Why women cry..

Why does a woman cry? To express the love she carries inside, Why does a woman weep? To express the injustice she sees, Why does she tear? To express gratitude she feels inside, Why does she sob? To express the sadness she feels, Why does she bawl? To express frustration pent inside, Why does she(…)

Ye of Little Faith.

Being a Christian was never meant to be a bed of roses. Any Christian will know this all to well. We have been called to suffer just as Jesus came to suffer for us. But in the end, we will find eternal peace and rest after the ride or journey of suffering. I remember someone(…)

Does it Matter?

It doesn’t matter if I cry It doesn’t matter if I fall It doesnt’ matter if I bleed It doesn’t matter if I hurt… What does it matter when one is ignorant? What does it matter when one has all? Are all that we have all that we will ever need? Are the goals we(…)

A tear..

Today, i had gone into the clinic to wait with my mom, dad and brother. I prayed with her just before she was taken away into the operating room. That was the one time ever I have ever been in prayer with my mom and dad, in my whole life as of far. My mom(…)

no ponders for the next few days

How sad.. the second day, and I won’t have anything to put into the blog because I won’t be around. Mom is heading into Sambhi clinic today to be admitted. Come tomorrow, she will be having the hysteractomy operation, removing her uterus. I’ll be with her for all the nights she’ll be in the clinic.(…)