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Sabra and Dominic on So You Think You Can Dance 108

Ok was searchin about on youtube for some dance routines to give me some inspiration and ohhh mmmmyyyyy gooooooooosshhhh. The third season of The Fox TV series has ended with Sabra as the winner. Good on for that girl, I think she’s a marvelous dancer.

But let me share this beautiful dance between her and Dominic. Oh my gooooowwwsshhh i love the chemistry between these two dancers. And that is the kind of dance I would love to have on day. Not only was the music excellent but so was the routine and the dancers. Sabra and Dominic, from So You Think You Can Dance, you both told a beautiful love story, I thought it was a music video shown live!!! Brialliant job! So Thoroughly romantic.

World Contraception Day at KL Plaza 0

I had a lonnngggg day yesterday… echoing the words from the script from “World Contraception Day”. First was the mini musical performance that was held at KL Plaza which, I have shots of. The whole point of World Contraception Day, organised by Bayer, was too actually help info young women of today that, you can help take charge of your life and it doesn’t end just because you have become a wife. I can tell, cause I’m not at that stage in my life yet. But if I think about it, there is an extreme lot of work to do when you have a child. Also in some ways, the freedom that young women once had can be considered gone if you had not intended for a child in the first place.

So “World Contraception Day” which was themed “Your Life” was to encourage women to not have unnecessary pregnancies and to be careful while having unprotected sex. If you wanna have sex be responsible not just for the other partner but more importantly yourself. I tihnk it was a pretty good effort done on Bayers part in getting celebrity faces to market out this campaign, like Mischa Barton (although to be honest I’m not a great fan of her as an actress, but she’d be great as a model).
So have you always wondered about how to have safe sex? How are you going to tell the guy that you ant to be protected? Wanted to have your cake and eat it too?… ok weird phrasing. Basically, if you’d like to know more of how you can avoid unwanted pregnancies and also be more careful with your sex life, you can check out more at Your

And now for the pictures and video. ^_^

Me And Fie,thanks babe for a ll the running around.

Elaine Daly, Levine and Azah.

I’ll put in the video in a while.

World Contraception Day Update 0

Well peeps, the first Musical Skit, went allllllrriiiighhhtt minus a few hicups here and there, but it was fun and a blast to have performed it with the darling girls, Cindy and Colleen.

We shall be doing the musical skit again, on Saturday at 12pm and 4pm. The lines are already funny enough, but honestly Cindy is just one funny ball altogether. LOL. she can really make me laugh. Colleen is such a sweet and soft girl. She’ll make a great wife one day (no pun intended and no comparison to her character).

Do catch us tomorrow for those who are free, to see us have fun and make a fool outta ourselves.

Move It – YKLS 5th Anniversary 450

Well I just got back from Bangsar Shopping Centre from the YKLS performance called ‘Move it’. And I must say well done guys. The show you put on was great and thoroughly entertaining, albeit surprisingly i found it rather short. Maybe cause i was enjoying myself through out the show. Hehee. But well done all of you ^_^. I personally liked the song depicting ‘horses’, I don’t know how many times you got the lyrics all tangled up lol, but it was well performed.

Anyways, here are some of the pictures that..I managed (sorry i  know no cameras… but too hard to resist), to take since Carrie had delightedly put me directly in the front row. Heh thanks babes and there are pics of you too ^_^. The full album is here.

What I liked most about this group was, other than singing, I really enjoyed their passion for the arts and how well they mingled with one another. Great chemistry, which is so important when in a performing act.

A song by Les Miserables.

Ring around the roses…I think this was the African song.

Carrie doing her stuff

Joel giving the head back all he’s got.

Carrie Still doing her stuff!!

Aaron standing tall.

Finally…. another good picture.

Late Rehearsals for World Contraception Day 1,482

Well, I didn’t blog as much as I’d hope yesterday and why? Because I was rehearsing over at Penny’s place for World Contraception Day. The launch of this awareness campaign starts tomorrow…ackkk… and me and two other lovely ladies shall be performing a musical skit for the onlookers. Its mostly press tomorrow, i gather and we’ll be performing at the One World Hotel, which is located right next to One Utama. Time is round 10-12 in the morning.

The next performance is completely out to public at KL Plaza, which is located along Jalan Bukit Bintang. One of the worse places for jams.

For my friends who are around…. come on over and check it out. Also especially for those who are concern for the sex education thats being taught in our country. I think it would be a good platform for trying to inform people.

Wish me all the best!

My Motivation To Workout – Jessica Biel! 0

It’s not easy to maintain a workout schedule. Hence it’s always good to have some company to encourage you and if you don’t? Well the next best thing is a celebrity to motivate you. I have picked Jessica Biel as my goal body (Ok fine I don’t have the same physique as her, but I can dream). Point is, getting fitter and healthier is great but I need a push. If not from my better half…… =S…..then from an external source.

She’s already got a sweet face, but ever since I saw her in Blade Trinity, I have a brand new perspective of this lady. On top of that, she has beaten Jennifer Lopez i the “nicest butt” category.

All that woman had to do was plug in her earphones into her ipod and her biceps were showing…ooooo… the cutting!!!

What kind of training did you do?

Jessica Biel: I was in the gym six days a week for a couple of hours a day and then an hour of fight training, an hour of archery and a super-strict diet throughout the whole movie.

Was it a lot of heavy weights?

Jessica Biel: Yeah, heavy weightlifting for bulk. To bulk up in the beginning, then once I got to a certain size it was a more a maintaining and lots of cardio to kind of lean as much we can down. That’s why I have those striations down my muscles. Work to build, then maintain, then lean it out as much as we could.

Was the archery training different because of metal arrows?

Jessica Biel: No, we didn’t really start using the metal arrows until we were actually shooting. It didn’t really make much of a difference. All it does is makes the arrow heavier and obviously more dangerous. I mean, it’s a massive metal arrow. It’s just a metal tip really. The actual arrow was metal, I think. Some part of it was metal. But it wasn’t really that different. If I was going to be training for a competition or this movie, the training would still have been the same.”

You can read more of the article here on MovieWeb but if you want the dirt on her workout then and now this is what she did. She had a good mixture of watching her diet, cardio, walking lunges, along with my facourite exercise plyometrics. Totally no need for weights but it gets the job done of ton butt and legs. Read On the full article here.

From what I had read, Jessica Biel was on a super strict diet that banned sugar, dairy, flour and salt…..then what was there to eat?? By the way I also have Ryan Reynolds workout, who looked fantastic for his role in Blade. For the guys if you ever come here, go ahead on to Sixpacknow and read this article on Ryan Reynolds Workout.

Ok fine.. i’ll put a lil eyecandy for the girls…



Yeap ladies… that is alll Ryan. Hehehe