Deception..disgrace 3

Can you see the wounds?
Can you see the hurt?
Can you see the scar?
Can you see the suffering?

What do you see?
A world that you once believed in…
Is nothing more than an illusion to your soul…
All that had seem true is like a broken orb

The home you brought up in,
The people who surround you,
The places you went,
The things that you have done,

What have they all meant to you?
What have they all been for?
What was the purpose of it all?
What is the point of keeping them?

The mind is restless,
Too easily amused by the lies of the world,
It receives the lies,
And take them to be true

The eyes and touch of the human,
Fails just as badly,
For it touches and misses what it cannot have,
And destroys what it wishes not to see.

Each tear shed instead of cooling the skin burns instead,
For that is where we are,
Not in our own paradise
But in actual truth our own hell,

What a marvelous deception,
For people to actually think they can redeem themselves,
All supposed works of a man,
Means so little if not nothing in the end…

Riches they think they have now,
Abilities they think they still sustain,
Righteousness they think they should rightly claim,
Happiness they think they have obtained,

All of it is meaningless,
All of it is a painful and despicable lie,
All of it a deception,
All of it is a disgrace.

O God,
With so much of deceit and selfishness in a human,
How is it that You can still love us so?
How is that You have redeemed us so?

Let all man be liars Lord,
And the Truth spoken in You,
For in our midst of deception
You have saved us with your unfailing and merciful grace

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