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Points of swearing?? 0

Disclaimer: This entry is just voicing out a habit which i just do not prefer.. of myself..and which i think becomes a bad habit of others. It is the truth so bare with me and with this entry. I am sorry if it first of all causes any harm and offence to others. I do not mean for it to do. But i think it is an issue which should actually be resolved in some manner. To just bring a little awareness in ourselves.

Swearing, curses, cusses, obscenities, vulgarities…however you wanna put them or say them, they are still the same. They are all swears.

Personally me as a person, at one point I did not swear. Then after that i was influenced in swearing from reading a book which had the f””” word all over the place. My friend who does swear was shocked because i never swore before that. I shrugged it off at first then later on it hit me. I didn’t like the habit. It was foul and uncool, and most of all, it makes a bad impression on me. It would protray me as a person who is unsophisticated, unphased by manners, and just downright rude. I have my points when i do swear at times yes but even so, I do my utmost to never swear and if not to keep it as mild as possible.

People who swear constantly, like rappers or black movies or adult movies or young adult movies. What is it with the love for the curses? Every single sentence that comes out of their mouth is always full of one swear words which leads into chains of swear words until they finally reach what they want to say.
For example:
Normal: What is the problem?
Swearing: What is you @$%&ing #$%@ ^&% of a problem?

As much as when one is angry, I just don’t think it neccessary for one to go screaming obscenities at one another to show displeasure. Does it really release tension? Does it give off any benefit in the end to the individual or the people around the individual? When people start swearing in public, one instantly knows there is a disagreement of some kind. Swearing in the end finally ruins the picture for people.

One which i particularly do not like is when they bring in obscenities including God’s name. It is a highly respected name which deserves so much praise and adoration and people can just nicely go ahead and use it in blasphemous terms. You are using His name in vain.
Just for example “god d*****t”
How would one like it if instead of putting the name God, try putting in your name, or even your parents name. So it then becomes “James d*****t” or “Ryan d*****t” I am not trying to be funny. I’m trying to point out that these are names which you hold dear to yourselves. So now how bout a name which is divine? Doesn’t one think they should burn for having blasphemised in such a manner?
I once asked what is the problem with swearing…after being in with crowds (no pinpointing) of different groups…i finally understand why. Swearing just hurts…and it does not give off any benefit to anyone. The words are harsh and crude.

I give a lot of credit to people who choose not to cuss in public or anywhere. To me it shows maturity, integrity to oneself and and a sign of respect to others no matter who they are.

I know this goes for everyone, but for girls who do swear. I’m sorry but it just tarnishes the image we would like to portray. If possible try as much as you can to minimise it. Being modern for a women does not mean she does what she wants and be who she wants just for sake of believing that phrase of individuality. Be someone who is righteous…for lack of a better word.

For those who want to defend themselves here for i foresee it. Go ahead you have a right too. But just keep in mind in the end. Do you see a point for swearing? And could one have handled a situation differently?

Let me ask to readers, when one or you swear. Why did you say it? or Who were you saying it too? Was there even a valid reason for you to cuss?

The book that rules all books…THE LORD OF THE RINGS! 1,145

My good people of the third planet from the sun. My loyal readers and visitors, my very dear critiques whom i learn to become a better blogger and fellow boys and girls!This day i acclaim once again how much The Lord of The Rings is fantastic. J.R.R.Tolkien is THE man! Peter Jackson is DA man! Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas and Sam are the MEN! They are all factastic.

Now why can’t the people of loevely Monash allows us to study books like these ad analyse them instead of other post-modernistics books that are just plain well horrible!

The author and the book!
Firstly all praises to GOD for having created such a man with such a descriptive and imaginative mind. The essence of his story tells of not only a world beyond our sight but also it mixes with a wonderful touch of biblical teaching if not some narrative from it.
The fact he took on and old language from the celtic culture and turned it into his own elven language which is now literally studied as a language..(wow) The creation of middle earth and the people. The creation of the different architectures and the scenes…
I can’t speak enough about it as i havne’t fully read his book….. which i will soon! No words can cover the magnitude of fantastic, amazing, wonderful, spectacular about the wonders of how Tolkien wrote his book.

The movie and the director
Just too quote something from Lordoftherings.net… ‘There is a god…. and he is Peter Jackson!. He has brought to life a book with so much strength and possibilities. He could’ve messed up like Harry Potter but my goodness it is a fantastic piece of work.

A director is definately an author worthy of praise if he can let others see what he sees. The vision is something which only one person can see behind his own eyes but to bring it too life through visual aid. Fantastic.

It makes me appreciate my media studies on visual analysis so much more. After watching Return of the King, i also watched the extras where Peter Jackson and two other crew members speak about how particular scenes were shot, how they were made and the point why they were done in such a manner… wonderful visual ethnography.

What touched me so much from the story was when Gandalf and Pippin where waiting for the orcs to ram through one barrier. Pippin looked forlorn and felt doom waitign upon him, death and war wat just at his feet. He didn’t expect it to end this way…Gandalf consoles him and his words (taken from the movie)

No,the journey doesn’t end here..
Death is just another path…
one that we all must take..
The grey rain curtain of this world rolls back..and all turns to silver glass
And then you see it..
White shores…and beyond…A far green country… under a swift sunrise.

That was a beautiful line and it will always be embedded in my memory.

Thank God for salvation..where death has been conquered. And my brothers and sisters…we will see that white shore with the swift sunrise…

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