John Mayer at Live Earth Press Conference 0

I didn’t really like his music then, up until recently. No it wasn’t because of Live Earth, but rather his music started to grow on me. More so I didn’t like the how my friends were going oohss and ahhhss on him when i was in school. Anyway, I am an avid admirer of John Mayer now. For his extremely good guitar skills and all the the to his personality, the way he carries himself and his sincere thoughts. After I heard about the press conference at Live Earth, John Mayer not only got my admiration but also my respect for his honest opinion on how people are going about whether the message of live earth will get out there. Check it out here.

Followed by his song “Waiting on the World to Change” or more so “Not waiting on the world to change”. Sorry i couldn’t ge a better video.

and i have no idea why he cut it up.. but here’s the ending of it..

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