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You know how there are times you wish you had a reasonably good photo editor like say.. oh i don’t know… Photoshop! But in the end you are stuck with the slowest of the slow computers in the office (which is quite sad by the way), and you have no choice but to resort to there I say it….Paint!

And then there is the occasional crap I don’t have POWERPOINT on my windows or worse, my presentation looks like crap. Now what?

Well for those who needs a quick tuner, I recommend a few things that maybe of help when you need to fix or spruce up your pictures for a quickie. I’m also going to recommend another super duper cool webware, which i recommend trying.

1. If not go and use PIKIFIX, this I highly recommend. DO yourself a favour and go check it out. It looks like the bottom picture. And also high recommended on Webware. This online feature allows you to put in effects,adjust colours, put in borders, crop, add text and a fair bit more.

    Image Touched Up By www.pikifx.com

Yeap this image above was cropped and not even saved, but all done via web, how cool is that. And that’s what pikifix looks like btw.

Oh and they have other services to like Pikipimp and Piki

2. Now the other Tool I highly recommend is Spresent. An online feature that allows you to create powerpoint presentations, or even presentations with neat flash applications and best of all, you can even embed the presentation into your site/blog! How Cool!.

But if you can really afford it, do get ACDSee 9 Photo Manager (or get it by via means, ahem ahem). Maybe some may not agree with me on this. But I honestly find that this is one powerful program, from mild editing, to browsing your pictures, to renaming a bunch of pictures at a go, cropping, and converting them from PSD to normal JPG… The list could go forever. It is super handy! Below is just an example of what it looks like.


And also get the real Powerpoint 2007 if u can, beautiful piece of work which allows YOU to create beautiful work.

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