fair and then it’ll begin with you picking your character, starting your band and getting yourself to a platinum album of some sort. I also fund the tutors – some guy dressed up as Thor and another dressed up his rebellious son, teaching you how to play. My favourite line from the rebellious son “Don’t Suck” everytime i mess up hahaha.

So yeah here is the latest toy in the house! I’m gonna rock so hard and make sure I do well!! Bwahahahahah

Guitar Heroes

I’m going to be narcissistic, Minus the fact I’m looking terrible and the pink shirt with the cat is not working for me but I just love the way I look cute in here :P Ok thats the end of the narcissism.

Our Version of Sakuras 1,073

I love Sakuras. Or also known as Cherry Blossoms that are famous flowers from Japan. If I could see a beautiful sight, I’d pick the autumn season in Japan when the Sakuras would fall down like snowflakes to the ground. It is one beautiful sight captured on pictures so how would it be if it was seen in real life… ooohhh bliss :)

Japanese Sakura

In the midst of my busy busy schedule, I managed to see this wonderful sight. Our own Malaysian version of the falling Sakuras. Every year this tree will bloom beuatiful flowers and I think they are bougainvilleas although i could be wrong… i have no idea what flowers these are. :S But I love looking at them no less.

It’s nice to just step back in all the hectic days and admire some beautiful scenes out there.

Our Version of Sakura

Look at the fallen flowers, gorgeous and breathtaking… not that I can say that for my photography skills but no less, I love the flowers :)

Our Version of Sakura 1

It’s like a soft carpet of pink clouds.

Our Version of Sakura 2

A close up of the darling flowers.

It’s nice to just appreciate the sites around you. It’s very soothing and relaxing. For those in stress i urge that :)