An Inconvenient Truth vs Convenient Truth 67

A bunch of us had gone to watch the movie/documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” that was produced/acted by the man himself- Mr. Al Gore, ex vice-president of the USA during the

Clinton administration.

Ok just to give a lil’ info on the movie. Firstly with the synopsis.

The movie is pretty much a documentary about the effects of Global Warming on earth presented by Al Gore. While some may like to think that the movie is a great way for him to gain supporters for politics, he strongly emphasizes that ‘this is a moral issue’ and not a political one. Judging from the manner he presented the issue (which to be very frank has a very valid point), Gore is passionate about letting people know of the matter at hand.

Besides it is encouraging to know that he isn’t running for presidency straight after this film, despite him getting lots of supporters now and people asking him to actually run for election again.

Anyway, on to the technical bits.

The movie had won the 2007 Academy Award for Documentary Feature and the director Davis Guggenheim, who asked Gore to join himself and other members of the crew on stage. The film also won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Original Song for Melissa Etheridge’s “I Need to Wake Up”.

The film was produced by Paramount Pictures, and released on May 24, 2006, and on DVD on 21 November 2006. 

Before August it surpassed Bowling for Columbine as the third-highest grossing documentary film in U.S. history. Gore has also published a book of the same title which became a bestseller. 

I would love to go on about how global warming starts, but that would take too long. So I’m going to be a passive supporter and direct you to the link which was recommended in the film. So do CLICK HERE to access “An Inconvenient Truth”.

The film makes us realize that we have been taking many things for granted and one of them is our very own home – Planet Earth. It is given that we know we have a place to stay but because of all the madness in the world, we tend to forget that we can also destroy what we take for granted. I am sounding preachy. =P The world may not crumble the following day but true, we are cause of it deteriorating. Humans are such sad cases of destroying that which is beautiful…sigh.