World Contraception Day at KL Plaza 0

I had a lonnngggg day yesterday… echoing the words from the script from “World Contraception Day”. First was the mini musical performance that was held at KL Plaza which, I have shots of. The whole point of World Contraception Day, organised by Bayer, was too actually help info young women of today that, you can help take charge of your life and it doesn’t end just because you have become a wife. I can tell, cause I’m not at that stage in my life yet. But if I think about it, there is an extreme lot of work to do when you have a child. Also in some ways, the freedom that young women once had can be considered gone if you had not intended for a child in the first place.

So “World Contraception Day” which was themed “Your Life” was to encourage women to not have unnecessary pregnancies and to be careful while having unprotected sex. If you wanna have sex be responsible not just for the other partner but more importantly yourself. I tihnk it was a pretty good effort done on Bayers part in getting celebrity faces to market out this campaign, like Mischa Barton (although to be honest I’m not a great fan of her as an actress, but she’d be great as a model).
So have you always wondered about how to have safe sex? How are you going to tell the guy that you ant to be protected? Wanted to have your cake and eat it too?… ok weird phrasing. Basically, if you’d like to know more of how you can avoid unwanted pregnancies and also be more careful with your sex life, you can check out more at Your

And now for the pictures and video. ^_^

Me And Fie,thanks babe for a ll the running around.

Elaine Daly, Levine and Azah.

I’ll put in the video in a while.

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