Updating WordPress to 2.3.1 772

I have just installed the latest WordPress which was 2.3 and I say was because now they have WordPress 2.3.1 out…

Just when I was getting used to 2.3 the new one is now out, which you can download over at WordPress.org. Having said that, I must say that the new WordPress 2.3 has got some neat features which the previous ones didn’t have. No i haven’t read through the articles available on the net to see what is new, I just experience them :P

  1. I love the fact that now they have tags on the write page. Originally i had to install a plugin for a tag section which i can pop in words for each post. But the new wordpress comes with that feature.
  2. There is an advance toolbar at the write post.
    If you notice there is a whole new second bar with stuff like heading format, justification for your posts, the parts that i like is the pasting from word, remove the formatting and cleaning up the messy buttons which is quite handy, especially when there is some html coding that has become all messed up. Its really irritating and I’ve been in that occasion once too many. The advance toolbar looks like so.

    ** I have a third line which if some are wondering, is how I place all my videos into the post. WordPress still can’t handle. I’m using Viper Video Tags, which is absolutely fabulous and helps me with whatever video i want to share here.

  3. Oh and the sidebar what we have is an added member in the post status box. Now we have one more option which is called pending review. How that is very different from draft beats me. Cause in the end if i don’t really like my draft i can always kill it.
  4. Now moving away from the write page, what I found a tad bit a annoying was how if there is a new program, there will be this subtle line in your plugins page or at whatever page your on that there is a new program available, so i have to update pronto… sigh.. not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just annoying.

And yeah i ran out of topics thats why I ended up blogging about wordpress. haha

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