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Hello my people, this thought came to me while I was watching the

Hello people, a thought came to me while I was watching the Jesse McCartney music videos “Just So You Know” and “She’s No You“.

Ok anyways in regards to this post.

I had a recollection of something I read once before in a magazine. I think it was Cosmopolitan and it was an interview with Sandra Bullock. She was just hanging with girlfriends, watching the movie she co-starred with Keanu Reeves, Speed. It was coming to the scene where, if memory serves me right, she and Keanu had just survived the bus crash and were lying on top of one another in a pile of crashed rubbish. She then starts bouncing up and down going “There, there! That was the look! Why can’t I have guys that give me that look?”


Keanu and Sandra = Speed

Or something like that.

The point is that, do girls actually want that look from a guy? Lemme explain by the look I’m referring to here. The look is the look of where the guy is completely and throughly and extremly into the girl. Where they go I’m in the moment and I want to forever stay in the moment but it’s only with you and the whole world is non-existent. It’s like he is saying, all the words of love, like, admiration and what not, just with the human eyes. Time stops right there. Eyes do say a lot as you all know.

Ok I know on my part, I only ever got that look…umm…ummm…ummmmmmm…I’m trying to recall and either I’ve never had ‘The Look’ or maybe i did and it was only a split second till it becomes redundant..yeah…But yeah I think I would like ‘The Look’ one day.

The closest i can recall to ‘The Look’ was during CNY about 3 years back or so and I had opened the door for my then guest… now something else person… It was only then that I got the look which honestly was flattering and made me blush….oh I’m blushing now. Either I had look absolutely fantastic or the guest found me to breathtaking and saw something fresh for that day.
Whatever it is I shall never know and don’t think he’ll tell me.

I’m sure this whole ‘The Look’ is found in a gazillion love songs but I’d like to just show the McCartney video for it. Even though the video doesn’t seem very related to the topic, but just focus on the parts where he is LOOKING at his girl after tons of girls were looking/checking him out.

Enjoy the video and Happy Valentine’s Day to all the singles and couples out there. It’s a commercial day of Love…so they say… So what, the world could use some Love. So here I am giving my expressions of love to you all.

Valentine Bucket

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